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Rate Of Motion

Zebra 2.5 - Rate Of Motion

Picking up where Zebrasonix left off: with more melodic and rhythmically interesting arpeggiator programming, weird wonderful and useful modwheel settings, and all 4 X/Y pads mapped and ready to tweak to fit your tracks.

Rate Of Motion features - 116 Brand New Original Patches

Each with :

-A unique arpeggiator setting

-Modhweel settings

-All 4 X/Y pad settings

-And most with customized waveforms

(Also included is 1 variation of each preset for 232 patches all total.)

-26 Zebrify effect patches are included as a bonus.

From dubstep to triphop to industrial, this is a wide ranging soundset that offers as much variety as the modern producer needs.

All presets are tagged with their main category : Bass - Lead - Pad - Synth. So you can spend your time making music, not looking for the right kind of sound.

Check out the mp3 demos for some examples of how these presets might be used in your music. And if you have purchased 'Dance Glitch Vol. 1', recently released through Producer Loops, then you've no doubt heard a number of these patches in action. Rate Of Motion was used and abused in the making of all 3 Volumes of Dance Glitch, and I'm still using them in my latest projects.
Zebra never fails to inspire, as there just always seems to be something new to be done with it. This new set of sounds just shows a glimpse of what can be created, and I'd like to encourage you to grab the freebee pack to hear for yourself. There are no demo limitations or restrictions on the free patches, they are provided so you can try before you buy, and they are yours to keep and use whether you choose to purchase the full collection or not.

Special thanks to:

Torben Hansen for his very groovy electronika demo track, dig that bass. (Drums/percussion courtesy of the 'Bio-Mechanic Beats II' loop sample collection.)

Bill Davies, for another soulful demo tune showing off a whole different side of the patches. (Drums/percussion courtesy of the 'World Tek' loop sample collection.)

