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12bit drummer

12BIT DRUMMER | give the drummer some !



This drumsample pack was made by recording an acoustic drum with a12bit sampler. Some processing where then made in order to keep the sound natural while bringing out the gritty nature of this cheap sampling device. The sound is gritty but not lofi, with a solid low end, sharp transients and warm presence for the snares and hi-hats.


The 'pro' version of the pack provides a more hi-fi version of the acoustic set, which were recorded and edited with full 24bit resolution on the whole signal chain. We also added a small tr-808 kit in the 'Pro pack', because we always like to have one close to us and we like boomy basses.


- Pro pack : Kontakt version + (77 samples 24bit/48khz, stereo Wav files) $4.90

- Free Demo : (16 samples, 44,1khz-16bit mono Wav files)


Premium File Contents
Kontakt info.rtf
WS AccKit - RIde cut01.wav
WS AccKit - RIde cut02.wav
WS AccKit - RIde cut03.wav
WS AccKit - Short snare01.wav
WS AccKit - close hat 01.wav
WS AccKit - kick 01.wav
WS AccKit01 - Firm stick 02.wav
WS AccKit01 - Shortcymb01.wav
WS AccKit01 - Shortcymb02.wav
WS AccKit01 - accent hat.wav
WS AccKit01 - cl hat.wav
WS AccKit01 - damp kick.wav
WS AccKit01 - damp tom.wav
WS AccKit01 - kick 05.wav
WS AccKit01 - kick01.wav
WS AccKit01 - op hat01.wav
WS AccKit01 - short cymb.wav
WS AccKit01 - snare 01.wav
WS AccKit01 - snare00.wav
WS AccKit01 - stick.wav
WS AccKit01 - tom01.wav
WS AccKit02 - short cymb01.wav
WS AccKit02 - short cymb02.wav
WS AccKit02- damped spring stick01.wav
WS AccKit02- damped spring stick02.wav
WS AccKit02- damped stick01.wav
WS AccKit02- damped stick02.wav
WS HipKit - Cymb01.wav
WS HipKit - Cymb02 [low].wav
WS HipKit - JungleSnare.wav
WS HipKit - Kick01.wav
WS HipKit - Low OpHat.wav
WS HipKit - LowSnare.wav
WS HipKit - Pitched Hat.wav
WS HipKit - Stick.wav
WS HipKit - short hat.wav
WS HopKit - AcidHat.wav
WS HopKit - Cymb03.wav
WS HopKit - Low Stick.wav
WS HopKit - LowKick.wav
WS HopKit - Phat Acc Snare.wav
WS HopKit - Pitch Hat.wav
WS HopKit - Stick.wav
WS akai808 - casaba.wav
WS akai808 - clap.wav
WS akai808 - clhat.wav
WS akai808 - kick.wav
WS akai808 - ophat.wav
WS akai808 - snare low.wav
WS akai808 - snare.wav
WS phat kit - NiceKick 04.wav
WS phat kit - accent hat.wav
WS phat kit - cl hat 02.wav
WS phat kit - cl hat.wav
WS phat kit - hi shortcymb2.wav
WS phat kit - kick01.wav
WS phat kit - op hat.wav
WS phat kit - pitch short cymb.wav
WS phat kit - snare 01.wav
WS phat kit - snare nice.wav
WS phat kit - snare02.wav
WS phat kit - stick.wav
WS phat kit - top end kick.wav
WS s20 - accent hat 01.wav
WS s20 - accent hat 02.wav
WS s20 - damped kick.wav
WS s20 - high short cmb.wav
WS s20 - kick01.wav
WS s20 - op hat.wav
WS s20 - phat snare.wav
WS s20 - pitch cymb.wav
WS s20 - pitch cymb02.wav
WS s20 - snare.wav
WS s20 - snare01.wav
WS s20 - solid kick.wav
WS s20 - stick01.wav
WS s20 - topend kick.wav