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Projektor Features : 118 Brand New Original Patches

Each with :

  • A unique arpeggiator setting
  • Modwheel settings
  • All 4 X/Y pad settings
  • And most with customized waveforms
  • (Also included is 1 variation of each preset for 236 patches all total.)
  • 32 Zebrify effect patches are included as a bonus.

Ambient/cinematic styles are covered, with a heavy dose of Drone and Pad patches. While the arp preset variations aim to satisfy the more uptempo producers - be they scoring an action scene, or working on their latest dance track and looking for something with the right vibe to it.

As you would expect, all the patches are tagged with their main category : Bass - Drone - Lead - Pad - Synth. So you can spend your time making music, not looking for the right kind of sound.

Check out the mp3 demos for some examples of how these presets might be used in your music. And if you have purchased any of the 'Dance Glitch' loop sample series, released through Producer Loops in 2010 and 2011, then you have heard a few of these patches in action.

I really didn't think I'd end up making so many patches for the Zebra softsynth, but there have just been so many avenues to explore. Hopefully with the release of Z3 in 2012 or 2013, even more options will be available, and we may very well meet again.

Until then, please feel to grab the freebee pack and hear a few of these latest patches for yourself. There are no demo limitations or restrictions on the free patches, they are provided so you can try before you buy, and they are yours to keep and use whether you choose to purchase the full collection or not.

Special thanks to Horatiu-Cristian Petrila for the 1st demo, featuring about a dozen patches from the Projektor collection, as well as some loops from the Perimeter Sound Bio-Mechanic Beats & Abstract World Fusion loop sample sets. This tracks features several small sections/movements, and shows off a bit of the lighter more ambient, or even mellow side of Projektor.

And special thanks to Torben Hansen for his demo, featuring several synth/pad and bass patches and even some of the included arppegiator patches from Projektor. As well as creating all the percussion backing and sound fx/transitions using loop samples and one-shots from the Perimeter Sound 'Darc Skreen' FX & One Shots collection. Torben cuts loose with a pretty heavy bit of riffing and mixing here, yet still finds room for some of the Projektor pads, and even fits in some of the arp patches.

And lastly, a big thanks to local photographer Lance Roethle, for letting me use his beautiful Montana sunset picture for the cover graphic of Projektor.

