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Stargaze - Spire Bank

Stargaze is a well-rounded Spire bank with a variety of smooth and atmospheric sounds. Designed for both Hip Hop and Electronic producers, this bank is guaranteed to expand your creativity and inspire you during your beat making process. Stargaze features 64 presets ranging from distorted 808s and basslines to melodic arpeggiators and atmospheric pads. All presets include 4 mod knobs and mod wheels giving you more control over each sound. The mod knobs are very versatile allowing you to add minimal effects or alter the sound completely.

Since we love creating the dark, smooth and atmospheric type of sounds and samples, we decided to create our very first Spire bank which is full of smooth and atmospheric type sounds! However, this time we wanted to try something new and design a solid bank with sounds that can be used by both Hip hop and Electronic producers. If you're looking for a Spire bank with smooth, eerie, and atmospheric sounds for your tracks, Stargaze will do the trick.


  • 64 Spire Presets
  • Pitch and Mod Wheels assigned
  • MOD controllers assigned
  • 100% Royalty-Free


  • 5 808s
  • 6 Arps
  • 7 Bells
  • 9 Bass
  • 2 Chords
  • 9 Effects
  • 4 Leads
  • 17 Pads
  • 5 Plucks
  • 8 Synths

Stargaze requires Reveal Sound Spire 1.1.9 or later. Presets will not sound right on earlier versions.

Premium File Contents
./Stargaze Bank:
Stargaze (AngelicVibes).sbf
./Stargaze Presets:
808 - 3 Headed Monster.spf
808 - Dark Sky.spf
808 - Powerhouse.spf
808 - Sirius.spf
808 - World At War.spf
ARP - Interconnected.spf
ARP - Lifetimes.spf
ARP - Running Games.spf
ARP - Shooting Stars.spf
ARP - Stay Faithful.spf
ARP - Video Games.spf
BL - Blue Lights.spf
BL - I See Dead People.spf
BL - Krystals.spf
BL - Shadows.spf
BL - Space Wars.spf
BL - The Wind Blows.spf
BL - Twilight.spf
BS - Alien Brain.spf
BS - Bedroom Monsters.spf
BS - Demented.spf
BS - Mayhem On Mars.spf
BS - Monsters.spf
BS - Second Coming.spf
BS - Touchdown.spf
BS - Transformers.spf
BS - Turbo Initiated.spf
CD - Instant Chords.spf
CD - Late Night.spf
FX - Drop 1.spf
FX - Drop 2.spf
FX - Drop 3.spf
FX - Drop 4.spf
FX - Riser 1.spf
FX - Riser 2.spf
FX - Riser 3.spf
FX - Riser 4.spf
FX - Too Much Noise.spf
LD - Filtered Thoughts.spf
LD - Star Patterns.spf
LD - Sunrays.spf
LD - Treasure Me.spf
PD - Clouds.spf
PD - Flying Planes.spf
PD - Frequency Waves.spf
PD - Ghostly Past.spf
PD - It Follows You.spf
PD - Light Energy.spf
PD - Moon Landing.spf
PD - More Life.spf
PD - On A Journey.spf
PD - Potion Drink.spf
PD - Richness.spf
PD - Silence.spf
PD - Soft Touch.spf
PD - Strange Minds.spf
PD - They're Everywhere.spf
PD - Waves.spf
PL - Alien World.spf
PL - Blue Dots.spf
PL - Easter Bunny.spf
PL - Green Lights.spf
PL - Hollow Moon.spf
PL - Kill or Be Killed.spf
SY - Galaxies.spf
SY - Hell On Earth.spf
SY - Hell Raiser.spf
SY - I See Things.spf
SY - Mars Trip.spf
SY - Power House.spf
SY - Prayers Don't Work.spf
SY - Stargazing.spf

Works with

Minimum version 1.1.9
Number of sounds 64