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Basketball Game Pro


Basketball Game Pro is a sound effects library thematically centered around a basketball game, and is suitable for your audiovisual and app productions. All sounds have been recorded in a real basketball match and are delivered at 24bit/96kHz, in an easily downloadable .zip file.

The collection includes several versions of game air horns, crowd applause, attack, defense, fault, score and lost opportunities ambiences, referee whistles, crowd boos & yells and a short warm up game ambience. The library contains only the interjections, purposely avoiding a specific language identity, making it more flexible and suitable for universal use.

The library is divided into 11 folders of 59 audio files in stereo .wav format, packaged in .zip format and included PDF and XLS files with metadata.

Technical Specifications:
  • 11 groups of 59 total files, royalty-free
  • 24bit, 96kHz stereo Wav format
  • Library size is 460 MB
  • PDF, XLS files included with metadata


Premium File Contents
Thank you note.pdf.pdf
Air Horns 1-Air HornesCrowd AmbienceClapping.wav.wav
Air Horns 2-Air HornesCrowd AmbienceLight Clapping.wav.wav
Air Horns 3-Air HornesReferee WhistleCrowd Ambience.wav.wav
Air Horns 4-Air HornesWeak Referee WhistleCrowd Ambience.wav.wav
Air Horns 5-Crowd ShoutingCheeringLight ClappingReferee Whistle Air Hornes.wav.wav
Air Horns 6-Referee WhistleAir HornesLight Clapping Cheering.wav.wav
Crowd Applause 1 - Applause Clapping Crowd Ambience.wav.wav
Crowd Applause 2 - Attack Dribbles Light Applause Tense.wav.wav
Crowd Applause 3 - Cheer Basketball Blow Whistling.wav.wav
Crowd Applause 4 - Light Applause Cheer.wav.wav
Crowd Applause 5 - Light Applause.wav.wav
Crowd Applause 6 - Mixed Reaction Boos and Yells Applause Whistling.wav.wav
Crowd Applause 7 - Small Crowd Applause Cheer Whistlings.wav.wav
Attack - Attack Angry Shouts Tense Referee Whistle Crowd shouting fault.wav.wav
Crowd Boos and Yells 1 - Mixed Reaction Boos and Yells Dribbles Cheer Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Crowd Boos and Yells 2 - Mixed Reaction Boos and Yells Dribbles Small Crowd.wav.wav
Crowd Boos and Yells 3 - Mixed Reaction Boos and Yells.wav.wav
Defence - Defence Dribbles Referee Whistle Cheer.wav.wav
Fault 1 - Fault Dribbles Cheers Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Fault 2 - Fault Referee Whistle Light Clapping.wav.wav
Game Ambience 1 - Cheer Clap Referee Whistle Basketball Blows.wav.wav
Game Ambience 2 - Dribbles Game Ambience.wav.wav
Game Ambience 3 - Game Ambience Crowd Ambience Dribbles Basketball Blows.wav.wav
Game Ambience 4 - Game Ambience Dribbles Basketball Blows Clapping.wav.wav
Game Ambience 5 - Game Ambience Dribbles Basketball Blows.wav.wav
Game Ambience 6 - Fault Dribbles Basketball Blows Clapping Referee Whistle Yells.wav.wav
Game Ambience 7 - Game Ambience Fault Dribbles Basketball Blows Clapping Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Game Ambience 8 - Small Crowd Dribbles Basketball Blows.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 1 - Lost Opportunity Air Hornes Dribbles Tense Cheer.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 10 - Lost oppostunity Dribbles Cheer Tense.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 2 - Lost Opportunity Crowd clapping Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 3 - Lost Opportunity Dribbles Clap Tense.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 4 - Lost opportunity Dribbles Tense.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 5 - Lost Opportunity Small Crowd Clapping.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 6 - Lost Opportunity Tense Dribbles Yells Angry.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 7 - Lost Opportunity Yells Dribbles.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 8 - Lost OpportunityDribbles Yells Clapping.wav.wav
Lost Opportunities 9 - Lost Oppostunity Crowd Clapping Light Yells.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 1 - Applause Referee Whistle Shouts.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 10 - Referee Whistle Crowd Ambience 1.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 11 - Referee Whistle Crowd Ambience 2.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 2 - Basketball Blows Referee Whistle Small Crowd.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 3 - Clap Dribbles Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 4 - Dribbles Crowd Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 5 - Dribbles Referee Whistle Tense Short Clap.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 6 - Dribbles Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 7 - Dribbles Short Applause Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 8 - Game Ambience Dribbles Referee Whistle Crowd Short clap.wav.wav
Referee Whistles 9 - Referee Whistle Applause Small Crowd.wav.wav
Score 1 - Score Applause Cheers.wav.wav
Score 2 - Score Applause Cheers Crowd Ambience.wav.wav
Score 3 - Score Applause Cheers Dribble Referee Whistle.wav.wav
Score 4 - Score Applause Cheers Yells Whistlings.wav.wav
Score 5 - Score Applause Dribbles Cheer.wav.wav
Score 6 - Score Applause Dribbles.wav.wav
Score 7 - Score Applause Heavy Cheers Dribble Tense.wav.wav
Score 8 - Score Applause Heavy Cheers Dribbles.wav.wav
Score 9 - Score Applause Light Cheers Crowd Ambience.wav.wav
Warm up game ambience - Warm up Basketball Blows Crowd.wav.wav
sound ex Machina - Basketball Game Pro - List.pdf.pdf
sound ex Machina - Basketball Game Pro - List.xls.xls
Sound Ex Machina - Basketball Game Pro [Box].jpg.jpg


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