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House Elements

Freak Blaster present you this House sound bank for Spire by Reveal Sound.

This professional pack has 100 presets including deep & fat basses, loud leads, warm pads, tech plucks, modern keys, and artificial sfx’s, for your house tracks.

Usable for all House music genres like Deep House, Electro, Progressive & Tribal House, Tech & Duch House, Nu Disco and Bigroom.

Every you hear in the audio demo is 100% Spire sounds with the exception of some drums one shots and vocals.

You need Spire vesion 1.0.18 or higher to use these presets.

Product Details:
100 Presets for Spire
20 Bass Sounds
18 Lead Sounds
25 Pad Sounds
15 Pluck Sounds
10 Keys Sounds
12 FX Sounds
100% Royalty-Free

Premium File Contents
House Elements - Cover.jpg.jpg
House Elements - Demo Song (Chris IDH Rework Tracks).mp3.mp3
House Elements - Info.pdf.pdf
House Elements - List of Presets.pdf.pdf
Freak Blaster - House Elements.sbf.sbf
Freak Blaster - House Elements (Demo Bank).sbf.sbf
BS Blare.spf.spf
BS Chrome.spf.spf
BS Crawl.spf.spf
BS Deep Low.spf.spf
BS Deposition.spf.spf
BS Dive.spf.spf
BS Hard Attack.spf.spf
BS Jag.spf.spf
BS Mainroom.spf.spf
BS Mechanic.spf.spf
BS Observe.spf.spf
BS Permute.spf.spf
BS Poverty.spf.spf
BS Pulsation.spf.spf
BS Riddle.spf.spf
BS Subsoil.spf.spf
BS Subway.spf.spf
BS Temblor.spf.spf
BS Underover.spf.spf
BS Watch out.spf.spf
KEY Beauty.spf.spf
KEY Bellisimo.spf.spf
KEY Church.spf.spf
KEY Key Station.spf.spf
KEY Origins.spf.spf
KEY Passion.spf.spf
KEY Pluck Therapy.spf.spf
KEY Show Bitch.spf.spf
KEY Unicorn.spf.spf
KEY Whahow.spf.spf
LD As Me.spf.spf
LD Attack.spf.spf
LD Bass Horn.spf.spf
LD Catching Fire.spf.spf
LD D Tech.spf.spf
LD Darth Vader.spf.spf
LD Dutch Style.spf.spf
LD Duty.spf.spf
LD Ecleptik.spf.spf
LD Haunted House.spf.spf
LD Hold Me.spf.spf
LD Instict.spf.spf
LD Leader.spf.spf
LD Pitch Chord.spf.spf
LD Social Killer.spf.spf
LD Synth Chords.spf.spf
LD Tedy Mouse.spf.spf
LD Tulip.spf.spf
PD Blowing .spf.spf
PD Ember.spf.spf
PD Futunity.spf.spf
PD Kingdom.spf.spf
PD Mushy.spf.spf
PD Neverland.spf.spf
PD Persuaders.spf.spf
PD Proposal.spf.spf
PD Quod.spf.spf
PD Raven.spf.spf
PD Silicon Voice.spf.spf
PD Simplicity 1.spf.spf
PD Simplicity 2.spf.spf
PD Simplicity 3.spf.spf
PD Slope.spf.spf
PD Slumb.spf.spf
PD So Sirius.spf.spf
PD Somewhere.spf.spf
PD Star Dust.spf.spf
PD Strings.spf.spf
PD Synthetic.spf.spf
PD Traveller.spf.spf
PD Unloose.spf.spf
PD Up In The Air.spf.spf
PD Voyager.spf.spf
PL About Luck.spf.spf
PL Antico.spf.spf
PL Digital World.spf.spf
PL House Blip.spf.spf
PL Move ur Ass.spf.spf
PL Old School.spf.spf
PL Phutures.spf.spf
PL Piano Tech.spf.spf
PL Pikes.spf.spf
PL Rythmick Bell.spf.spf
PL Slap.spf.spf
PL Stab.spf.spf
PL Vanilla Arp.spf.spf
PL Water Rimba.spf.spf
PL Weird String.spf.spf
FX Black Hole.spf.spf
FX Drops.spf.spf
FX eTurnado.spf.spf
FX High Sweep.spf.spf
FX Meteor.spf.spf
FX OK Computer.spf.spf
FX Panning Sweep.spf.spf
FX Pop - Corn.spf.spf
FX Riser.spf.spf
FX Rythm Hats.spf.spf
FX Spiteful.spf.spf
FX Tech Perc.spf.spf

Works with

Minimum version 1.0.18
Number of sounds 100
Demo Download