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TTS Zebra2 Monsterpack


TTS: Zebra2 Monsterpack' is a powerful and versatile soundbank designed to bring the sound of EDM to users of the U-HE Zebra2 synth. You'll find 279 high quality presets as well as 20 FLP Files and 20 MIDI Construction Kits in many popular EDM styles. 

Produced by pro sound designer, Lukas Jankowski, this pack has covers many styles, such as 90's Uplifting Trance, Commercial Tech House, Commercial Trance House, Deep House, Euro Trance, Film Trailer Music vs Dark Ambient, Full On vs Psy Trance, Game Music, Hard Trance, Makina, Minimal Techno, Old School Trance, Psy Trance, Tech House, Tech Prog House, Techno, Classical Tech Trance, Modern Epic Trance, Trance vs 8-Bit, and Uplifting Y2K Trance.


What's more, TTS soundbanks don't just come with presets, but full MIDI Construction Kits for every Demo. This soundbank has 20 Demo Kits (including MIDI files for every synth) and features accompanying FL Studio files.

Inside the pack there is also a short instructional text file showing you how to work with this soundbank in every major DAW.


Product Details:

• 279 Zebra2 presets (.h2p)

• Construction Kit for every Demo

• 20 FL Studio .flp files

• MIDI file for every synth patch


Please Note:

This product requires U-he Zebra2 synth plugin. The kick drum, hi-hat and clap samples in the demos are for demonstration purposes and are not included in the soundbank.

