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Global Communication Noise

This Zebra2 soundbank is suitable for all kinds of electronic music, all presets have mod-wheel assignments and most have basic x/y axis assignments too.
Besides it comes with a Presonus Studio One project for a track which you can hear in the first demo called “Universal Babbles”. It's not royalty free, it’s for an educational purpose, so that you could take a look for yourself how presets have been used in it.
With this bank you get 128 presets and as a bonus you get about 40+ preset variations.

128 Presets
Acoustic – 3
Bass – 58
Drums – 18
Fx – 18
Keys – 25
Leads – 9
Pads – 37
Perc – 3

All Sounds in demo are from Zebra, including drums.


Premium File Contents
Global Communication Noise for U-he Zebra2.pdf.pdf
Studio One Missing Zebra2dist.txt.txt
2 pink noise modul.h2p.h2p
ACE Saw.h2p.h2p
Acoustic - Flute II.h2p.h2p
Acoustic - Flute III.h2p.h2p
Acoustic - Flute.h2p.h2p
Bass - 80_s arpeggBass.h2p.h2p
Bass - 80_s II.h2p.h2p
Bass - 80_s.h2p.h2p
Bass - Acid II Detuned.h2p.h2p
Bass - Acid III.h2p.h2p
Bass - Acid.h2p.h2p
Bass - Can Runner.h2p.h2p
Bass - Cling Clang II.h2p.h2p
Bass - Cling Clang.h2p.h2p
Bass - Deep.h2p.h2p
Bass - DeepNShort II.h2p.h2p
Bass - DeepNShort.h2p.h2p
Bass - Electro Maines.h2p.h2p
Bass - FM.h2p.h2p
Bass - Fucking Deep II.h2p.h2p
Bass - Fucking Deep.h2p.h2p
Bass - Good Times 2.h2p.h2p
Bass - Good Times 3.h2p.h2p
Bass - Good Times Moog.h2p.h2p
Bass - Good Times.h2p.h2p
Bass - Gritty.h2p.h2p
Bass - Hook For a Hit 2.h2p.h2p
Bass - Hook For a Hit.h2p.h2p
Bass - Init For Brave.h2p.h2p
Bass - Interesting II.h2p.h2p
Bass - Interesting.h2p.h2p
Bass - Liguid Analog.h2p.h2p
Bass - Lively.h2p.h2p
Bass - Multi MSEGS.h2p.h2p
Bass - Organic II.h2p.h2p
Bass - Organic III.h2p.h2p
Bass - Organic IV.h2p.h2p
Bass - Organic V.h2p.h2p
Bass - Organic.h2p.h2p
Bass - Pickup II.h2p.h2p
Bass - Pickup III.h2p.h2p
Bass - Pickup IV.h2p.h2p
Bass - Pickup V.h2p.h2p
Bass - Pickup.h2p.h2p
Bass - RealDeep II.h2p.h2p
Bass - RealDeep.h2p.h2p
Bass - ResoBass II.h2p.h2p
Bass - ResoBass.h2p.h2p
Bass - Shaped II.h2p.h2p
Bass - Shaped.h2p.h2p
Bass - Spectro Organ II.h2p.h2p
Bass - Spectro Organ.h2p.h2p
Bass - Spectro.h2p.h2p
Bass - Stabby Rave.h2p.h2p
Bass - Stabby.h2p.h2p
Bass - Stick.h2p.h2p
Bass - Strange.h2p.h2p
Bass - Sunboom.h2p.h2p
Bass - Sylenth II.h2p.h2p
Bass - Tale.h2p.h2p
Bass - Why A Long Face _.h2p.h2p
Drums - 909.h2p.h2p
Drums - Clap.h2p.h2p
Drums - Kick II.h2p.h2p
Drums - Kick III.h2p.h2p
Drums - Kick IV.h2p.h2p
Drums - Kick V.h2p.h2p
Drums - Kick.h2p.h2p
Drums - Open HH II.h2p.h2p
Drums - Open HH III.h2p.h2p
Drums - Open HH IV.h2p.h2p
Drums - Open HH.h2p.h2p
Drums - shitty clap II.h2p.h2p
Drums - shitty clap III.h2p.h2p
Drums - shitty clap.h2p.h2p
Drums - shitty SN.h2p.h2p
Drums - Woody III.h2p.h2p
Drums - Woody II.h2p.h2p
Drums - Woody.h2p.h2p
Effects - Storm.h2p.h2p
Effects - Wacky Radio.h2p.h2p
FX - 70_s Thriller.h2p.h2p
Fx - Boys At Work.h2p.h2p
Fx - Chamber Menace.h2p.h2p
Fx - Chapter 1_ Naked Morons.h2p.h2p
Fx - Dead Children Choir.h2p.h2p
Fx - Fucking Insane Theatre.h2p.h2p
Fx - Mothership.h2p.h2p
Fx - Noise Sweep.h2p.h2p
FX - Noise.h2p.h2p
Fx - Paper Stones.h2p.h2p
Fx - Roger That Prick.h2p.h2p
FX - Speaking Spectro II.h2p.h2p
FX - Speaking Spectro III.h2p.h2p
FX - Speaking Spectro.h2p.h2p
Keys - &Two&Three&Four II.h2p.h2p
Keys - &Two&Three&Four.h2p.h2p
Keys - Brass II.h2p.h2p
Keys - Brass.h2p.h2p
Keys - Exibit A.h2p.h2p
Keys - Lonely Bear.h2p.h2p
Keys - Multi MSEGS.h2p.h2p
Keys - Narrow Eyes II.h2p.h2p
Keys - Narrow Eyes.h2p.h2p
Keys - Plastic Fantastic II.h2p.h2p
Keys - Plastic Fantastic III.h2p.h2p
