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Trap Gun

Freak Blaster presents his new Trap style presets for Spire by Reveal Sound.

This precisely designed pack includes 64 presets including sub and wild basses, heavy and aggressive leads, complex plucks and huge synths.

Usable for Urban style Trap, EDM Trap, Trap Hop, Glitch Hop, Hip Hop, Trapstep, Dirty South and Electro.

Every you hear in the audio demo is 100% Spire sounds with the exception of some sfx’s, drums and vocal one-shots.

You need Spire version 1.0.20 or higher to use these presets.

Product Details:
64 Presets for Spire
12 Bass Sounds
20 Lead Sounds
20 Pluck Sounds
12 Synth Sounds
100% Royalty-Free

Premium File Contents
Demo Song.mp3.mp3
Freak Blaster - Trap Gun.sbf.sbf
Freak Blaster - Trap Gun Demo.sbf.sbf
BS 30.spf.spf
BS Beast.spf.spf
BS Dirty Boy.spf.spf
BS Dirty South.spf.spf
BS Drunk.spf.spf
BS Fat Analog.spf.spf
BS Hypocrisy.spf.spf
BS Red Sky.spf.spf
BS Seq Mode .spf.spf
BS Sub Brass.spf.spf
BS Sub King.spf.spf
BS Tibet Wheel.spf.spf
LD Adrenaline.spf.spf
LD Analog Mind.spf.spf
LD Bit Freak.spf.spf
LD Booty Style.spf.spf
LD Bullet.spf.spf
LD Confindence.spf.spf
LD Crash.spf.spf
LD Desire.spf.spf
LD Dirty Girl.spf.spf
LD Dreadful.spf.spf
LD Elegant Light.spf.spf
LD Freak Wheel.spf.spf
LD Hunter.spf.spf
LD In Depth.spf.spf
LD Long Sun.spf.spf
LD L-uck Wheel.spf.spf
LD Musa.spf.spf
LD Pull Me Out.spf.spf
LD T-Gun.spf.spf
LD Voices.spf.spf
PL C Lock.spf.spf
PL Colors.spf.spf
PL Coral.spf.spf
PL D.L.F..spf.spf
PL Hidden.spf.spf
PL Hope.spf.spf
PL Insane.spf.spf
PL Loving 5.spf.spf
PL Observer.spf.spf
PL Oriental Trip.spf.spf
PL PaPaYa.spf.spf
PL Plastik Wheel.spf.spf
PL Pressure.spf.spf
PL Second Time.spf.spf
PL Social Zombie.spf.spf
PL Tears and Pain.spf.spf
PL Trap Ghost.spf.spf
PL Trap Luv.spf.spf
PL Warm Up.spf.spf
PL Yourself.spf.spf
SY Analog Tune.spf.spf
SY Better Days.spf.spf
SY Cine Brass.spf.spf
SY City Lights.spf.spf
SY Close Wheel.spf.spf
SY Hybrid Pluck.spf.spf
SY On The Beach.spf.spf
SY Oppression.spf.spf
SY Out of Phaze.spf.spf
SY Rise Above.spf.spf
SY Road To Chaos.spf.spf
SY Serial Killer.spf.spf

Works with

Minimum version 1.0.20
Number of sounds 64
Demo Download