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Patchmaker presents the "Major Lazerz Trap & Future Bass BUNDLE" with over 360 sounds ready to use.

These specially selected products have been grouped into one singular purchase which will ensure that producers have every sound needed to create their Trap or Future Bass hit! Inside expect to find future bass leads, trap basses, dubstep wobbles,beautiful pads and so much more.

"Major Lazerz Trap & Future Bass BUNDLE" is a good opportunity to grab four of the finest sound collections and save 50% off for a limited time only.

The following products are included in this collection:




Unicorn Future Bass

Future Bass




"MAJOR LAZERZ" Patch list:


LEAD 24 presets

PAD 6 presets

SYN 9 presets

PLUCK 9 presets

BASS 11 presets

SFX 3 presets

WOBBLE 2 presets


Also this pack has 15 bonus samples that were used in the demo.

Check out the demo for a feel of the quality of these presets and get your copy today!

NOTE: You will need Sylenth1 version 2.21 and NI Massive version 1.5 to be able to use these presets


MAJOR LAZERZ VOL.2 Patch list:


Serum Patch list:


LEAD 15 presets

SYN 10 presets

PLUCK 5 presets

BASS 6 presets

PERCUSSIVE 2 presets

PAD 2 presets

SFX 3 presets

WOBBLE 6 presets

ARP 1 preset


Sylenth1 Patch list:


LEAD 12 presets

SYN 12 presets

PLUCK 9 presets

BASS 6 presets

PAD 4 presets

SFX 3 presets

WOBBLE 4 presets


Most of presets have macros, so you will be able to switch them at your own preference.

Also this pack has 5 bonus sounds that were used in the demo.

Check out the demo for a feel of the quality of these presets and get your copy today!

NOTE: You will need Sylenth1 version 2.21 or higher and Serum version 1.000 or higher to be able to use these presets


"Unicorn Future Bass" Patch list:


Serum Patch List:


BASS 17 presets

BELL 2 presets

LEAD 29 presets

PAD 5 presets

WOBBLE 20 presets

PLUCK 12 presets

SYN 7 presets

AMBIENT 1 preset


SFX 6 presets




9 Mono Files

11 Polyphonic Files


Also this pack has five bonus presets that were used in the demo.

Check out the demo for a feel of the quality of these presets and get your copy today!

NOTE: You will need Serum version 1.00 or higher to be able to use these presets


"Future Bass" Patch list:


Sylenth1 Patch list:


LEAD 25 presets

PAD 9 presets

SYN 10 presets

PLUCK 7 presets

BASS 4 presets

WOBBLE 2 presets

SFX 4 presets

BELL 1 preset

ARP & SEQUENCES 2 presets

NOTE: You will need Sylenth1 version 2.21 or higher to be able to use these presets.



The preview contains drum sounds and sound effects for illustrative purposes only

