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Classic Beats From Battered Machines

Special low price exculsive for Synthmob customers

This  library from Papas St germain is dedicated to beats , breaks and one shots from classic drum machines and hardware samplers.

The beats were programmed within the machines then recorded into Pro Tools and Reaper where they were sliced cut ,edited and reprogrammed by hand.

These beats are completely unique to this library. Plug ins such as Vintage warmer, old timer and camel crusher were used to push the sounds further.  

Equipment used

>Electribe ES 1

>MPC 1000

>Akai S1000

>Akai S3000XL

>Alesis SR16

>Boss SP505

>Mpc 2000

enjoy Papas St germain.

Premium File Contents
broken beat100bpm.wav.wav
carnival 100bpm.wav.wav
electro texture 100bpm.wav.wav
exotic d n b 100bpm.wav.wav
heavy brokend n b 100bpm.wav.wav
heavy funk 100bpm.wav.wav
heavy funk wi bass 100bpm.wav.wav
heavy hop 100bpm.wav.wav
hop juice 100bpm.wav.wav
short warm skip100bpm.wav.wav
sp 1200 basic 100bpm.wav.wav
xtra roll2 100bpm.wav.wav
110 bpm.wav.wav
120 bpm distort funk.wav.wav
120 bpm off beat thin end.wav.wav
120 bpm tribal long beat.wav.wav
120 bpm tribal squiggle.wav.wav
120 bpm jazz splice.wav.wav
120 bpm rdub hop.wav.wav
120 bpm rough cast hop.wav.wav
120 bpm rough cast xtra filling.wav.wav
120 bpm sp 1200 basic beat.wav.wav
120 bpm squashed fat hop.wav.wav
120 bpm techre hats.wav.wav
120 bpm ultra weed hop.wav.wav
120 bpm variable hop jam 2.wav.wav
120 bpm variable hop jam.wav.wav
classic slow hop 140.wav.wav
deep roll 140.wav.wav
electribe enemy 140.wav.wav
electro funk 140.wav.wav
electro textural 140.wav.wav
lazy hop door knock 140.wav.wav
mad heavy 140.wav.wav
rough old school d n b 140.wav.wav
sleaze funk 140.wav.wav
spotting eq d 140.wav.wav
stone n bass 140.wav.wav
train 2 step 140.wav.wav
basic sp12 hop 80 bpm.wav.wav
carnival brasilbeat 80 bpm.wav.wav
classic 5 bar hop 80 bpm.wav.wav
classic hop beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
cool hop beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
deep akai beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
funk dub n roll beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
heavy d n b beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
hop jam 32 bar beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
liquid funk 80 bpm.wav.wav
old school tech hop beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
rough sign of d times beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
slo hop beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
slo hop rat tat beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
sr 16 jazz beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
stone 80 bpm.wav.wav
tribal tech 80 bpm.wav.wav
typer writer bongo 80 bpm.wav.wav
2 step comp.wav.wav
3 step kick.wav.wav
broken bossa nova.wav.wav
broken breath hop.wav.wav
dark tech steps.wav.wav
heavy jazz.wav.wav
jazz slice accents.wav.wav
off beat texture tech.wav.wav
rough cast 3 accents.wav.wav
rough cast hip hop .wav.wav
rough cast xtra filla hip hop .wav.wav
short hop snare.wav.wav
short sharp hop snare.wav.wav
short sharp hop snare2.wav.wav
short warm break.wav.wav
squashed classic kick step.wav.wav
sr 16 hip hop fills.wav.wav
sr 16 hip hop loop 1.wav.wav
techre hats hits.wav.wav
basic sp 1200 hop.wav.wav
basic sp 1200 hopslight swing echo.wav.wav
basic sp 1200 hopslight swing.wav.wav
beat and .wav.wav
beat and bass 1.wav.wav
cool hop beat 2.wav.wav
cool hop beat1.wav.wav
cool hop beat2.wav.wav
cool hop beatdub.wav.wav
copyright break.wav.wav
deep akai beat.wav.wav
deep beat hop.wav.wav
dub hop 2.wav.wav
echo beach.wav.wav
electro pulse funk 1.wav.wav
funk dub n roll.wav.wav
heavy d n b.wav.wav
heavy funk sp 1200 alternate b line.wav.wav
heavy funk sp 1200 alternate b line2.wav.wav
heavy funk sp 1200.wav.wav
heavy hop beat 1.wav.wav
hop jam 1.wav.wav
hop jam 2wav.wav.wav
hop jam uncut 1.wav.wav
hop jam3.wav.wav
indian 160 bpm.wav.wav
indian 4 bar loop 1.wav.wav
indian tribe loop 1.wav.wav
king dome dub 1.wav.wav
lazy hop 1.wav.wav
lazy hop d and b.wav.wav
mad beat 164 bpm.wav.wav
mad texture.wav.wav
melan stretch 1.wav.wav
old school d n b break short.wav.wav
re loaded.wav.wav
rough hop sp1200.wav.wav
rough hop sp1200with bassline.wav.wav
rough sign of time.wav.wav
short d and b.wav.wav
short metallic d and b.wav.wav
sleaze funk d and b redone.wav.wav
sleaze funk d and b.wav.wav
slow hop sp 1200 with bass.wav.wav
slow hop sp 1200.wav.wav
techre beats tribe 1.wav.wav
tibal bongos.wav.wav
tmad beat short.wav.wav
tribal chilled.wav.wav
tribal funk1.wav.wav
tribal glitch.wav.wav
tribe 1.wav.wav
tribe chilled 1.wav.wav
typewriter beat.wav.wav
xtra roll 1.wav.wav
808 1 shot.wav.wav
one shot boom kick.wav.wav
one shot click kick.wav.wav
one shot full range kick.wav.wav
one shot left field kick.wav.wav
one shot rough 808 kick.wav.wav
one shot rough kick.wav.wav
one shot rough reverb kick.wav.wav
one shot soft kick.wav.wav
one shot soft noise kick.wav.wav
one shot sub kick reverb.wav.wav
one shot tight kick.wav.wav
one shot tone kick.wav.wav
one shot woomph kick.wav.wav
sr 16 heavy hop kick 1 shot.wav.wav
sr 16 mid kick 1 shot.wav.wav
sr 16 tough jazz 1 shot kick.wav.wav
one shot dub snare.wav.wav
one shot full snare.wav.wav
one shot hard snare.wav.wav
one shot heavy full snare.wav.wav
one shot high hard snare.wav.wav
one shot kick snare.wav.wav
one shot tin snare.wav.wav
one shot white noise snare.wav.wav
one shot xtra tin snare.wav.wav
sr 16 tin snare 1 shot.wav.wav
sr 16 tough jazz 1 shot hat.wav.wav