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Modular Methodology

Drawing from the vibrant culture of Eurorack, Modular Methodologies, is an exciting collection of 122 Apeggiator/Sequence patches for Strobe 2. The incredibly flexible modulation available with Strobe 2 has allowed for the creation of a set of complex patches, that explore many of the contemporary genres around today. From EDM through to IDM, Chiptoon to Vintage synth, Ambient textures and Filmic backdrops, Modular Methodologies has it all covered. Utilizing the extensive modulation assignments and controls in Strobe 2, these intricate sounds can be morphed in an enormous number of ways, providing an ever changing and compelling pulse for your latest production. All the patches have modulation wheel and aftertouch assigned, with most having as many as three additional controllers on top of this. This allows the easy creation of deep and expressive sequences that will take any groove to the next level. 

Premium File Contents
AR All Seeing Eye (Add).Strobe2
AR Arnie-Chase.strobe2
AR Beat-Boy (Add).strobe2
AR Bell-icosity.strobe2
AR Big Buster (Add).strobe2
AR Big Vista(Add).strobe2
AR Blip-Blop-You-Don't-Stop.strobe2
AR Boom-Baby.strobe2
AR Bpf-Funker.strobe2
AR Buchla Funker(Add).Strobe2
AR Bygone Automata (Add).Strobe2
AR Channeling Chips(Add).Strobe2
AR Cheesey-Quaver (Add).strobe2
AR Chill-Nah-Beefy.strobe2
AR Chilled Bells (Add).Strobe2
AR Chillout Latin Vibe(Add).Strobe2
AR Chip DMX Breaks (LT)(Add).Strobe2
AR Chip WTF Breaks (LT).strobe2
AR Classicist-Arp (Add).strobe2
AR Clicking Polyrhythm(Add).Strobe2
AR Clouds(Add).Strobe2
AR Clueless On Category(Add).Strobe2
AR Complex Ambience (Add).Strobe2
AR Complex-Sylenth (Add).strobe2
AR Cotemporary Acid (Add).strobe2
AR Cyber-Perc (Add).Strobe2
AR Dirty-Beast.strobe2
AR Donk On it (Add).strobe2
AR Donk On it-2(Add).strobe2
AR Dr-One-Drop.strobe2
AR Dream-Scape.strobe2
AR Duality.strobe2
AR Dub-Arp.strobe2
AR Duplets-Bubble.strobe2
AR Eighties-Pulse.strobe2
AR Flanged Slap(Add).strobe2
AR Fun With Sines.Strobe2
AR Gentle Pulsing(Add).strobe2
AR Glistening-PWM.strobe2
AR Good Vibrations.strobe2
AR Great Googly Moogly(Add).strobe2
AR Groove Rider(Add).strobe2
AR Heavy-Beast(Add).Strobe2
AR IDM-Presence.strobe2
AR Infernal Mechanism.strobe2
AR Interzone-Groove.strobe2
AR Jump-Up(Add).strobe2
AR Kalimba-Mob.strobe2
AR La Belle Hip Hop-(LT).strobe2
AR Lord Of The Dance(Add).strobe2
AR Make-Noise-Monkey.strobe2
AR Marching-Orders.Strobe2
AR Mattel-Vst(Add).strobe2
AR Maxi-Brute.strobe2
AR Mechanized Windchimes.Strobe2
AR Mellow Traveller-2.strobe2
AR Mellow Traveller.strobe2
AR Mellow-Fluctuations.strobe2
AR Modular Boogie.strobe2
AR Mysterious Organ(Add).strobe2
AR Nanomachines.Strobe2
AR Nuclear Powered Bossa.Strobe2
AR Nylon-String(Add).strobe2
AR Off-On-Technicality.strobe2
AR Orchestral Tech.strobe2
AR Panning Orch(Add).strobe2
AR Party-Hearty.strobe2
AR Perculab.strobe2
AR Perky-Percs.strobe2
AR Phat-Phatty.strobe2
AR Phatalog.strobe2
AR Pitch-Mutant(Add).strobe2
AR Plucky-Contender(Add).strobe2
AR Poly-Ana.strobe2
AR Present Trends (Add).strobe2
AR Prog Rock Breakdown(Add).strobe2
AR Psyche-Bellic.strobe2
AR Raining Triplets (Add).strobe2
AR Rando-Hog.strobe2
AR Reso-Throbber.strobe2
AR Resonut.strobe2
AR Robocide.strobe2
AR Robonica(Add).strobe2
AR SH-Studies-101(Add).Strobe2
AR Segovia-Bells.strobe2
AR Shut And Dance(Add).strobe2
AR Simple Clockworx(Add).Strobe2
AR Sixties Vst.strobe2
AR Skinny Kid(Add).strobe2
AR Slo-Mo-Tokyo.Strobe2
AR Slow Processor(Add).strobe2
AR Sophisto-Donk (Add).Strobe2
AR Sounds OF Failure.Strobe2
AR Split-Personality.strobe2
AR Square-Dance.strobe2
AR Stradi.Strobe2
AR Strobe-Vortex.strobe2
AR Sweeping-Bands.Strobe2
AR Swimotion-(Atonal)-(Add).Strobe2
AR Swinging Ambience.Strobe2
AR Swinging Bleeps.Strobe2
AR Syncing Jive(LT).Strobe2
AR Tapper(Add).strobe2
AR Tech-Semaphore.Strobe2
AR That Funky Isht 2(Add).strobe2
AR Time And Motion.Strobe2
AR Tiny Samba-Waltz.Strobe2
AR Tortured-Circuits.Strobe2
AR Travel The Infinite(Add).strobe2
AR Triplet-Phunk.Strobe2
AR Twisted (Atonal).Strobe2
AR Under Pressure(Add).Strobe2
AR Warped-Scape(Add).Strobe2
AR Weirdo Perc (atonal)(Add).Strobe2
AR Welcome to the Machine.Strobe2
AR Well Plaid.strobe2
AR Woozy Strings 1(Add).Strobe2
AR Woozy-Strings 2(Add).Strobe2
AR Work-It(Add).Strobe2
AR Yoruba Tings Fam.Strobe2
Ar Sequenced Phat(Add).strobe2

Works with

Minimum version Although earlier versions should work. Will only work with 64 bit no 32 bit bridge.
Number of sounds 122
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