Premium File Contents
90s uplifting trance.flp.flp
bass mid hi2.mid.mid
bass mid3.mid.mid
bass off max.mid.mid
lead shinny mover.mid.mid
pad incoming majestic.mid.mid
bass tech.mid.mid
commercial tech house.flp.flp
lead rave vs tech.mid.mid
lead tech harmonica.mid.mid
lead thin techy.mid.mid
bass boing.mid.mid
commecial trance house.flp.flp
lead glidin L1.mid.mid
lead glidin L2.mid.mid
lead vibra.mid.mid
pad majestic.mid.mid
pluck sweet2.mid.mid
bass chicdetroit.mid.mid
deep house.flp.flp
fx hit.mid.mid
lead house reso.mid.mid
pad backside.mid.mid
pluck talkin nice.mid.mid
bass midmetaliq.mid.mid
bass warpie.mid.mid
euro trance.flp.flp
lead hard one.mid.mid
pad beyond hills.mid.mid
acid arpseq.mid.mid
acid bgrd.mid.mid
bass pad.mid.mid
film trailer music vs dark ambient.flp.flp
fx alarm.mid.mid
fx metalic hit.mid.mid
gate talker.mid.mid
pad clouds fill.mid.mid
bass classica 2notes.mid.mid
full on vs psy trance.flp.flp
fx fast hit.mid.mid
fx onehit warp.mid.mid
fx outch.mid.mid
fx plane hit.mid.mid
fx psy bgrd.mid.mid
lead psy hard.mid.mid
perc cliker.mid.mid
perc fx openbottle.mid.mid
perc psy kick.mid.mid
bass pad lo.mid.mid
fx bongmaster.mid.mid
fx game music.mid.mid
fx movin.mid.mid
game music.flp.flp
gate fx seq.mid.mid
lead game music.mid.mid
pad ssaw lo.mid.mid
arp pluckie.mid.mid
bass intense half.mid.mid
fx hit gone.mid.mid
gate sequential.mid.mid
hard trance.flp.flp
lead harder ssaw.mid.mid
lead harder.mid.mid
pad hidden beauty.mid.mid
acid 303cutoff.mid.mid
bass hamburg octave.mid.mid
bass miow.mid.mid
lead makinator.mid.mid
bass warpy.mid.mid
fx seq.mid.mid
gate flow.mid.mid
lead fxer.mid.mid
lead techno forseq.mid.mid
minimal techno.flp.flp
pad hi tesion nice.mid.mid
bass system off2.mid.mid
fx ssaw stab.mid.mid
lead choir.mid.mid
oldchool trance.flp.flp
arp acidizedseq.mid.mid
arp faster harder.mid.mid
bass psy.mid.mid
fx drop water.mid.mid
fx hi alarmiq.mid.mid
fx psy.mid.mid
fx remedy.mid.mid
fx robotoid.mid.mid
fx stones in cave.mid.mid
perc psy kick.mid.mid
psy trance.flp.flp
acid dream.mid.mid
bass warpsound.mid.mid
fx downwarp.mid.mid
lead techmax3.mid.mid
pluck qlas.mid.mid
tech house.flp.flp
arp pluck mover.mid.mid
arp tinie seq.mid.mid
bass warp point.mid.mid
lead techmax2.mid.mid
pluck hi mover.mid.mid
tech prog house.flp.flp
bass qlassica2.mid.mid
fx shhplast.mid.mid
fx start noise.mid.mid
gate techin.mid.mid
lead techno fx.mid.mid
pad hi string nerv.mid.mid
perc cliker.mid.mid
perc metalic birds.mid.mid
arp slow seq.mid.mid
bass qlassica.mid.mid
fx noise whirpool.mid.mid
fx risefast.mid.mid
fx talkin loop.mid.mid
fx talkin loop2.mid.mid
lead techno pluck.mid.mid
perc 16 hat.mid.mid
techno vs classical tech trance.flp.flp
bass lo.mid.mid
bass mid 2.mid.mid
bass mid.mid.mid
Read This Please.txt.txt
trance modern epic.flp.flp
bass hidden max.mid.mid
fx never up never down.mid.mid
fx trance talk stab.mid.mid
fx wind autocutoff.mid.mid
fx wind onehit.mid.mid
lead bass layer.mid.mid
lead bright sign.mid.mid
pluck stars-for bass lead layer.mid.mid
trance vs 8bit.flp.flp
arp tiny movin seq.mid.mid
bass simple trance 8.mid.mid
gate fxer.mid.mid
lead supersaw.mid.mid
pad calmer for ssawlead.mid.mid
uplifting y2k trance.flp.flp
