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Ambient Guitars Volume 2

Ambient Guitars Volume 2 from Papas St germain, is a 450MB collection of ambient guitar samples. 

From blissful, unusual chord progressions to one chord hits, e-bow chords, alien tones and otherworldly FX. 

Ambient Guitars Volume 2 is suitable with any genre of electronic music.

Many of the sounds were recorded using a vintage Music Man amplifier with delay, reverb and gentle distortion. The sounds were re-sampled, processed and manipulated in Camel Audio's Alchemy. 

Extensive audio mangling was applied using a range of PSP Audioware plug ins. 

Some of the usual hardware suspects such as Electro Harmonix Big Muff, Akai samplers and echo and reverb units were used to add colour to the sounds which you will not find anywhere else. 

Examples available as usual at SOUNDCLOUD. (

Enjoy, peace Papas St germain

Premium File Contents
burial vox aahs (2).wav.wav
burial vox aahs.wav.wav
burial vox aahs.wav.asd.asd
chord 2.wav.wav
chord 2.wav.asd.asd
chord 3.wav.wav
chord 4.wav.wav
chord 4.wav.asd.asd
chord 5.wav.wav
chord 5.wav.asd.asd
chord 7.wav.wav
chord 7.wav.asd.asd
double speed high loop.wav.wav
double speed high loop.wav.asd.asd
g type chord.wav.wav
lifeforms cave sfx.wav.wav
lifeforms cave sfx.wav.asd.asd
psych reverse.wav.wav
psych reverse.wav.asd.asd
REVERSE SNAP.wav.asd.asd
2 chord count re cut.wav.wav
2 chord count re cut.wav.asd.asd
4 chord optimistic.wav.wav
4 chrd capo 4.wav.wav
4 chrd capo 4.wav.asd.asd
7 chord descent.wav.wav
7 chord descent.wav.asd.asd
90s cut off pad.wav.wav
90s cut off pad.wav.asd.asd
dark chords modulated re cut.wav.wav
dark chords modulated re cut.wav.asd.asd
days in trees 2.wav.wav
DOWN chord dubbed.wav.wav
downbeat chords changing 2 reverse fct.wav.wav
fiddly picking.wav.wav
fiddly picking.wav.asd.asd
hi fidelity chords.wav.wav
hi fidelity chords.wav.asd.asd
high fidelity chords re cut.wav.wav
high fidelity chords re cut.wav.asd.asd
mmidi bow dubbed.wav.wav
mmidi bow dubbed.wav.asd.asd
Papas st germain Ambient Guitars vol 2 taster.wav.wav
Papas st germain Ambient Guitars vol 2 taster.wav.asd.asd
picking melody 1 re cut.wav.wav
picking melody 1.wav.wav
picking melody 1.wav.asd.asd
sdark e bow changes re cut.wav.wav
sfety chord changes.wav.wav
simple board re cut.wav.wav
simple board re cut.wav.asd.asd
slowed down loop xtra verb 2.wav.wav
spooked country 1.wav.wav
spooked country 1 re cut.wav.wav
spooked country 1 re cut.wav.asd.asd
stndrd 4 chorder.wav.wav
stndrd 4 chorder.wav.asd.asd
supernatural pad re cut.wav.wav
supernatural pad re cut.wav.asd.asd
supernaturalspace jazz raw.wav.wav
v triplets 1.wav.wav
v triplets 1.wav.asd.asd
valentines b side re cut.wav.wav
valentines b side re cut.wav.asd.asd
midi alchemic harmony chords.wav.wav
midi alchemic harmony chords.wav.asd.asd
octave c note.wav.wav
octave c note.wav.asd.asd
octave Cmaj 7 chord.wav.wav
octave Cmaj 7 chord.wav.asd.asd
octave D min 7 reverse chord.wav.wav
octave D min 7 reverse chord.wav.asd.asd
octave g note.wav.wav
octave g note.wav.asd.asd
octaveg maj 7 chord.wav.wav
octaveg maj 7 chord.wav.asd.asd
space delay 1.wav.wav
space delay 1.wav.asd.asd
space delay audio render 1 slowdive.wav.wav
space delay audio render 1 slowdive.wav.asd.asd
d type chord.wav.wav
d type chord.wav.asd.asd
e bow chrd c maj.wav.wav
e bow chrd c maj7.wav.wav
e bow chrd c minor7.wav.wav
e bow chrd d maj 7.wav.wav
e bow chrd d maj.wav.wav
e bow chrd d maj.wav.asd.asd
e bow chrd d minor 7.wav.wav
e bow chrd d minor 7.wav.asd.asd
e bow chrd e maj 7wav.wav.wav
e bow chrd e minor 7wav.wav.wav
e bow chrd e minor 7wav.wav.asd.asd
e bow chrd e sus4.wav.wav
e bow chrd f maj 7.wav.wav
e bow chrd f minor 7.wav.wav
e bow chrd f sus4.wav.wav
e bow d note.wav.wav
e bow d note.wav.asd.asd
Ambient guitars Vol2 taster.wav.wav
Ambient guitars Vol2 taster.wav.asd.asd
mic guitar beauty melan part 2.wav.wav
mic guitar beauty melan part 2.wav.asd.asd
mic guitar looper 1 dark.wav.wav
mic guitar looper 1 darkpulsed.wav.wav
mic guitar looper 1 darkpulsed.wav.asd.asd
mic guitar looper jup jazz dubbed.wav.wav
mic guitar looper jup jazz dubbed.wav.asd.asd
mic guitar looper short pad.wav.wav
mic guitar looper short pad.wav.asd.asd
mic guitar sparkle fx.wav.wav
mic guitar sparkle fx.wav.asd.asd
mic guitar sparkleraw.wav.wav
mic guitar sparkleraw.wav.asd.asd
mic guitar spiritlised reverse.wav.wav
mic guitar spiritlised reverse.wav.asd.asd
ambient dub symphony 1.wav.wav
ambient dub symphony 1.wav.asd.asd
ambient symphony 2 edited and wide.wav.wav
bleep sequence.wav.wav
bleep sequence.wav.asd.asd
eclectic mainline 1.wav.wav
mad seq.wav.wav
mad seq.wav.asd.asd
second symphonic.wav.wav
symphony 3.wav.wav
symphony 3.wav.asd.asd
symphony pulsar.wav.wav
symphony pulsar.wav.asd.asd