Premium File Contents
ARP Ex.fxp.fxp
ARP Old Skool.fxp.fxp
BASS Distance.fxp.fxp
BASS Future.fxp.fxp
BASS Hard Reset.fxp.fxp
BASS Soft.fxp.fxp
BELL Squarevox.fxp.fxp
LEAD - Future Brass.fxp.fxp
LEAD - Underwater.fxp.fxp
LEAD Almost Progressive.fxp.fxp
LEAD Analog.fxp.fxp
LEAD Bit Of Distortion.fxp.fxp
LEAD De Tune.fxp.fxp
LEAD Desaw.fxp.fxp
LEAD Fear.fxp.fxp
LEAD Fell In Love.fxp.fxp
LEAD Gold Saws II.fxp.fxp
LEAD Gold Saws.fxp.fxp
LEAD Hidden Threat.fxp.fxp
LEAD Into The Deep.fxp.fxp
LEAD It's Complicated.fxp.fxp
LEAD Kitty.fxp.fxp
LEAD Lick The Rainbow.fxp.fxp
LEAD Noire.fxp.fxp
LEAD Pitch.fxp.fxp
LEAD Progress II.fxp.fxp
LEAD Progress.fxp.fxp
LEAD Red Everywhere.fxp.fxp
LEAD Reload.fxp.fxp
LEAD Tale.fxp.fxp
LEAD Vision.fxp.fxp
LEAD Ways.fxp.fxp
PAD Dark Water.fxp.fxp
PAD Electric Dream.fxp.fxp
PAD Hi Tech.fxp.fxp
PAD Opera.fxp.fxp
PAD Sky.fxp.fxp
PAD Strange Case.fxp.fxp
PAD Unicorns.fxp.fxp
PAD Vibes.fxp.fxp
PAD Zero Phase.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Electric Drop.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Firefly.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Leader.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Maldives.fxp.fxp
PLUCK No FM.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Noises.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Pulse.fxp.fxp
SFX Bubble Gun.fxp.fxp
SFX Chiptunes.fxp.fxp
SFX Dots.fxp.fxp
SFX NoiZe Shot.fxp.fxp
SYN Digital Vowels.fxp.fxp
SYN Doubt.fxp.fxp
SYN East.fxp.fxp
SYN Electric Cloud.fxp.fxp
SYN Fouth Vox.fxp.fxp
SYN Hey!.fxp.fxp
SYN Interstellar.fxp.fxp
SYN Story.fxp.fxp
SYN Unexpected.fxp.fxp
SYN Waterized.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Mirror Edge.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Night Scream.fxp.fxp
LEAD Duck.spf.spf
LEAD Fearless.spf.spf
LEAD Lean On.spf.spf
LEAD Mysteries.spf.spf
SYN Bounce.spf.spf
BASS Annihilation.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Cycles.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Electrify.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Things.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Trap Line.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Tremolo.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Bubbles.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Electrify Too.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Hybrid T.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Light It Up.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Midnight Street.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Screamy.nmsv.nmsv
LEAD Voxy.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Illumination.nmsv.nmsv
PAD Z Planet.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Distorted.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Jokes.nmsv.nmsv
PLUCK Red Line.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Compressed.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Down.nmsv.nmsv
SFX Shift.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Agony.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Brick.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Decimate.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Instruments.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Memories.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Mystery.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Organic Spaceship.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Reaction.nmsv.nmsv
SYN Shape.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Afterbass.nmsv.nmsv
WOBBLE Starvation.nmsv.nmsv
BASS Hybrid.fxp.fxp
BASS Modern.fxp.fxp
BASS Storm Is Coming.fxp.fxp
BASS Too Original.fxp.fxp
BASS Turbo.fxp.fxp
LEAD So Dutch.fxp.fxp
LEAD Burn Out.fxp.fxp
LEAD Buzz.fxp.fxp
LEAD Desolation.fxp.fxp
LEAD Lost Bits.fxp.fxp
LEAD Magic Is Real.fxp.fxp
LEAD Major.fxp.fxp
LEAD My Pony.fxp.fxp
LEAD Pulsation.fxp.fxp
LEAD Shattered Synth.fxp.fxp
LEAD Silver Sword.fxp.fxp
LEAD Softness.fxp.fxp
LEAD Still Hope.fxp.fxp
LEAD To The End.fxp.fxp
LEAD Trap War.fxp.fxp
LEAD Underground.fxp.fxp
LEAD Vampire.fxp.fxp
PAD Glowing Sea.fxp.fxp
PAD Heaven.fxp.fxp
PAD Pink Clouds.fxp.fxp
PAD Sawless.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Dimension.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Little Chance.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Malachite.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Mario World.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Serious Business.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Vapor.fxp.fxp
SFX Noises.fxp.fxp
BASS ACIiID.fxp.fxp
BASS Drive.fxp.fxp
BASS Radioactive Rain.fxp.fxp
BASS The Sound.fxp.fxp
BASS Underpass.fxp.fxp
BASS W0W.fxp.fxp
LEAD 8-Bit Castle.fxp.fxp
LEAD Blades.fxp.fxp
LEAD Blossom.fxp.fxp
LEAD BOOM.fxp.fxp
LEAD Guitar Stab.fxp.fxp
LEAD Mad De Cent.fxp.fxp
LEAD Major Lazers.fxp.fxp
LEAD New Threat.fxp.fxp
LEAD Power.fxp.fxp
LEAD Trap Brass.fxp.fxp
LEAD Tremolo.fxp.fxp
LEAD Wolfpack.fxp.fxp
PAD Alone In The Dark.fxp.fxp
PAD Lost Planet.fxp.fxp
PAD Maldives Synths.fxp.fxp
PAD Polyvoks.fxp.fxp
PLUCK 0110.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Carimba.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Fog.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Future Future.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Galaxy.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Red Lights.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Tea Cup.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Time.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Xylo And Phone.fxp.fxp
SFX So Weak.fxp.fxp
SFX Synth Rise.fxp.fxp
SFX Valak.fxp.fxp
SYN Blue Cave.fxp.fxp
SYN Deep.fxp.fxp
