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Padsheaven 3 for Zebra by Hollo

Padsheaven 3 the third volume of the successful Padsheaven series by Joseph Hollo. 



A huge, detailed, finely crafted selection of alive, lyrical, dramatic pads, drones, wide-screen atmospheres. 

Furthermore you'll get 32 inspiring arpeggios/rhythmic presets.  

150 unique patches! +Midi and Cubase CPR files of the demos.

You will get countless different colors, because many of them have even 4 different individualities inside due to the meticulously programmed controllers and Zebras XY pads. 

Perfect for any styles from classical pop/rock to movie scores, cinematic underscoring and even modern electronica. 

A free taster bank is available to download with it's own demo Midi - Cubase CPR file.


Premium File Contents
Amb Scary Breath +.h2p.h2p
Ambiano +.h2p.h2p
AmbianoSinebell +.h2p.h2p
AmbianoSQ +.h2p.h2p
Angelina +.h2p.h2p
Aquarium .h2p.h2p
Clean Flow.h2p.h2p
Dark Roses .h2p.h2p
Dripping Tap.h2p.h2p
GlassScapes +.h2p.h2p
GlassSticks +.h2p.h2p
Hearts of Space +.h2p.h2p
Little Reflections +.h2p.h2p
Metallic Hit & Rolls + .h2p.h2p
Oktaves +.h2p.h2p
PercussiveSpectrals +.h2p.h2p
Shine thru Glass +.h2p.h2p
Sustained Uplift.h2p.h2p
Trickling Creek Ambient.h2p.h2p
Tricky Bells .h2p.h2p
Tubulars to Ambient.h2p.h2p
Waterglass Piano + .h2p.h2p
A Nice Sweep to Left.h2p.h2p
Angels Dust +.h2p.h2p
Choir Hmmm .h2p.h2p
Classic Soft Pad.h2p.h2p
Classic Triangles +.h2p.h2p
Clouds of Spectralis +.h2p.h2p
Dco Majic Carpet +.h2p.h2p
Digi Orch Mw +.h2p.h2p
Digital Warmer.h2p.h2p
Epic Flow.h2p.h2p
Epic Uplifter +.h2p.h2p
Fairy Lore +.h2p.h2p
Farewell Pad.h2p.h2p
Flutes & Chimes.h2p.h2p
FM Chilled Chords .h2p.h2p
Hybrid Romance II +.h2p.h2p
Lo-Fi Fairlight.h2p.h2p
OktavesPad +.h2p.h2p
Once Upon a Time.h2p.h2p
Organ Backing.h2p.h2p
Organ Ethereal +.h2p.h2p
Organ Silver.h2p.h2p
Organ Transwaves +.h2p.h2p
Panorama Flow +.h2p.h2p
Silky 90s Strings .h2p.h2p
Simlpy Soft Air.h2p.h2p
Soft Scanner +.h2p.h2p
Spheres Blue.h2p.h2p
Spheres Light.h2p.h2p
TriangPad JX10 .h2p.h2p
Warm & Chilly +.h2p.h2p
Wide Horizon.h2p.h2p
Evaporating .h2p.h2p
FM Reverse rev block.h2p.h2p
FM Supertramp Wurly .h2p.h2p
Korgy PolyPerc.h2p.h2p
Nails of Keys .h2p.h2p
Pick Machine.h2p.h2p
Pluck & Spread.h2p.h2p
Pluck & Sync.h2p.h2p
Rubber SynPiano.h2p.h2p
Spectrapad Picked.h2p.h2p
The Womanizer +.h2p.h2p
Ultra Pizz.h2p.h2p
Virus TalkSync.h2p.h2p
BandPassed .h2p.h2p
Billowing Clouds + .h2p.h2p
Falling +.h2p.h2p
Falls & Rises Fx .h2p.h2p
High Pass to Oazis +.h2p.h2p
High Pass to Oazis Deep +.h2p.h2p
Jovial Glacier + .h2p.h2p
Overture Fall.h2p.h2p
Paradise +.h2p.h2p
Paradise Uplifter +.h2p.h2p
Phase to Exo.h2p.h2p
SpaceSweeps +.h2p.h2p
Strike Slim.h2p.h2p
Sw Deserted CMI.h2p.h2p
Sweep Smoothened.h2p.h2p
Sweep Synclavier.h2p.h2p
Syncer Screamer +.h2p.h2p
Wondering Metal Realm +.h2p.h2p
Circles on Glass +.h2p.h2p
Cracked Granular World +.h2p.h2p
Disturbed World +.h2p.h2p
Epic Brasspad.h2p.h2p
Exp Sinister Horns +.h2p.h2p
Front of the Marshall.h2p.h2p
Fx Dice+.h2p.h2p
Fx Swamp Wildlife.h2p.h2p
Lead Attack Foldback.h2p.h2p
Lead NoseSync.h2p.h2p
Lead Outsider.h2p.h2p
Lead Pitching Away.h2p.h2p
Lead SynDrops .h2p.h2p
Lead Wilde Tails.h2p.h2p
LeadGuit +.h2p.h2p
Syn Firebird HyperPeek.h2p.h2p
Synth Snappy Res MS20.h2p.h2p
Wocall +.h2p.h2p
Arp Answering +.h2p.h2p
Arp Aurora +.h2p.h2p
Arp Chords Definer+.h2p.h2p
Arp Dubtalks .h2p.h2p
Arp Floating Away +.h2p.h2p
Arp Improvisator +.h2p.h2p
Arp ManyBells +.h2p.h2p
Arp ManyPlucks +.h2p.h2p
Arp Moving OverDrive +.h2p.h2p
Arp Penny .h2p.h2p
Arp PercussionBells .h2p.h2p
Arp PickBells of Turbulence +.h2p.h2p
Arp RevSidechain +.h2p.h2p
Arp RevSidechain Bright.h2p.h2p
Arp RevSidechain Power.h2p.h2p
Arp Stereoid +.h2p.h2p
Arp Tale of the Smallest Brother +.h2p.h2p
Arp ThreeSome1.h2p.h2p
Arp ThreeSome2.h2p.h2p
Arp Throat Flipper.h2p.h2p
Arp Wall of Bells.h2p.h2p
D-50 Spectra Rhytmic Pad.h2p.h2p
Dr BD 808 + HiHats.h2p.h2p
Industr Harps +.h2p.h2p
Oriental Comb Perc +.h2p.h2p
Reverse Flow +.h2p.h2p
Rhythmic Waves +.h2p.h2p
Staccato Bubbles 4th .h2p.h2p
Staccato Bubbless 16th .h2p.h2p
Tension Comb Picks +.h2p.h2p
Padsheaven3 Demo.cpr.cpr
Ph3_Free Ideas.cpr.cpr

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version u-he Zebra 2.7or higher
Number of sounds 150
Demo Download