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THE ONE: Progressive Plucks 2

If you look for top notch Sylenth pluck presets, or inspiring progressive MIDI loops - then you've come to the right place.

Plucks synths and Sylenth1 is a solid combo, meaning you can't miss out on getting this package.
If you're into Progressive House, Deep House, Trance, or into similar genres, then this package is a must have for you.
By getting these sounds you'll have a powerful library at your disposal, ready to be used in your music.

The presets feature lots's of subtle modulations to make the patches highend stabilized and balanced ones, all the way from a fully closed pluck sound, to when it's fully opened.
This involves full utilization of the Mod Wheel to have full control of the openess of the sound. Not to mention the patches uses the Sylenth1 synth at its fullest.

The MIDI loops will immediately spark your creativity and get you going, with perfectly composed melodies that will sound rich and full on your pluck synths or other sounds.
These melodies features powerful usage of Velocity editing, to make the sound playing the melody sound more natural and engaging.

By listening to the demo song you'll instantly feel the warmth, and how you can spice up your music.

Full specifications:
 - 24 Sylenth pluck presets
 - 40 MIDI loops

All sounds are 100 % royalty free, and can bee used in any production without any limitations.
NOTE: Sylenth1 version 3.010 and up is required. This product does not contain a copy of the synth Sylenth1.

Premium File Contents
READ ME.pdf.pdf
MIDI_01_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_02_2 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_03_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_04_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_05_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_06_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_07_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_08_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_09_8 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_10_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_11_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_12_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_13_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_14_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_15_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_16_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_17_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_18_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_19_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_20_8 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_21_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_22_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_23_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_24_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_25_2 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_26_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_27_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_28_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_29_2 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_30_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_31_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_32_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_33_2 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_34_8 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_35_8 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_36_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_37_8 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_38_8 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_39_4 Bars.mid.mid
MIDI_40_4 Bars.mid.mid
THE ONE_Progressive Plucks 2.fxb.fxb
Basement_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Cheesy Square_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Classic Bitcrush_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Cluttered_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Empty Room_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Experimental Timbre_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Fat Supersaw_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Final_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Funky Prog_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Fuzzy Waves_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Ibiza Lounge_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Light_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Marching_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Multi Mod_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Phasing Sequence_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Rough_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Smooth Strum_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Squashy Hit_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Stabbing_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Tight Resonance_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Warm & Sunny_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Wide Strum_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Wierdo_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp
Wubby Pluck_Progressive Plucks 2_SH.fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version This soundkit requires Sylenth1 version 3.010 and up
Number of sounds 64

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