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Trap Thump

Freak Blaster giving you their carefully crafted Trap style presets for Sylenth1.

This professional pack includes 64 modern Sylenth1 presets including sub and sick basses, wild and complex leads, punchy plucks and lush synths.

Usable for EDM Trap, Trap Hop, Glitch Hop, Hip Hop, Dubstep, Electro and producers who need something fresh.

Every you hear in the audio demo is 100% Sylenth1 sounds with the exception of some sfx’s, drums one shots and vocals.

You need Sylenth1 version 2.2.1 or higher to use these presets.

Product Details:
64 Presets for Sylenth1
12 Bass Sounds
20 Lead Sounds
19 Pluck Sounds
13 Synth Sounds
100% Royalty-Free

Premium File Contents
Demo Song.mp3.mp3
Freak Blaster - Trap Thump.fxb.fxb
Freak Blaster - Trap Thump (Demo Bank).fxb.fxb
BS Bullet.fxp.fxp
BS Confusing.fxp.fxp
BS Incoming.fxp.fxp
BS Lessons.fxp.fxp
BS Mechanic.fxp.fxp
BS Open MInd.fxp.fxp
BS Sub Analog.fxp.fxp
BS Sub Focus.fxp.fxp
BS Sub Naked.fxp.fxp
BS Sub Wheel.fxp.fxp
BS Teacher.fxp.fxp
BS What Do You Say.fxp.fxp
LD What Are You Looking For _.fxp.fxp
LD Classic Supersaw.fxp.fxp
LD Cry God.fxp.fxp
LD Electric Chair.fxp.fxp
LD Freak People.fxp.fxp
LD Fresh Drop.fxp.fxp
LD Leave Me Alone.fxp.fxp
LD Liar.fxp.fxp
LD Limits.fxp.fxp
LD Little Monster.fxp.fxp
LD Outside.fxp.fxp
LD Ready Or Not _.fxp.fxp
LD Ringing.fxp.fxp
LD Running.fxp.fxp
LD Shake It Baby.fxp.fxp
LD Short River.fxp.fxp
LD Stage Is Yours.fxp.fxp
LD Thump.fxp.fxp
LD Tiny Sword.fxp.fxp
LD Unreasonableness.fxp.fxp
PL 2 In 1.fxp.fxp
PL Aegean.fxp.fxp
PL All Around.fxp.fxp
PL Ball Morphing.fxp.fxp
PL Beautiful Eyes.fxp.fxp
PL China Town.fxp.fxp
PL Drunk Crystals.fxp.fxp
PL Flakes.fxp.fxp
PL Freak Percussion.fxp.fxp
PL Infected.fxp.fxp
PL Lime.fxp.fxp
PL Not Sure.fxp.fxp
PL Pure Trap .fxp.fxp
PL Saw Me.fxp.fxp
PL Shot Me Down.fxp.fxp
PL Squeeze Cat.fxp.fxp
PL The Stab.fxp.fxp
PL Wide Analog.fxp.fxp
PL Zinc.fxp.fxp
SY Boogeyman.fxp.fxp
SY Broken Drive.fxp.fxp
SY Clip Amp.fxp.fxp
SY Cyber Love.fxp.fxp
SY Electrik Dream.fxp.fxp
SY Freakness.fxp.fxp
SY From Wheel.fxp.fxp
SY Hang Over.fxp.fxp
SY In Cave.fxp.fxp
SY Keep Up.fxp.fxp
SY Patience.fxp.fxp
SY Redemption.fxp.fxp
SY Sawer.fxp.fxp

Works with

Minimum version 2.2.1
Number of sounds 64
Demo Download