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True Trance Sounds Vol.5

70 unique atmospheric sounds in one soundbank.

This soundset can be great for Trance, House, Chillout and Ambient Space music. Lush and atmospheric Pads will get your ears and mind in the other world. Unique Leads and Plucks will give your tracks more origin sounds. The Bass sounds have a same not typical sounding as your imagine has thought to hear it, and all this in the one big soundbank. Every sound here can be more than usefull.
This bank Created by NatLife, trance & progressive producer with a big expirience of sound engineering, his work was supported by world top dj's like Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, Paul Oakenfold, Paul van Dyk and alot of others:

  • 13 - Basses.
  • 8 - FX's.
  • 15 - Leads.
  • 13 - Pads.
  • 17 - Plucks.
  • 4 - Synth's.
Premium File Contents
./True Trance Sounds Vol.5 for Thorn:
BA Dark Knight.thorn
BA Filter.thorn
BA Flange Club.thorn
BA Householder.thorn
BA In The Dark Forest.thorn
BA Mod.thorn
BA Post Apocalypse.thorn
BA Wow T.thorn
BA sYper.thorn
BS Hrip.thorn
BS Hroppy.thorn
BS Super Agression.thorn
BS Wasp.thorn
FX Alien Bots.thorn
FX CXil.thorn
FX Glitched Lead.thorn
FX Revmotif.thorn
FX Ring.thorn
FX Saturn Voices.thorn
FX Thorny.thorn
FX Void.thorn
LD 2020.thorn
LD 2020M.thorn
LD Acid 2020.thorn
LD Dino.thorn
LD Lowe.thorn
LD Massive B.thorn
LD Massive DS.thorn
LD Mono Pow.thorn
LD Nightsky.thorn
LD Picked.thorn
LD Piskla.thorn
LD Supernova N.thorn
LD Trumpet Saw.thorn
LD Waser.thorn
LD Womir.thorn
PAD AIR 1.thorn
PAD Angry Alien.thorn
PAD Child Choir.thorn
PAD Harmonica.thorn
PAD Hoty.thorn
PAD Land Of Harmony.thorn
PAD RCosmos.thorn
PAD Random In Space.thorn
PAD Retrology.thorn
PAD Something In Space.thorn
PAD Trance Memories.thorn
PAD Upiter.thorn
PAD Vox Air.thorn
PLK Atmos Freak.thorn
PLK Azov Bells.thorn
PLK Cosmic Pluck v2.thorn
PLK Cosmic Pluck.thorn
PLK Cosmos.thorn
PLK Crimea.thorn
PLK DistAnt Keys.thorn
PLK Distant Vox.thorn
PLK Distantia.thorn
PLK Freak Energy.thorn
PLK Piano Keys.thorn
PLK Robby.thorn
PLK Sawman.thorn
PLK Somewhere In Future.thorn
PLK Tippy Pluck.thorn
PLK Troumble.thorn
SY Electric Flutes.thorn
SY Space Bell.thorn
SY Thorn.thorn
SY Trumpy.thorn

Works with

Minimum version 1.1
Number of sounds 70