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Hybrid Scape

Freak Blaster present you this Hybrid sound bank for Spire by Reveal Sound.

The download includes 128 presets including hybrid style basses, nasty leads, driving plucks, atmospheric and evolving pads, tempo sync sequences, sci-fi sfx’s and drum sounds, for your hybrid tracks.

Usable for all electronic music genres like Electronica, Downtempo, IDM, Tech & Progressive House, Electro, Psy & Melodic Trance and Techno.

Every you hear in the audio demo is 100% Spire sounds with the exception of some drums one shots.

You need Spire vesion 1.0.18 or higher to use these presets.

Product Details:
128 Presets for Spire
31 Bass Sounds
32 Lead Sounds
25 Pad Sounds
15 Pluck Sounds
10 FX Sounds
08 Sequence’s
07 Drum Sounds
100% Royalty-Free

Premium File Contents
Hybrid Scape - Cover.jpg.jpg
Hybrid Scape - Demo Song.mp3.mp3
Hybrid Scape - Info.pdf.pdf
Hybrid Scape - List of Presets.pdf.pdf
Freak Blaster - Hybrid Scape.sbf.sbf
Freak Blaster - Hybrid Scape (Demo Bank).sbf.sbf
BA Acid Night.spf.spf
BA Angry Boy.spf.spf
BA Brass Bass.spf.spf
BA Chord Bass.spf.spf
BA Dear Benny.spf.spf
BA Down Dirty.spf.spf
BA Electro 1.spf.spf
BA Electro 2.spf.spf
BA Electro 3.spf.spf
BA Electro 4.spf.spf
BA Elektro Glide.spf.spf
BA Freak Dub .spf.spf
BA Froooq.spf.spf
BA Glory.spf.spf
BA Gotham City.spf.spf
BA Modul Me.spf.spf
BA Nova.spf.spf
BA Organic.spf.spf
BA Reverd.spf.spf
BA Secret Mod.spf.spf
BA Simpleee.spf.spf
BA Sub 1.spf.spf
BA Sub 2.spf.spf
BA Super Step.spf.spf
BA Talking Organ.spf.spf
BA Techi.spf.spf
BA Tell Me More.spf.spf
BA Tube .spf.spf
BA Under 1.spf.spf
BA Under 2.spf.spf
BA V Low.spf.spf
DR Clap.spf.spf
DR Close HH 1.spf.spf
DR Close HH 2.spf.spf
DR Kick 1.spf.spf
DR Kick 2.spf.spf
DR Open HH 1.spf.spf
DR Open HH 2.spf.spf
LD Arp Me.spf.spf
LD Atom.spf.spf
LD Call Me.spf.spf
LD Captain Mars.spf.spf
LD Chatterbox.spf.spf
LD Come Back.spf.spf
LD Di-Guitar.spf.spf
LD Drunk.spf.spf
LD Electric City.spf.spf
LD Energy Mask.spf.spf
LD Explosion.spf.spf
LD Fake Tits.spf.spf
LD Filter Freak.spf.spf
LD Fresh Air.spf.spf
LD Jinjer.spf.spf
LD Malfuction.spf.spf
LD Moments.spf.spf
LD My Flight.spf.spf
LD Promise.spf.spf
LD Rave On.spf.spf
LD Sad Words.spf.spf
LD Sky Fall.spf.spf
LD Sparkles .spf.spf
LD Spirus.spf.spf
LD Spotlight.spf.spf
LD Stuck.spf.spf
LD Sweet Friday.spf.spf
LD The Tube.spf.spf
LD Think About.spf.spf
LD Time Wave 0.spf.spf
LD Unity.spf.spf
LD Watcher.spf.spf
PD Blue Dreams.spf.spf
PD By My Side.spf.spf
PD Classikal.spf.spf
PD Clouds.spf.spf
PD Crunch.spf.spf
PD Dark Forest.spf.spf
PD Dimensions.spf.spf
PD Ego.spf.spf
PD Epic.spf.spf
PD Generation XI.spf.spf
PD Glassy Trap.spf.spf
PD Heaven.spf.spf
PD Hold Me.spf.spf
PD Infont Of....spf.spf
PD Magic.spf.spf
PD Messenger.spf.spf
PD Organova.spf.spf
PD Out Of Time.spf.spf
PD Phantom.spf.spf
PD Progressia.spf.spf
PD Sad Planet.spf.spf
PD Spirits.spf.spf
PD Underworld.spf.spf
PD Voices.spf.spf
PD Water Tears .spf.spf
PL Bubbles.spf.spf
PL Deadline.spf.spf
PL Fiesta.spf.spf
PL Fifteen.spf.spf
PL Heaven Scent.spf.spf
PL Lost Re.spf.spf
PL Low Rate.spf.spf
PL Nicotine.spf.spf
PL No Limit.spf.spf
PL Peak Nick.spf.spf
PL Possitive.spf.spf
PL Psylence.spf.spf
PL Slappy.spf.spf
PL Triplet.spf.spf
PL Tube Air.spf.spf
SEQ Haunted Up.spf.spf
SEQ Funk Virus.spf.spf
SEQ Hags.spf.spf
SEQ Nightmare.spf.spf
SEQ Pro Dream.spf.spf
SEQ Simple Gold.spf.spf
SEQ Ticket to e.o.s.spf.spf
SEQ X-Code.spf.spf
SFX Dist-ructor.spf.spf
SFX Fill Up.spf.spf
SFX Invation.spf.spf
SFX Prometheus.spf.spf
SFX Space Bow.spf.spf
SFX Tension.spf.spf
SFX Transporter.spf.spf
SFX Tube From Hell.spf.spf
SFX Whoosh 1.spf.spf
SFX Whoosh 2.spf.spf

Works with

Minimum version 1.0.18
Number of sounds 128
Demo Download