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blortblort's Selective Reality (Virus TI soundset)

Selective Reality contains 128 patches suitable for a wide variety of music from glitchy lofi ambient to Drumsteppy Trap goodness by sound designer Allen Somerlot aka blortblort aka Madder Than You. 

Special care was taken in developing these patches so that you have as much modulation and expression as possible in each one. All three of the Virus TI's physical performance knobs, PB and Mod wheel have been routed for all patches. Most patches also have Aftertouch and velocity driven modulation. 

These sounds were designed to be PLAYED...

Please do push them...using pitchbend, performance knobs and aftertouch...they will breathe ;)

I hope you get as much enjoyment out of this set as I got creating it!


The soundset ships to you in .mid format.

You must have a Virus TI (OS 3 or higher) to use this soundset)

Premium File Contents
Selective Reality(BB).mid
selective reality2.JPG
virus TI set installation info.txt

Works with

Minimum version 3.0
Number of sounds 128