how to use.txt.txt
acid 303cutoff.h2p.h2p
acid arpseq.h2p.h2p
acid bgrd.h2p.h2p
acid dream.h2p.h2p
arp 2notes.h2p.h2p
arp acidizedseq.h2p.h2p
arp bgrd mover.h2p.h2p
arp dark side of the moon.h2p.h2p
arp faster harder.h2p.h2p
arp fx clouds.h2p.h2p
arp noom_y.h2p.h2p
arp pluck mover.h2p.h2p
arp pluckie.h2p.h2p
arp qlassiqmover.h2p.h2p
arp seq mover.h2p.h2p
arp seq mover2.h2p.h2p
arp seq mover2a.h2p.h2p
arp seq mover3.h2p.h2p
arp seq mover4.h2p.h2p
arp slow seq.h2p.h2p
arp tinie seq.h2p.h2p
arp tiny movin seq.h2p.h2p
bass boing.h2p.h2p
bass chic.h2p.h2p
bass chic2.h2p.h2p
bass chicdetroit.h2p.h2p
bass classica 2notes.h2p.h2p
bass cream chic.h2p.h2p
bass deep n open.h2p.h2p
bass deep warp.h2p.h2p
bass deepboom.h2p.h2p
bass deepboom2.h2p.h2p
bass hamburg octave.h2p.h2p
bass hi reg.h2p.h2p
bass hidden max.h2p.h2p
bass hidden max2.h2p.h2p
bass hidden warp.h2p.h2p
bass hidden.h2p.h2p
bass intense half.h2p.h2p
bass lo only.h2p.h2p
bass low extra hi.h2p.h2p
bass mid hi2.h2p.h2p
bass mid mover.h2p.h2p
bass mid typical.h2p.h2p
bass mid typical2.h2p.h2p
bass mid2.h2p.h2p
bass mid3.h2p.h2p
bass midh iL1.h2p.h2p
bass midh iL2.h2p.h2p
bass midh iL3.h2p.h2p
bass midL1.h2p.h2p
bass midL2.h2p.h2p
bass midL3.h2p.h2p
bass midmetaliq.h2p.h2p
bass miow.h2p.h2p
bass off max.h2p.h2p
bass off system.h2p.h2p
bass off2.h2p.h2p
bass off3.h2p.h2p
bass pad lo .h2p.h2p
bass pad.h2p.h2p
bass pad2.h2p.h2p
bass pluckstrong.h2p.h2p
bass pluckstrong2.h2p.h2p
bass pluckstrong2a.h2p.h2p
bass pluckstrong3.h2p.h2p
bass plux warp.h2p.h2p
bass plux.h2p.h2p
bass pluxwaphalf.h2p.h2p
bass psy.h2p.h2p
bass qlassica.h2p.h2p
bass qlassica2.h2p.h2p
bass qliq talker.h2p.h2p
bass simple trance 8.h2p.h2p
bass square.h2p.h2p
bass system off2.h2p.h2p
bass talker.h2p.h2p
bass tech.h2p.h2p
bass techbit.h2p.h2p
bass tunnel.h2p.h2p
bass warp point.h2p.h2p
bass warpie.h2p.h2p
bass warpsound.h2p.h2p
bass warpy.h2p.h2p
fx alarm.h2p.h2p
fx bgrd noizze.h2p.h2p
fx bongmaster.h2p.h2p
fx brbiam down2.h2p.h2p
fx brmiam down.h2p.h2p
fx downwarp.h2p.h2p
fx drop water.h2p.h2p
fx fast hit.h2p.h2p
fx game music .h2p.h2p
fx hi alarmiq.h2p.h2p
fx hit gone.h2p.h2p
fx hit.h2p.h2p
fx metalic hit.h2p.h2p
fx miow.h2p.h2p
fx movin.h2p.h2p
fx never up never down.h2p.h2p
fx noise whirpool.h2p.h2p
fx onehit warp.h2p.h2p
fx onehittie a.h2p.h2p
fx onehittie.h2p.h2p
fx out of ...hit.h2p.h2p
fx outch.h2p.h2p
fx pad far away.h2p.h2p
fx pad ssaw lo.h2p.h2p
fx pad.h2p.h2p
fx plane hit.h2p.h2p
fx psy bgrd.h2p.h2p
fx psy.h2p.h2p
fx remedy .h2p.h2p
fx reso noise stab.h2p.h2p
fx risefast.h2p.h2p
fx robotoid.h2p.h2p
fx robowhistle.h2p.h2p
fx schratch onehit.h2p.h2p
fx seq.h2p.h2p
fx shhplast.h2p.h2p
fx ssaw stab.h2p.h2p
fx start noise.h2p.h2p
fx stones in cave.h2p.h2p
fx supersonic classic stab.h2p.h2p
fx talkin loop.h2p.h2p
fx talkin loop2.h2p.h2p
fx trance talk stab.h2p.h2p
fx warp hit.h2p.h2p
fx warp stab hipass.h2p.h2p
fx warp stab light.h2p.h2p
fx warp stab uni.h2p.h2p
fx warp stab.h2p.h2p
fx warp stab2.h2p.h2p
fx warp stab3.h2p.h2p
fx warp stab4.h2p.h2p
fx warp stab5.h2p.h2p
fx warper frog.h2p.h2p
fx warper.h2p.h2p
fx warpy hit.h2p.h2p
fx warpy uni.h2p.h2p
fx warpy.h2p.h2p
fx wind autocutoff.h2p.h2p
fx wind onehit.h2p.h2p
gate bass.h2p.h2p
