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Zebra Metaphysics

Zebra Metaphysics


52 High quality Ambient presets for u-he Zebra 2 VSTi.

These sounds can also be useful in other styles like film music, video game and documentary film and some other deep music styles.

I make a very Special category in this soundset with the name of ( One Note Hold ) there are multi layer presets . In this category, you must play one note and hold long time. These presets are very useful for backround and add a texture or atmosphere layers.

Most of sounds programmed to Perform section.


Ambient Lead = 7

Arp = 2

Hit Idea = 4

One Note Hold = 22

Pad and Atmosphere = 17


Cover Artworks by : Cyril Rolando

I Hope You Enjoy

Payam Tavakoli

Premium File Contents
Zebra Metaphysics.txt.txt
Zebra Metaphysics 500X500 ( 72 dpi ).jpg.jpg
Zebra Metaphysics 500X500.jpg.jpg
Zebra Metaphysics Full.jpg.jpg
PT - Ambient Lead 01.h2p.h2p
PT - Ambient Lead 02 +.h2p.h2p
PT - Ambient Lead 03.h2p.h2p
PT - Ambient Lead 04 +.h2p.h2p
PT - Ambient Lead 05.h2p.h2p
PT - Ambient Lead 06 +.h2p.h2p
PT - Ambient Lead 07 +.h2p.h2p
PT - AMB ARP 01.h2p.h2p
PT - AMB ARP 02.h2p.h2p
PT - Abstract Clock +.h2p.h2p
PT - Dark Hit Glid +.h2p.h2p
PT - Junk Percussion +.h2p.h2p
PT - Percussion Bass.h2p.h2p
== Play One Note and Hold Long time for All ==.h2p.h2p
PT - Actual Soundscape 1.h2p.h2p
PT - Actual Soundscape 2.h2p.h2p
PT - At the heart of the night.h2p.h2p
PT - Birds Init.h2p.h2p
PT - Bottleneck of Jungle.h2p.h2p
PT - Cool illusion.h2p.h2p
PT - Foreign soundscape.h2p.h2p
PT - Guardian Angel.h2p.h2p
PT - Immortal particle +.h2p.h2p
PT - Invisible Singer.h2p.h2p
PT - Israfil angel.h2p.h2p
PT - Layla and Majnun story.h2p.h2p
PT - Luminous Fog.h2p.h2p
PT - Plants breathe.h2p.h2p
PT - Pray to Nature.h2p.h2p
PT - Random Texture.h2p.h2p
PT - The Axe and the Tree.h2p.h2p
PT - Tibetan Prayer.h2p.h2p
PT - Underwater World.h2p.h2p
PT - Unknown in the Mist.h2p.h2p
PT - Worship of angels.h2p.h2p
PT - Alien Contention +.h2p.h2p
PT - Angels Jew-s harp +.h2p.h2p
PT - Bad Dream.h2p.h2p
PT - BAT Place +.h2p.h2p
PT - Dark Prospects +.h2p.h2p
PT - Epic.h2p.h2p
PT - FM Space +.h2p.h2p
PT - Glass Bow +.h2p.h2p
PT - Glassy Hall.h2p.h2p
PT - Gray Sea +.h2p.h2p
PT - Harmonic Pad +.h2p.h2p
PT - Heavenly Bells +.h2p.h2p
PT - Historycal +.h2p.h2p
PT - Metallic tunnel.h2p.h2p
PT - Morning in mountains +.h2p.h2p
PT - Pad & Bells +.h2p.h2p
PT - Passing +.h2p.h2p

Works with

by U-He
Minimum version u-he Zebra VSTi 2.7
Number of sounds 52