SYN Far Harbor.fxp.fxp
SYN Fluid.fxp.fxp
SYN Low Resolution.fxp.fxp
SYN Revelation.fxp.fxp
SYN Smear.fxp.fxp
SYN So Sad.fxp.fxp
SYN Sushi.fxp.fxp
SYN Tamburo.fxp.fxp
SYN Two Sides.fxp.fxp
SYN Xmas.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Creative.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Pie.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Static.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Tears.fxp.fxp
ARP Retrofuture.fxp.fxp
BASS Amp.fxp.fxp
BASS Bars.fxp.fxp
BASS Dynamism.fxp.fxp
BASS Pink Claw.fxp.fxp
BASS Subway.fxp.fxp
BASS Vanilla Fire.fxp.fxp
LEAD Alarm.fxp.fxp
LEAD Anime Bae.fxp.fxp
LEAD Big City.fxp.fxp
LEAD Brazil.fxp.fxp
LEAD Chase.fxp.fxp
LEAD Cream Pie.fxp.fxp
LEAD Happy Hardcore.fxp.fxp
LEAD Raver Layer 2.fxp.fxp
LEAD Raver Layer 3.fxp.fxp
LEAD Raver.fxp.fxp
LEAD Roses.fxp.fxp
LEAD Smile.fxp.fxp
LEAD Sync.fxp.fxp
LEAD Teapot.fxp.fxp
LEAD Wheels.fxp.fxp
PAD Melodies.fxp.fxp
PAD Saws.fxp.fxp
PERCUSSIVE Jungles.fxp.fxp
PERCUSSIVE Tribute.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Bad Signal.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Dawn.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Resophazoid.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Snake II.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Snake.fxp.fxp
SFX Dark Waters.fxp.fxp
SFX EDM Rise.fxp.fxp
SFX Osc.fxp.fxp
SYN Battlefield 2038.fxp.fxp
SYN Brightness.fxp.fxp
SYN Broken Tape.fxp.fxp
SYN Church.fxp.fxp
SYN Cursed Manor.fxp.fxp
SYN Modern Brass.fxp.fxp
SYN Neon Moon Surface.fxp.fxp
SYN Nepal.fxp.fxp
SYN Organ.fxp.fxp
SYN Valley.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Bad Feelings.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Bass Hunter.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Big Room.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Cloud 8.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE LoLo.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Pulse FX.fxp.fxp
AMBIENT Sleepless.fxp.fxp
BASS After A Long Time.fxp.fxp
BASS Arena.fxp.fxp
BASS Classic Vox.fxp.fxp
BASS De Tune Plus.fxp.fxp
BASS Destroyer.fxp.fxp
BASS Doh.fxp.fxp
BASS Early Dubstep II.fxp.fxp
BASS Early Dubstep.fxp.fxp
BASS Gothic.fxp.fxp
BASS No Drum.fxp.fxp
BASS Product.fxp.fxp
BASS Silent One.fxp.fxp
BASS Simple Distortion.fxp.fxp
BASS So Scary.fxp.fxp
BASS Tchau.fxp.fxp
BASS Walkie Talkie.fxp.fxp
BASS Yarrr!.fxp.fxp
BELL Pixels.fxp.fxp
BELL Softness.fxp.fxp
LEAD Analog.fxp.fxp
LEAD Back To The Pink.fxp.fxp
LEAD Bassics II.fxp.fxp
LEAD Bassics III.fxp.fxp
LEAD Bassics IV.fxp.fxp
LEAD Bassics V.fxp.fxp
LEAD Bassics.fxp.fxp
LEAD Belloid.fxp.fxp
LEAD Chop.fxp.fxp
LEAD Distortion.fxp.fxp
LEAD Ducking.fxp.fxp
LEAD Grand Openning.fxp.fxp
LEAD Hope Remains.fxp.fxp
LEAD Kord.fxp.fxp
LEAD Legacy.fxp.fxp
LEAD Let's Talk II.fxp.fxp
LEAD Let's Talk.fxp.fxp
LEAD Mad Guitar.fxp.fxp
LEAD Mainroom.fxp.fxp
LEAD Monster.fxp.fxp
LEAD Paft Dunk POLY.fxp.fxp
LEAD Phase.fxp.fxp
LEAD Pulse.fxp.fxp
LEAD Pure II.fxp.fxp
LEAD Pure.fxp.fxp
LEAD Sadness.fxp.fxp
LEAD Semisakura.fxp.fxp
LEAD Stabby.fxp.fxp
LEAD Strange Case.fxp.fxp
PAD Distorted Flute.fxp.fxp
PAD Pancake.fxp.fxp
PAD Peace.fxp.fxp
PAD Revelations.fxp.fxp
PAD Simplify.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Bad Joke.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Beginning II.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Beginning.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Clock.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Drunk Man.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Future Bell.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Instrument.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Into The Jungles.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Leadoid.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Mud.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Pulse.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Subscream Var.fxp.fxp
PLUCK Subscream.fxp.fxp
SFX Chop.fxp.fxp
SFX Hell.fxp.fxp
SFX Pitch Goes Down.fxp.fxp
SFX Rise Up.fxp.fxp
SFX Scary LFO.fxp.fxp
SFX Wobbles World.fxp.fxp
SYN Clouds.fxp.fxp
SYN Emotions.fxp.fxp
SYN Future Bass.fxp.fxp
SYN Primal FM.fxp.fxp
SYN Unbelievable.fxp.fxp
SYN Weird.fxp.fxp
SYN Wood Flute.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE IndeedScream.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE 8 bit.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Adult Kid.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Agressor II.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Agressor.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Alpha.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Clock.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Crowbar.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Darkness.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Doctor R.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Duck Tales.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Extreme.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Future Wobble.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Hard Pass.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Hellraiser.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE LSD.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Overdose.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Power Of FM.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Pressure.fxp.fxp
WOBBLE Vanilla Flame.fxp.fxp
LEAD Back To The Pink V.fxp.fxp
LEAD Chop Var.fxp.fxp
LEAD No Body.fxp.fxp
PERCUSSIVE Dot.fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 2.21
Number of sounds 360


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