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True Trance Sounds Vol.6

True Trance Sounds series now ready for rocking the Spire synthesizer.

64 unique and high quality sounds that was made by the man, who know how true Trance must sounds. Cutting edge Leads, Basses, Pluckscompletly together with a pure trance sounding Pads will not leave you indifferent. Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Distorion - everything in every sound we made. It mean's that you finally no need to search an external effects for sound enhancement, it's in it already! You will be surprised but alot of sounds can sounds so amazing in more Housy styles like Tropical & Deep House, and in the same time in more aggressive - Electro House/EDM/Dubstep. So not only Trance lovers will happy with it. Now, with a True Trance Sounds Vol.6, you can discover the creativity in yourself.

15 - Bass
4 - FX
2 - H-Power Sounds
20 - Leads!
9 - Pads
10 - Plucks
4 - Synth Sounds.

100% royalty-free.

Requirements: Spire v1.1.12 +

Midi not included.

Premium File Contents
./True Trance Sounds Vol.6 for Spire:
BA Chill Club.spf
BA Club 96'.spf
BA Dark Heart.spf
BA Future Club.spf
BA HouseHolder.spf
BA Kombat Bass.spf
BA Long Cat.spf
BA Mobbass.spf
BA Monstrik.spf
BA Organizm.spf
BA Revervoc.spf
BA Scrooll.spf
BA Trends.spf
BA Uplifting Story 1.spf
BA Voicebass.spf
FX Bass Down.spf
FX Keywish.spf
FX Oway.spf
FX Sova.spf
H Party Alarm.spf
H Power.spf
LD Azid.spf
LD Bastar.spf
LD Brased 2.spf
LD Brased.spf
LD Choir Led.spf
LD Cutting Roads.spf
LD Darudes Voice.spf
LD Exhale AS.spf
LD Fpres.spf
LD France Gan.spf
LD LSD 2.spf
LD LSD.spf
LD Loder.spf
LD Monster .spf
LD Old Memories.spf
LD Organa.spf
LD Raver.spf
LD Raving.spf
LD Voices.spf
LD Vovel.spf
PD Basspaggress.spf
PD OPadui.spf
PD Organish Vocal.spf
PD Organus.spf
PD Saw Memories Mod.spf
PD Saw Memories.spf
PD Scooter Times.spf
PD Violina.spf
PD Vocmania.spf
PL Advanced M.spf
PL Africa.spf
PL African Moives.spf
PL Analog Dream.spf
PL Childy.spf
PL House Brozerz.spf
PL Metal Bell.spf
PL Pluck Man.spf
PL Secret Of The Space.spf
PL Trancy.spf
SY Based.spf
SY Bellish.spf
SY Old Times.spf
SY Space Voices.spf

Works with

Minimum version 1.3
Number of sounds 64