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Hard Fx Spire

Smokey Loops presents “Hard Fx Spire”, a big collection of Spire Presets, making it perfect for any producer looking for a boost over the competition!

Organized into Spire Presets, 1 Sound Bank, Wavs and Bonus Loops.

Let these presets soar through your productions, are designed bring you new ideas that you would never come up with, to create the most of your hits.

Hard Fx Spire is 100% Royalty-Free.



Requires Spire version 1.1.8 or Higher




Product Details:

30 Spire Presets

1 Sound Bank

30 Wavs

10 Bonus Loops

102 MB

73 Files


100% Royalty Free

Premium File Contents
./Bonus Loops:
(BIG RISERS) Spire Presets
./Bonus Loops/(BIG RISERS) Spire Presets:
Smokeyloops Fx 01.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 02.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 03.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 04.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 05.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 06.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 07.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 08.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 09.spf
Smokeyloops Fx 10.spf
./Spire Presets:
SML Hard Fx 01.spf
SML Hard Fx 02.spf
SML Hard Fx 03.spf
SML Hard Fx 04.spf
SML Hard Fx 05.spf
SML Hard Fx 06.spf
SML Hard Fx 07.spf
SML Hard Fx 08.spf
SML Hard Fx 09.spf
SML Hard Fx 10.spf
SML Hard Fx 11.spf
SML Hard Fx 12.spf
SML Hard Fx 13.spf
SML Hard Fx 14.spf
SML Hard Fx 15.spf
SML Hard Fx 16.spf
SML Hard Fx 17.spf
SML Hard Fx 18.spf
SML Hard Fx 19.spf
SML Hard Fx 20.spf
SML Hard Fx 21.spf
SML Hard Fx 22.spf
SML Hard Fx 23.spf
SML Hard Fx 24.spf
SML Hard Fx 25.spf
SML Hard Fx 26.spf
SML Hard Fx 27.spf
SML Hard Fx 28.spf
SML Hard Fx 29.spf
SML Hard Fx 30.spf
./Spire Presets/Soundbank:
SML_Hard Fx_01.wav
SML_Hard Fx_02.wav
SML_Hard Fx_03.wav
SML_Hard Fx_04.wav
SML_Hard Fx_05.wav
SML_Hard Fx_06.wav
SML_Hard Fx_07.wav
SML_Hard Fx_08.wav
SML_Hard Fx_09.wav
SML_Hard Fx_10.wav
SML_Hard Fx_11.wav
SML_Hard Fx_12.wav
SML_Hard Fx_13.wav
SML_Hard Fx_14.wav
SML_Hard Fx_15.wav
SML_Hard Fx_16.wav
SML_Hard Fx_17.wav
SML_Hard Fx_18.wav
SML_Hard Fx_19.wav
SML_Hard Fx_20.wav
SML_Hard Fx_21.wav
SML_Hard Fx_22.wav
SML_Hard Fx_23.wav
SML_Hard Fx_24.wav
SML_Hard Fx_25.wav
SML_Hard Fx_26.wav
SML_Hard Fx_27.wav
SML_Hard Fx_28.wav
SML_Hard Fx_29.wav
SML_Hard Fx_30.wav

Works with

Minimum version Requires Spire version 1.1.9 or Higher
Number of sounds 30