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Empyrean (U-he Zebra Presets)

New Loops presents Empyrean - the new sound bank for U-he Zebra. 116 inspiring Zebra presets, 22 custom oscillator presets, and 18 MSEG presets.

Empyrean makes good use of Zebras new wavefolder and plate reverb modules and has loads of unique sounds. Here’s what you get:

Powerful, modern bass presets including thick analogue basses, Serum and Massive style wobbles, metallic basses, classic subs, future house basses, and neuro squelches and reeces.

You’ll find huge pads to fill your gaps. From ominous, dark distorted drones and cinematic pads, to spacey modulations and lush strings.

There’s also a load of cutting leads, EDM plucks, quirky keys and synths, EDM brass, classic rave sounds, future bass chords, gated trance supersaws, trap and drum and bass leads, creative sound effects and arpeggios, horns and brass, tuned percussion, and loads more!

All patches are organised by type with patch information giving tips on use and have mod wheel assigned to various parameters.

New Loops - Empyrean is well suited to a variety of modern electronic genres including cinematic music, soundtracks, synthwave, ambient, trance, techno, drum and bass, dubstep, future house and future bass, trap, pop and much more.


  • 116 new Zebra presets
  • 22 custom oscillator presets
  • 18 MSEG presets
  • 27 Basses
  • 18 Synths
  • 17 Pads
  • 16 Leads
  • 12 Keys
  • 10 Plucks
  • 8 Arps
  • 8 Sound Effects


Requires U-he Zebra 2.8 or later (not included). Pack Size: 3.83 MB

PLEASE NOTE: There is a known bug in Zebra 2.8 rev 7325 which can cause envelopes to get stuck when changing between presets. If you experience this behaviour try reloading the preset.

Premium File Contents
Empyrean - User Guide.pdf
New Loops Licence Agreements 2.02.pdf
New Loops MSEGs
New Loops OSCs
AR - Acid Arp.h2p
AR - Allotrope Arp.h2p
AR - Asteroid Chase.h2p
AR - Clubber+.h2p
AR - Exploration Arp.h2p
AR - Fast Runner.h2p
AR - Research+.h2p
AR - Runaway.h2p
BA - Analog Saw+.h2p
BA - Analog Square+.h2p
BA - Antidote.h2p
BA - Brutish Bass.h2p
BA - Croaker Bass.h2p
BA - FM Pluck.h2p
BA - Future.h2p
BA - Go Mad.h2p
BA - Hardware Bass.h2p
BA - Jump Around.h2p
BA - Massive Bass+.h2p
BA - Neuro Bass+.h2p
BA - Neuro Mod 1.h2p
BA - Neuro Mod 2.h2p
BA - Pick Bass.h2p
BA - Planet Dust.h2p
BA - Plutonium.h2p
BA - Serum 1+.h2p
BA - Serum 2+.h2p
BA - Snapshot.h2p
BA - Solid Future 1.h2p
BA - Solid Future 2.h2p
BA - Stop It.h2p
BA - Titanium.h2p
BA - UKG.h2p
BA - Wide Pluck Bass.h2p
BA - Wow Bass.h2p
FX - Ambience Alert+.h2p
FX - Down and Out.h2p
FX - Dystopian Siren+.h2p
FX - Flux Radio+.h2p
FX - Freek Looper.h2p
FX - Game Night.h2p
FX - Incidental Robot+.h2p
FX - Zip Riser.h2p
KY - Analogue Talk+.h2p
KY - Attack.h2p
KY - Celestial.h2p
KY - Comb Brass Stab.h2p
KY - Deex.h2p
KY - Glockenspiel.h2p
KY - Lords House.h2p
KY - Mirage.h2p
KY - Phase Organ.h2p
KY - Soul Keys 1+.h2p
KY - Soul Keys 2+.h2p
KY - Tuned Perc.h2p
LD - Acid.h2p
LD - Allotrope Legato.h2p
LD - Buzz Lead+.h2p
LD - Expander.h2p
LD - FM Trumpet.h2p
LD - Flying Zebra.h2p
LD - Folded Lead.h2p
LD - Fusion.h2p
LD - Jupiter.h2p
LD - Loving it.h2p
LD - Pulsar.h2p
LD - Ringworm.h2p
LD - Synchronise.h2p
LD - Talking Lead+.h2p
LD - Tuff Love.h2p
LD - Zebra.h2p
PD - Allotrope.h2p
PD - Apocalypse.h2p
PD - Blue Moon+.h2p
PD - Complex+.h2p
PD - Darkness.h2p
PD - Electron Split.h2p
PD - Horizon.h2p
PD - Living In Tents.h2p
PD - Lords Pad.h2p
PD - Pandora.h2p
PD - Probe.h2p
PD - Rasping Pad+.h2p
PD - Science Fiction.h2p
PD - String Phase.h2p
PD - Tellurium.h2p
PD - Venus.h2p
PD - Voices of Orion.h2p
PL - Alien+.h2p
PL - Bellish Pluck Pad+.h2p
PL - Driving Lesson.h2p
PL - Elysium.h2p
PL - FM Acoustic.h2p
PL - Modern Trap.h2p
PL - Oberon Split.h2p
PL - Sirius.h2p
PL - Stratosphere+.h2p
PL - Verb.h2p
SY - 303.h2p
SY - Alone+.h2p
SY - Booby Trap.h2p
SY - Borg+.h2p
SY - Chorder+.h2p
SY - Cinematic Horn.h2p
SY - Dubby Minor.h2p
SY - EDM Brass.h2p
SY - Future Chords 1.h2p
SY - Future Chords 2.h2p
SY - Future Chords 3.h2p
SY - Hardcore Hoover.h2p
SY - Minor Sequence+.h2p
SY - Mode 7.h2p
SY - Mode 8.h2p
SY - New Technique.h2p
SY - Raver+.h2p
SY - Stab in the Dark.h2p
./New Loops MSEGs:
Bass Sequence.h2p
Fast Spikes.h2p
Go Mad.h2p
Massive 1.h2p
Neuro Mod 1.h2p
Neuro Mod 2.h2p
Sawtooth 1.h2p
Serum 1.h2p
Serum 2.h2p
Sidechain Saw.h2p
Slow Pad.h2p
Trance Gate 1.h2p
Trance Gate 2.h2p
Wobble 2.h2p
./New Loops OSCs:
Hyper Sync.h2p
Kinky Squ - Kinky Saw.h2p
NL Waveset 1.h2p
NL Waveset 2.h2p
NL Waveset 3.h2p
NL Waveset 4.h2p
Nice Things.h2p
Organ - Keys.h2p
Sine - Tri - Saw.h2p
Square - Triangle.h2p
Square Pulse.h2p
Supersaw Sync.h2p
Thick Voxy.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 2.8
Number of sounds 116
Demo Download

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