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Gas Giant - TAL J-8 Presets

Gas Giant — TAL J-8 Presets

New Loops presents Gas Giant — 75 huge new presets for TAL J-8. From classic analogue brass, to new evolving pads and modern leads. Gas Giant features a well-rounded set of J-8 presets that really show off the powerful Jupiter sound! You will find the 65 presets categorised by type including, 5 Arpeggios, 15 basses, 6 sound effects, 12 keys, 15 leads, and 12 pads. Update adds 10 bonus presets using the new OSC 1 Sync feature. All level matched to around -6db and with the mod and pitch wheels assigned for expressive playing.

Gas Giant J-8 preset expansion covers a wide range of sounds including, cutting synth leads, punchy basses, expansive pads, creative sound effects and much more. There’s lots of analogue character, and many of the presets use the J-8’s dual mode for huge, wide sounds that fill the speakers. These presets for TAL J-8 with be suitable for many genres of electronic music including, cinematic soundtrack and film scores, synthwave, retrowave, electronica, trance, techno, and many modern styles.

  • 75 total TAL J-8 presets
  • 5 arpeggios
  • 15 basses
  • 6 sound effects
  • 12 keys and plucks
  • 15 leads
  • 12 pads
  • 10 bonus sync 1 presets
  • presets categorised by type
  • mod and pitch wheels assigned on each patch
  • level matched to around -6db


Works with

Minimum version 1.2.5
Number of sounds 65
Demo Download

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