Premium File Contents
./Zebra 2.5 - Rate Of Motion Synth Patches:
BASS - Asylum Playground (V1).h2p
BASS - Asylum Playground (V2).h2p
BASS - Breakhearted (V1).h2p
BASS - Breakhearted (V2).h2p
BASS - Digger (V1).h2p
BASS - Digger (V2).h2p
BASS - Down 2 Business (V1).h2p
BASS - Down 2 Business (V2).h2p
BASS - Dripping (V1).h2p
BASS - Dripping (V2).h2p
BASS - Feels Wrong (V1).h2p
BASS - Feels Wrong (V2).h2p
BASS - Inner Tube (V1).h2p
BASS - Inner Tube (V2).h2p
BASS - Last Digit (V1).h2p
BASS - Last Digit (V2).h2p
BASS - Lonely (V1).h2p
BASS - Lonely (V2).h2p
BASS - Make It Up To Me (V1).h2p
BASS - Make It Up To Me (V2).h2p
BASS - Motor (V1).h2p
BASS - Motor (V2).h2p
BASS - Partial (V1).h2p
BASS - Partial (V2).h2p
BASS - Peaceful (V1).h2p
BASS - Peaceful (V2).h2p
BASS - Plucko (V1).h2p
BASS - Plucko (V2).h2p
BASS - Riot (V1).h2p
BASS - Riot (V2).h2p
BASS - Rubber Hammer (V1).h2p
BASS - Rubber Hammer (V2).h2p
BASS - Sickness (V1).h2p
BASS - Sickness (V2).h2p
BASS - Signed Bullet (V1).h2p
BASS - Signed Bullet (V2).h2p
BASS - Stand Up 2K (V1).h2p
BASS - Stand Up 2K (V2).h2p
BASS - Tuner (V1).h2p
BASS - Tuner (V2).h2p
BASS - Unchosen Path (V1).h2p
BASS - Unchosen Path (V2).h2p
BASS - Zipster (V1).h2p
BASS - Zipster (V2).h2p
LEAD - 8bit Strings (V1).h2p
LEAD - 8bit Strings (V2).h2p
LEAD - A.I. Strings (V1).h2p
LEAD - A.I. Strings (V2).h2p
LEAD - Beam Pluck (V1).h2p
LEAD - Beam Pluck (V2).h2p
LEAD - BendR (V1).h2p
LEAD - BendR (V2).h2p
LEAD - Casual Decayer (V1).h2p
LEAD - Casual Decayer (V2).h2p
LEAD - Cheap Saw Hornz (V1).h2p
LEAD - Cheap Saw Hornz (V2).h2p
LEAD - Computer Flute (V1).h2p
LEAD - Computer Flute (V2).h2p
LEAD - Dead Bellz (V1).h2p
LEAD - Dead Bellz (V2).h2p
LEAD - Death Shadow (V1).h2p
LEAD - Death Shadow (V2).h2p
LEAD - Digital Blues (V1).h2p
LEAD - Digital Blues (V2).h2p
LEAD - Dirty Light (V1).h2p
LEAD - Dirty Light (V2).h2p
LEAD - Dub Flight (V1).h2p
LEAD - Dub Flight (V2).h2p
LEAD - Explainer (V1).h2p
LEAD - Explainer (V2).h2p
LEAD - Faded Starz (V1).h2p
LEAD - Faded Starz (V2).h2p
LEAD - Fancy Carpet Walker (V1).h2p
LEAD - Fancy Carpet Walker (V2).h2p
LEAD - FantasyMystery (V1).h2p
LEAD - FantasyMystery (V2).h2p
LEAD - Finder (V1).h2p
LEAD - Finder (V2).h2p
LEAD - Freedom Screamer (V1).h2p
LEAD - Freedom Screamer (V2).h2p
LEAD - Funky Spy (V1).h2p
LEAD - Funky Spy (V2).h2p
LEAD - Graveyard Blues (V1).h2p
LEAD - Graveyard Blues (V2).h2p
LEAD - Hero Pulse (V1).h2p
LEAD - Hero Pulse (V2).h2p
LEAD - Leg Shaker (V1).h2p
LEAD - Leg Shaker (V2).h2p
LEAD - Liquid Keyz (V1).h2p
LEAD - Liquid Keyz (V2).h2p
LEAD - Looking Glass (V1).h2p
LEAD - Looking Glass (V2).h2p
LEAD - Never Give Up (V1).h2p
LEAD - Never Give Up (V2).h2p
LEAD - Nowhere Staircase (V1).h2p
LEAD - Nowhere Staircase (V2).h2p
LEAD - Old Evil (V1).h2p
LEAD - Old Evil (V2).h2p
LEAD - Out Of Touch (V1).h2p
LEAD - Out Of Touch (V2).h2p
LEAD - Playful Pursuit (V1).h2p
LEAD - Playful Pursuit (V2).h2p
LEAD - Remembory (V1).h2p
LEAD - Remembory (V2).h2p
LEAD - Rising Hope (V1).h2p
LEAD - Rising Hope (V2).h2p
LEAD - Rubber Voice (V1).h2p
LEAD - Rubber Voice (V2).h2p
LEAD - SciFi Pluck (V1).h2p
LEAD - SciFi Pluck (V2).h2p
LEAD - Somber Pluck (V1).h2p
LEAD - Somber Pluck (V2).h2p
LEAD - Spaceman (V1).h2p
LEAD - Spaceman (V2).h2p
LEAD - Stereo Growl (V1).h2p
LEAD - Stereo Growl (V2).h2p
LEAD - Storytale Ending (V1).h2p
LEAD - Storytale Ending (V2).h2p
LEAD - Talkboxer (V1).h2p
LEAD - Talkboxer (V2).h2p
LEAD - The Return (V1).h2p
LEAD - The Return (V2).h2p
LEAD - The Sawsynch Redemption (V1).h2p
LEAD - The Sawsynch Redemption (V2).h2p
LEAD - ThinkTank (V1).h2p
LEAD - ThinkTank (V2).h2p
LEAD - Tourist (V1).h2p
LEAD - Tourist (V2).h2p
LEAD - Water Walker (V1).h2p
LEAD - Water Walker (V2).h2p
LEAD - Wobble Keyz (V1).h2p
LEAD - Wobble Keyz (V2).h2p
PAD - Churning (V1).h2p
PAD - Churning (V2).h2p
PAD - Depth (V1).h2p
PAD - Depth (V2).h2p
PAD - Heartfelt (V1).h2p
PAD - Heartfelt (V2).h2p
PAD - Revealing (V1).h2p
PAD - Revealing (V2).h2p
PAD - Swarm (V1).h2p
PAD - Swarm (V2).h2p
PAD - Swingsaw (V1).h2p
PAD - Swingsaw (V2).h2p
SYNTH - ATM (V1).h2p
SYNTH - ATM (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Back Down Again (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Back Down Again (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Beautiful Haunted (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Beautiful Haunted (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Chauffeured String (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Chauffeured String (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Childish Thoughts (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Childish Thoughts (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Concern (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Concern (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Contemplative (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Contemplative (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Curious (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Curious (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Cyber Punch (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Cyber Punch (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Damp & Dark (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Damp & Dark (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Decisions (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Decisions (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Detective Dub (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Detective Dub (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Discussion (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Discussion (V2).h2p
SYNTH - DrumPluckAlarm (V1).h2p
SYNTH - DrumPluckAlarm (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Figure It Out (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Figure It Out (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Forgetfulness (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Forgetfulness (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Gentle Giant (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Gentle Giant (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Ghost Of Xmas (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Ghost Of Xmas (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Grainstorm (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Grainstorm (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Hand Delivered (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Hand Delivered (V2).h2p
SYNTH - It All Comes Back (V1).h2p
SYNTH - It All Comes Back (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Last Stand (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Last Stand (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Lucked Out (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Lucked Out (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Minor Glamour (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Minor Glamour (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Moody (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Moody (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Never Quite Sure (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Never Quite Sure (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Noble (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Noble (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Not Forgetting (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Not Forgetting (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Pinbellz (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Pinbellz (V2).h2p
SYNTH - PluckedBrass (V1).h2p
SYNTH - PluckedBrass (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Pulled (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Pulled (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Regret (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Regret (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Remembrance (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Remembrance (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Sadbot (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Sadbot (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Sandpaper Carnival (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Sandpaper Carnival (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Shades (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Shades (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Stressful (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Stressful (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Thoughtful (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Thoughtful (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Tuned Spoons (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Tuned Spoons (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Tunnel (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Tunnel (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Wavez (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Wavez (V2).h2p
SYNTH - Waxer (V1).h2p
SYNTH - Waxer (V2).h2p
SYNTH - What He Said (V1).h2p
SYNTH - What He Said (V2).h2p
SYNTH - ZipperKore (V1).h2p
SYNTH - ZipperKore (V2).h2p
./Zebrify - Rate Of Motion Zebrify Fx Patches:
Basic Dub 01.h2p
Basic Dub 02.h2p
Basic Dub 03.h2p
Basic Dub 04.h2p
Double Hollow.h2p
Dub Plated.h2p
Dub Wash.h2p
Echo Verb.h2p
Fake 3-D.h2p
Filter Saturation.h2p
Filtery Dub.h2p
Gated Verb.h2p
High End Filter Brightener.h2p
LowFi Filter.h2p
New Record.h2p
Punch Packer.h2p
Transient Delay 1.h2p
Transient Delay 2.h2p
Tremolo Tone.h2p
Wooden Chamber.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 2.5
Number of sounds 116
Demo Download

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