gate chirmover.h2p.h2p
gate efx.h2p.h2p
gate flow.h2p.h2p
gate fx seq.h2p.h2p
gate fxer.h2p.h2p
gate fxer2.h2p.h2p
gate mike chord.h2p.h2p
gate mike.h2p.h2p
gate mike2.h2p.h2p
gate quazzar.h2p.h2p
gate sequential.h2p.h2p
gate talker.h2p.h2p
gate techin.h2p.h2p
gate technical.h2p.h2p
gate tinie loop.h2p.h2p
gate zebra vs robot.h2p.h2p
lead bass layer.h2p.h2p
lead bright sign.h2p.h2p
lead choir .h2p.h2p
lead choir 95.h2p.h2p
lead choir ssaw.h2p.h2p
lead cloud layer.h2p.h2p
lead cry.h2p.h2p
lead drunken.h2p.h2p
lead dtrance 3.h2p.h2p
lead fanfares.h2p.h2p
lead full split low and rest.h2p.h2p
lead fxer.h2p.h2p
lead game music .h2p.h2p
lead glidin L1.h2p.h2p
lead glidin l2.h2p.h2p
lead hard one.h2p.h2p
lead harder ssaw.h2p.h2p
lead harder.h2p.h2p
lead harder2.h2p.h2p
lead hardlight.h2p.h2p
lead hardtech.h2p.h2p
lead house reso.h2p.h2p
lead klubber.h2p.h2p
lead klubbtech.h2p.h2p
lead makinator.h2p.h2p
lead mid bass intense.h2p.h2p
lead mid bass intense2.h2p.h2p
lead mid drivers on vinyl.h2p.h2p
lead modern lead.h2p.h2p
lead nu hard.h2p.h2p
lead organ ssaw.h2p.h2p
lead organ vs choir.h2p.h2p
lead plucker.h2p.h2p
lead psy hard.h2p.h2p
lead pulsedrive.h2p.h2p
lead rave vs tech.h2p.h2p
lead russenmafia.h2p.h2p
lead shiny mover.h2p.h2p
lead ssaw down harder.h2p.h2p
lead supersaw down.h2p.h2p
lead supersaw.h2p.h2p
lead tech fullspectrum.h2p.h2p
lead tech harmonica.h2p.h2p
lead techfullrange.h2p.h2p
lead techmax2.h2p.h2p
lead techmax3.h2p.h2p
lead techno forseq.h2p.h2p
lead techno fx.h2p.h2p
lead techno pluck.h2p.h2p
lead thin techy.h2p.h2p
lead tranzy.h2p.h2p
lead vibra.h2p.h2p
pad backside.h2p.h2p
pad best of best.h2p.h2p
pad beyond hills.h2p.h2p
pad calm to open.h2p.h2p
pad calmer for ssawleads.h2p.h2p
pad choir hidden.h2p.h2p
pad choir open.h2p.h2p
pad cinematic.h2p.h2p
pad clouds fill.h2p.h2p
pad exploded.h2p.h2p
pad from heaven.h2p.h2p
pad fx clouds majestic.h2p.h2p
pad hi string nerv.h2p.h2p
pad hi tesion nice.h2p.h2p
pad hidden beauty.h2p.h2p
pad incoming majestic.h2p.h2p
pad light open.h2p.h2p
pad majestic.h2p.h2p
pad ready for explode.h2p.h2p
pad ssaw max.h2p.h2p
pad thiny nice.h2p.h2p
pad time x.h2p.h2p
pad ultimate.h2p.h2p
perc 16 hat.h2p.h2p
perc cliker.h2p.h2p
perc fx openbottle.h2p.h2p
perc kick 1bar remover hi.h2p.h2p
perc kick 1bar remover.h2p.h2p
perc kick a.h2p.h2p
perc kick more.h2p.h2p
perc kick.h2p.h2p
perc metalic birds.h2p.h2p
perc move loop.h2p.h2p
perc psy kick.h2p.h2p
pluck agressor.h2p.h2p
pluck boing.h2p.h2p
pluck bottle fx.h2p.h2p
pluck calimba.h2p.h2p
pluck choir .h2p.h2p
pluck choired.h2p.h2p
pluck choired2.h2p.h2p
pluck hi mover.h2p.h2p
pluck hi register.h2p.h2p
pluck hi scream.h2p.h2p
pluck kaycee.h2p.h2p
pluck liquid skies.h2p.h2p
pluck niceone.h2p.h2p
pluck only hi.h2p.h2p
pluck organs.h2p.h2p
pluck pizzi.h2p.h2p
pluck qlas.h2p.h2p
pluck stars-for bass lead layer.h2p.h2p
pluck sweet.h2p.h2p
pluck sweet2.h2p.h2p
pluck talkin nice.h2p.h2p
pluck tranzin.h2p.h2p
synth carillion plux.h2p.h2p
synth harmonica choir.h2p.h2p
synth oldlead.h2p.h2p
synth slow.h2p.h2p
bass lo.h2p.h2p
bass mid 2.h2p.h2p
bass mid.h2p.h2p
pad .h2p.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version 2
Number of sounds 279
Demo Download