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Futurescape is a preset expansion pack for Vital Audio’s Vital synth.

Intended to be used for cyberpunk/heavy trailer music, but flexible enough (when not pushing the modwheel) to be used for plenty of other genres. Lots of aggressive basses and quite epic pads.

Containing 128 presets (with a few extra variations) .​

  • 27 basses

  • 8 basslines/pulses

  • 1 kick

  • 1 speech

  • 5 bass drops (3 time variations)

  • 14 hits/braams

  • 7 risers (3 time variations)

  • 16 keys

  • 10 leads

  • 22 pads

  • 6 percussion loops

  • 7 plucks

  • 4 melodic sequences

The vast majority of the presets have the modwheel and all 4 Vital macros mapped to create movement and variation in the sound.​

The presets were created in Vital version 1.0.8 (confirmed to work in Mac version 1.0.7) so I cannot guarantee them working in an earlier version. You can get the most up to date version of Vital from Vital Audio’s website.


Works with

by Matt Tytel
Minimum version 1.0.7
Number of sounds 128

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