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Los Angeles SynthPop

Retro sounds for your mordern synthpop production!

Inspired by the LA synthpop sound and the 80s, this soundbank brings you 65 artistically crafted presets for sylenth1. Los Angeles SynthPop is inspired by artists like Madeon, Porter Robinson, Charli XCX, Com Truise, La Roux, M83, Passion Pit and many more synthpop albums. The sounds are for Synthpop, Synthwave, Chillout, RnB, Hiphop, Deep House, Electro(leads) and Pop genres. And of course you can use them in any other genres to add more synthy textures to your music.

This pack is filled with plenty quality sounds:

Bass- – - –20

Synth- – - 20

Pad- – - – 12

Pluck – - –10

Arp – - – - 03

Give the demo a listen, and feel the Love!

Required :Lennar Digital Sylenth1 2.2.1v or latest.

Premium File Contents
GOGOi - Los Angeles_SynthPop_Soundbank.fxb.fxb
Los Angeles_ SynthPop - Demo.m4a.m4a
Los Angeles_SynthPop Cover.jpg.jpg
ARP_Los Angeles SynthPop_01.fxp.fxp
ARP_Los Angeles SynthPop_02.fxp.fxp
ARP_Los Angeles SynthPop_03.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_01.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_02.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_03.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_04.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_05.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_06.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_07.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_08.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_09.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_10.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_11.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_12.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_13.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_14.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_15.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_16.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_17.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_18.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_19.fxp.fxp
BASS_Los Angeles SynthPop_20.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_01.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_02.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_03.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_04.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_05.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_06.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_07.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_08.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_09.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_10.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_11.fxp.fxp
PAD_Los Angeles SynthPop_12.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_01.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_02.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_03.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_04.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_05.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_06.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_07.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_08.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_09.fxp.fxp
PLUCK_Los Angeles SynthPop_10.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_01.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_02.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_03.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_04.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_05.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_06.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_07.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_08.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_09.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_10.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_11.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_12.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_13.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_14.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_15.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_16.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_17.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_18.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_19.fxp.fxp
SYNTH_Los Angeles SynthPop_20.fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 2.2.1 or latest
Number of sounds 65
Demo Download

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