Premium File Contents
BASS - Acid Glitch Wobbler (Arp).h2p
BASS - Acid Glitch Wobbler.h2p
BASS - Ambient FM (Arp).h2p
BASS - Ambient FM.h2p
BASS - Big Sound (Arp).h2p
BASS - Big Sound.h2p
BASS - Both Ways (Arp).h2p
BASS - Both Ways.h2p
BASS - Callout (Arp).h2p
BASS - Callout.h2p
BASS - Close The Door (Arp).h2p
BASS - Close The Door.h2p
BASS - Decho (Arp).h2p
BASS - Decho.h2p
BASS - Double Wobble (Arp).h2p
BASS - Double Wobble.h2p
BASS - Initiative (Arp).h2p
BASS - Initiative.h2p
BASS - Lunch Box Hero (Arp).h2p
BASS - Lunch Box Hero.h2p
BASS - Mega (Arp).h2p
BASS - Mega.h2p
BASS - Meta (Arp).h2p
BASS - Meta.h2p
BASS - Neon City (Arp).h2p
BASS - Neon City.h2p
BASS - No Walking Sine (Arp).h2p
BASS - No Walking Sine.h2p
BASS - Oddlong (Arp).h2p
BASS - Oddlong.h2p
BASS - Panik (Arp).h2p
BASS - Panik.h2p
BASS - Phat FM (Arp).h2p
BASS - Phat FM.h2p
BASS - Reset (Arp).h2p
BASS - Reset.h2p
BASS - Smoldering (Arp).h2p
BASS - Smoldering.h2p
BASS - Spressure (Arp).h2p
BASS - Spressure.h2p
BASS - Tail Eater (Arp).h2p
BASS - Tail Eater.h2p
BASS - Teh Dub-Allegiance (Arp).h2p
BASS - Teh Dub-Allegiance.h2p
BASS - Three Left Feet (Arp).h2p
BASS - Three Left Feet.h2p
BASS - Wiggler (Arp).h2p
BASS - Wiggler.h2p
BASS - Wind (Arp).h2p
BASS - Wind.h2p
DRONE - 4 Breather (Arp).h2p
DRONE - 4 Breather.h2p
DRONE - Analogue Expansion (Arp).h2p
DRONE - Analogue Expansion.h2p
DRONE - Barcode (Arp).h2p
DRONE - Barcode.h2p
DRONE - Digital Width (Arp).h2p
DRONE - Digital Width.h2p
DRONE - Loose Springs (Arp).h2p
DRONE - Loose Springs.h2p
DRONE - Overneath (Arp).h2p
DRONE - Overneath.h2p
DRONE - Phat Sync (Arp).h2p
DRONE - Phat Sync.h2p
DRONE - Slow Waves (Arp).h2p
DRONE - Slow Waves.h2p
LEAD - Binary (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Binary.h2p
LEAD - Buzz Harp (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Buzz Harp.h2p
LEAD - Cheap Shimmer (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Cheap Shimmer.h2p
LEAD - Cimenatik (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Cimenatik.h2p
LEAD - Classy Organ (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Classy Organ.h2p
LEAD - Complexicated (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Complexicated.h2p
LEAD - Dystopia (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Dystopia.h2p
LEAD - Fakest Saws (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Fakest Saws.h2p
LEAD - Glamour (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Glamour.h2p
LEAD - Hektik (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Hektik.h2p
LEAD - Hidden Joy (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Hidden Joy.h2p
LEAD - Low Blow (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Low Blow.h2p
LEAD - NRG (Arp).h2p
LEAD - NRG.h2p
LEAD - Nailz (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Nailz.h2p
LEAD - Nu Disco (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Nu Disco.h2p
LEAD - Nu Saw (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Nu Saw.h2p
LEAD - Pictures In Motion (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Pictures In Motion.h2p
LEAD - Pinpoint (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Pinpoint.h2p
LEAD - PolyReed (Arp).h2p
LEAD - PolyReed.h2p
LEAD - Prepaid (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Prepaid.h2p
LEAD - Sine Keyz (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Sine Keyz.h2p
LEAD - Steam Organ (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Steam Organ.h2p
LEAD - Teh Nu Retro (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Teh Nu Retro.h2p
LEAD - TripleDub (Arp).h2p
LEAD - TripleDub.h2p
LEAD - Unhappy Ending (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Unhappy Ending.h2p
LEAD - Water Organ (Arp).h2p
LEAD - Water Organ.h2p
LEAD - aKtion (Arp).h2p
LEAD - aKtion.h2p
PAD - 53R10U5 (Arp).h2p
PAD - 53R10U5.h2p
PAD - All Things (Arp).h2p
PAD - All Things.h2p
PAD - Alternate (Arp).h2p
PAD - Alternate.h2p
PAD - Bassy (Arp).h2p
PAD - Bassy.h2p
PAD - Battle In The Clouds (Arp).h2p
PAD - Battle In The Clouds.h2p
PAD - Bowed EP (Arp).h2p
PAD - Bowed EP.h2p
PAD - Buried Strings (Arp).h2p
PAD - Buried Strings.h2p
PAD - Combo (Arp).h2p
PAD - Combo.h2p
PAD - Dark Swell (Arp).h2p
PAD - Dark Swell.h2p
PAD - Digichoir (Arp).h2p
PAD - Digichoir.h2p
PAD - Drifter (Arp).h2p
PAD - Drifter.h2p
PAD - Dry Spell (Arp).h2p
PAD - Dry Spell.h2p
PAD - Grayscale (Arp).h2p
PAD - Grayscale.h2p
PAD - Lisp (Arp).h2p
PAD - Lisp.h2p
PAD - Lowth (Arp).h2p
PAD - Lowth.h2p
PAD - Lunar Droner (Arp).h2p
PAD - Lunar Droner.h2p
PAD - Mystical Hallway (Arp).h2p
PAD - Mystical Hallway.h2p
PAD - Nu Rise (Arp).h2p
PAD - Nu Rise.h2p
PAD - Potential (Arp).h2p
PAD - Potential.h2p
PAD - Random Access (Arp).h2p
PAD - Random Access.h2p
PAD - Reccordian (Arp).h2p
PAD - Reccordian.h2p
PAD - SLS (Arp).h2p
PAD - SLS.h2p
PAD - Sand2Glass (Arp).h2p
PAD - Sand2Glass.h2p
PAD - Sawside Up (Arp).h2p
PAD - Sawside Up.h2p
PAD - Sick Swarm (Arp).h2p
PAD - Sick Swarm.h2p
PAD - Simple Saw Drone (Arp).h2p
PAD - Simple Saw Drone.h2p
PAD - Sky Burn (Arp).h2p
PAD - Sky Burn.h2p
PAD - Square2K (Arp).h2p
PAD - Square2K.h2p
PAD - Stryngthetic (Arp).h2p
PAD - Stryngthetic.h2p
PAD - Sunset Island (Arp).h2p
PAD - Sunset Island.h2p
PAD - Swell XL (Arp).h2p
PAD - Swell XL.h2p
PAD - SynthScape (Arp).h2p
PAD - SynthScape.h2p
PAD - Unreal (Arp).h2p
PAD - Unreal .h2p
PAD - Untunable Organ (Arp).h2p
PAD - Untunable Organ.h2p
PAD - Vertical Horizons (Arp).h2p
PAD - Vertical Horizons.h2p
PAD - Wispy (Arp).h2p
PAD - Wispy.h2p
PAD - XXL (Arp).h2p
PAD - XXL.h2p
SYNTH - 12bit Fidget (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - 12bit Fidget.h2p
SYNTH - 12bit Gumshoe (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - 12bit Gumshoe.h2p
SYNTH - Another Gamer (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Another Gamer.h2p
SYNTH - Bu66y (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Bu66y.h2p
SYNTH - Count On It (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Count On It.h2p
SYNTH - Digital Anger (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Digital Anger.h2p
SYNTH - Dub Style (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Dub Style.h2p
SYNTH - Extra Crispy (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Extra Crispy.h2p
SYNTH - FM 2K11 (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - FM 2K11.h2p
SYNTH - Game Ender (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Game Ender.h2p
SYNTH - Late Bloomer (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Late Bloomer.h2p
SYNTH - Little Secret (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Little Secret.h2p
SYNTH - Pipe Drone (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Pipe Drone.h2p
SYNTH - Retroactive (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Retroactive.h2p
SYNTH - Ring Leader (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Ring Leader.h2p
SYNTH - Ronus Bound (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Ronus Bound.h2p
SYNTH - Seek & Hide (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Seek & Hide.h2p
SYNTH - Slipped (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Slipped.h2p
SYNTH - Thin Scientist (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Thin Scientist.h2p
SYNTH - Tiny Fifth (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Tiny Fifth.h2p
SYNTH - Wet Floor (Arp).h2p
SYNTH - Wet Floor.h2p
Air Pump.h2p
Custom Delay.h2p
Dull Shadow.h2p
Fake Plate.h2p
Metallic Chorus.h2p
Obtuse Breather.h2p
Punch Packer.h2p
Rusty Wide.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 2.5
Number of sounds 118
Demo Download

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