Keys - Plastic Fantastic.h2p.h2p
Keys - Polar Night.h2p.h2p
Keys - Rain Droplets.h2p.h2p
Keys - Russian WW2 Trance.h2p.h2p
Keys - Tale.h2p.h2p
Keys - Very Low.h2p.h2p
Keys - Vintage Organ.h2p.h2p
Keys- Jambient.h2p.h2p
Keys -Jungle Jar II.h2p.h2p
Keys -Jungle Jar III.h2p.h2p
Keys -Jungle Jar.h2p.h2p
Keys- Play C1.h2p.h2p
Keys -Shitty Drama.h2p.h2p
Lead - Drainage.h2p.h2p
Lead - Private Black Dwarf.h2p.h2p
Lead - Run to You.h2p.h2p
Lead - Trance apegg II.h2p.h2p
Lead - Trance apegg III.h2p.h2p
Lead - Trance apegg.h2p.h2p
Leads - Trance arpegg III.h2p.h2p
Lead-Standart II.h2p.h2p
Pad - 1987.h2p.h2p
Pad - Ambient Belldome II.h2p.h2p
Pad - Ambient Belldome.h2p.h2p
Pad - Awesome II.h2p.h2p
Pad - Awesome III.h2p.h2p
Pad - Awesome.h2p.h2p
Pad - Begining.h2p.h2p
Pad - Choir II.h2p.h2p
Pad - Choir.h2p.h2p
Pad - Emerge Four.h2p.h2p
Pad - Hazy Speech.h2p.h2p
Pad - High notes Choir.h2p.h2p
Pad - In Ya Face.h2p.h2p
Pad - It_s alive II.h2p.h2p
Pad - It_s alive.h2p.h2p
Pad - Living Inside Nebula.h2p.h2p
Pad - Moving.h2p.h2p
Pad - No Ones Language.h2p.h2p
Pad - Oldie.h2p.h2p
Pad - Opening.h2p.h2p
Pad - Pillars of Creation.h2p.h2p
Pad - Polar Night.h2p.h2p
Pad - Rico.h2p.h2p
Pad - Saving Dying Star.h2p.h2p
Pad - Stab A.h2p.h2p
Pad - Stab II.h2p.h2p
Pad - Stab.h2p.h2p
Pad - Strings.h2p.h2p
Pad - Universal Language.h2p.h2p
Pad - Vangelis VI F.h2p.h2p
Pad - Vangelis VI Fa.h2p.h2p
Pad - Vanity Star II.h2p.h2p
Pad - Vanity Star.h2p.h2p
Pad - Wedding.h2p.h2p
Pad - Yield Field.h2p.h2p
Perc - Pickup V.h2p.h2p
Perc - Train Wreck .h2p.h2p
Perc - Train Wreck II.h2p.h2p
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(10).wav89E53.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(2).wav1390F5.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(3).wav1F0EB9.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(4).wav13E077.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(5).wav1390F5.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(6).wav40998.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(7).wav89E53.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(8).wav1F0EB9.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3(9).wav40998.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 3.wav13E077.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 4(2).wav5479F.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 4(3).wav2CB91.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 4(4).wav2CB91.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 4.wav5479F.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 8(2).wav9C87B.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2 8.wav9C87B.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2dist 2(2).wav1786AC.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2dist 2.wav1786AC.peak.peak
88CCCD03Zebra2dist 8.wav4591A.peak.peak
Zebra2 3(10).wav89E53.peak.peak
Zebra2 3(4).wav13E077.peak.peak
Zebra2 3(5).wav1390F5.peak.peak
Zebra2 3(8).wav1F0EB9.peak.peak
Zebra2 3(9).wav40998.peak.peak
Zebra2 4(2).wav5479F.peak.peak
Zebra2 4(4).wav2CB91.peak.peak
Zebra2 8(2).wav9C87B.peak.peak
Zebra2dist 2(2).wav1786AC.peak.peak
Zebra2dist 8.wav4591A.peak.peak
Zebra2 3(10).wav.wav
Zebra2 3(2).wav.wav
Zebra2 3(3).wav.wav
Zebra2 3(4).wav.wav
Zebra2 3(5).wav.wav
Zebra2 3(6).wav.wav
Zebra2 3(7).wav.wav
Zebra2 3(8).wav.wav
Zebra2 3(9).wav.wav
Zebra2 3.wav.wav
Zebra2 4(2).wav.wav
Zebra2 4(3).wav.wav
Zebra2 4(4).wav.wav
Zebra2 4.wav.wav
Zebra2 8(2).wav.wav
Zebra2 8.wav.wav
Zebra2dist 2(2).wav.wav
Zebra2dist 2.wav.wav
Zebra2dist 8.wav.wav

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 2.5
Number of sounds 128
Demo Download