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Jorgalad's Cinematic Zebra Presets

A sound pack filled with 50 beautiful musical patches, suitable for any kind of music.

This pack is made for people who want to take their music and sound design to the next level, it contains 50 sounds that are very complex and use all different kinds of modules in Zebra.
Having years of synth experience I really tried to take it up a notch to provide patches that are not out there yet. And Zebra is the perfect synth to do so.
All 50 patches have the most useful parameters assigned to the X&Y Pads, which means that each patch contains a huge amount of additional sounds that you can modulate.

This way you can use the sounds straight away in your production, but they are also great for learning.
If you dive deeper into the patches you’ll see a great amount of synth tricks that are not commonly used, you can take these ideas and apply them to every synth out there.

The demo track is just a lot of the sounds playing after each other, nothing is layered, nothing has additional FX to it, just holding one key at a time triggering different patches.

I hope you enjoy these great sounds and learn a lot while doing so!


Premium File Contents
Jorgalad - Zebra Sound Demo.aif.aif
Jorgalad-zebra cover Done.jpg.jpg
PP Angel Pad.h2p.h2p
PP Arpeggiator With Hats.h2p.h2p
PP Bad Connection.h2p.h2p
PP Baggy Pads .h2p.h2p
PP Beauty in C.h2p.h2p
PP Benny Harper.h2p.h2p
PP Can Drummer.h2p.h2p
PP Complex Modwheel.h2p.h2p
PP Crazy Scratching .h2p.h2p
PP Cricket.h2p.h2p
PP D# is Good.h2p.h2p
PP Decimator.h2p.h2p
PP Derek Vincent Smith.h2p.h2p
PP Did you saw that.h2p.h2p
PP Digital Pad.h2p.h2p
PP Dirty Larry.h2p.h2p
PP Dissonant Pad.h2p.h2p
PP Easy Chords.h2p.h2p
PP Everything At Once.h2p.h2p
PP Found A Use For The ModMix.h2p.h2p
PP FU Arpeggiator.h2p.h2p
PP Gabrielle.h2p.h2p
PP Glide.h2p.h2p
PP Gliding Delay.h2p.h2p
PP Jorgalad So Dark.h2p.h2p
PP Kalkbrenner.h2p.h2p
PP Lightspeed.h2p.h2p
PP Limiter On.h2p.h2p
PP Lost Kings.h2p.h2p
PP Mellow Wobble.h2p.h2p
PP Misty Arpeggiator.h2p.h2p
PP Modem Reset.h2p.h2p
PP Mopho.h2p.h2p
PP Noise Drums.h2p.h2p
PP Philota.h2p.h2p
PP Plucky Day.h2p.h2p
PP Random Events In The Dark.h2p.h2p
PP Random Events.h2p.h2p
PP Reminds Me.h2p.h2p
PP Restless Dinosaurs.h2p.h2p
PP So Happy.h2p.h2p
PP Some Bass.h2p.h2p
PP Sounds Reversed.h2p.h2p
PP Space rain.h2p.h2p
PP That Easy.h2p.h2p
PP The Swamp.h2p.h2p
PP Tripping Ariel.h2p.h2p
PP Who Needs Filters.h2p.h2p
PP Wobbly Strings.h2p.h2p
PP Zimmer Tension.h2p.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version Zebra 1.0