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Ambient Guitars Volume 1

Ambient Guitars Vol 1 contains 300MB of ambient guitar samples ideal for use in soundtrack and downtempo compositions. 

The samples were created using acoustic and electric guitars tuned to DADGAD and open G tuning, a Music Man amp and massive delays, reverbs and distortions. 

Pedals used included various Electro Harmonix pedals and some stereo microphone techniques on the amp. Further processing was also used in software with Audio Damage plug-ins, PSP Audioware plug-ins and various cut up editing techniques. 


All of the sounds were heavily influenced by Boards of Canada, My Bloody Valentine, Broadcast, Eno and weird psych folk records.

Premium File Contents
4 bar beauty chords.wav.wav
4 chord back and forwards.wav.wav
4 chord reverse.wav.wav
4 chrd 80 beepm.wav.wav
80 bpm 6 chord distort.wav.wav
80 bpm 6 chord saturate.wav.wav
80 bpm guitar 4 chrd.wav.wav
80 bpm guitar 4 chrdreverse and forwrd.wav.wav
80 bpm guitar 4 chrdreverse.wav.wav
80 bpm kaino industry.wav.wav
80 bpm kaino industrysaturation.wav.wav
80 bpm lullaby melody treble.wav.wav
80 bpm lullaby melody.wav.wav
80 bpm sweet lull 2 saturate dubbed.wav.wav
80 good chords bass notes.wav.wav
80 good chords full bhoona saturate.wav.wav
80 good chords full bhoona.wav.wav
90 bpm guitar.wav.wav
beautiful country 2 track.wav.wav
beautiful country guit.wav.wav
melan 80 treble sat 80 bpm.wav.wav
melan 80 treble sat reverses.wav.wav
melan echo.wav.wav
melan echovalhalla.wav.wav
rising chords.wav.wav
solemn 80 bpm bass.wav.wav
solemn 80 bpm giut.wav.wav
solemn guit pulse mod.wav.wav
temp 80 warm dub glitched.wav.wav
temp 80 warm dub.wav.wav
tricky guitar.wav.wav
valentines sides.wav.wav
80 bpm kaino dubstation.wav.wav
bass note.wav.wav
corsair 1 chord.wav.wav
corsair played chords.wav.wav
drone d 1.wav.wav
drone d double fast phase.wav.wav
drone d fast phase.wav.wav
drone d phase.wav.wav
drone d short fast phase.wav.wav
2 chord sad delay.wav.wav
broadcast dub.wav.wav
dark twin 80.wav.wav
fwd revrs chord 80.wav.wav
melo 80 dubbed 2 track.wav.wav
melo 80 dubbed out.wav.wav
old blues 80 verbv.wav.wav
orb noodle 80.wav.wav
post r delayyyy xtra dub 80.wav.wav
post r delayyyy 80.wav.wav
southern valentine.wav.wav
sweet chord 80.wav.wav
sweet pick80.wav.wav
3 note guit.wav.wav
80 bpm guit riff.wav.wav
descender guit.wav.wav
ghost voice.wav.wav
glitch drones sat.wav.wav
happy cycle.wav.wav
heavy filter guit 80.wav.wav
infect acoust2.wav.wav
intricate 1 80.wav.wav
intricate 1bar 80.wav.wav
intricate 2 80.wav.wav
intricate 3 80.wav.wav
intricate african 80.wav.wav
intricate filtered.wav.wav
intricate full bhoona.wav.wav
jazz modulator.wav.wav
new age loop.wav.wav
prog melody.wav.wav
solemn kick loop.wav.wav
temp 80 beaut bass filter.wav.wav
temp 80 beaut bass reverse.wav.wav
terry riles eq 160.wav.wav
terry riles glitch bit crush.wav.wav
terry riles loop.wav.wav
tety pulse glitch.wav.wav
trem pulse.wav.wav
trem teresa.wav.wav
trumpton glitch.wav.wav
80 beep guit pulse.wav.wav
classical reverse.wav.wav
down beat guitar.wav.wav
echo picker.wav.wav
epic acoustic.wav.wav
ghost voice blue.wav.wav
glitch run blues.wav.wav
nice folk reverse.wav.wav
phase 2 acou.wav.wav
psych acous.wav.wav
reverse pick.wav.wav
reverse verb picker.wav.wav
shoegaze mutiny.wav.wav
tet acoust 23 sep dubbed.wav.wav
upbeat acoustic.wav.wav
verb drone.wav.wav