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Complextro Superpack

Unless you’ve been living under a sound proof rock fortress for the past couple years you’ve no doubt heard of the emergence of the popular EDM sub-genre known as Complextro. Harness the pure electric energy of this distinct style of high energy dance music through the utilization of up to 170 top tier, meticulously designed samples from our Complextro Superpack. Revamp your production library with the beefiest drum kits, roaring bass loops, and compelling synth work. Our Complextro Superpack has everything you need to start producing bangers with the confidence of knowing that you are fitted with some of the highest quality designed samples to couple with your own distinctive style and energy.

Included in each Complextro pack is the following: 


-30 Bass Loops

-30 Bass Shots


-10 Hats & Cymbals 

-10 Kicks

-10 Percussion Samples

- 10 Snares and claps


-30 Synth Loops

-30 Synth Shots

FX: 10 cutting-edge sound effects.


Total: 17o s0unds

Please note that all Samples are in WAV format - 24 bit- 44.100khz

Premium File Contents
Complextro Superpack - License Agreement.pdf.pdf
Complextro Superpack - Specifications.pdf.pdf
(A) Bass Loop 1.wav.wav
(A) Bass Loop 2.wav.wav
(A) Bass Loop 3.wav.wav
(A) Bass Loop 4.wav.wav
(A) Bass Loop 5.wav.wav
(A) Bass Loop 6.wav.wav
(A) Bass Loop 7.wav.wav
(E) Bass Loop 10.wav.wav
(E) Bass Loop 11.wav.wav
(E) Bass Loop 12.wav.wav
(E) Bass Loop 13.wav.wav
(E) Bass Loop 8.wav.wav
(E) Bass Loop 9.wav.wav
(F) Bass Loop 14.wav.wav
(F) Bass Loop 15.wav.wav
(F) Bass Loop 16.wav.wav
(F) Bass Loop 17.wav.wav
(F) Bass Loop 18.wav.wav
(F) Bass Loop 19.wav.wav
(G#) Bass Loop 30.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 20.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 21.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 22.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 23.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 24.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 25.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 26.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 27.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 28.wav.wav
(G) Bass Loop 29.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 1.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 10.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 11.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 12.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 13.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 14.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 15.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 16.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 17.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 18.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 19.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 2.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 20.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 21.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 22.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 23.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 24.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 25.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 26.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 27.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 28.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 29.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 3.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 30.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 4.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 5.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 6.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 7.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 8.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shot 9.wav.wav
Closed Hat 1.wav.wav
Closed Hat 2.wav.wav
Closed Hat 3.wav.wav
Crash 2.wav.wav
Open Hat 1.wav.wav
Open Hat 2.wav.wav
Open Hat 3.wav.wav
Ride 1.wav.wav
Ride 2.wav.wav
Kick 1.wav.wav
Kick 10.wav.wav
Kick 2.wav.wav
Kick 3.wav.wav
Kick 4.wav.wav
Kick 5.wav.wav
Kick 6.wav.wav
Kick 7.wav.wav
Kick 8.wav.wav
Kick 9.wav.wav
Hi Tom 1.wav.wav
Hi Tom 2.wav.wav
Lo Tom 1.wav.wav
Lo Tom 2.wav.wav
Mid Tom 1.wav.wav
Mid Tom 2.wav.wav
Shaker 1.wav.wav
Shaker 2.wav.wav
Shaker 3.wav.wav
Snare 1.wav.wav
Snare 10.wav.wav
Snare 2.wav.wav
Snare 3.wav.wav
Snare 4.wav.wav
Snare 5.wav.wav
Snare 6.wav.wav
Snare 7.wav.wav
Snare 8.wav.wav
Snare 9.wav.wav
Fx 1.wav.wav
Fx 10.wav.wav
Fx 2.wav.wav
Fx 3.wav.wav
Fx 4.wav.wav
Fx 5.wav.wav
Fx 6.wav.wav
Fx 7.wav.wav
Fx 8.wav.wav
Fx 9.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 1.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 2.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 3.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 4.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 5.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 6.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 10.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 11.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 12.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 13.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 14.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 7.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 8.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 9.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 15.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 16.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 17.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 18.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 19.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 20.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 21.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 22.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 23.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 24.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 25.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 26.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 27.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 28.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 29.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 30.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 1.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 10.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 11.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 12.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 13.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 14.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 15.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 16.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 17.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 18.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 19.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 2.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 20.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 21.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 22.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 23.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 24.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 25.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 26.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 27.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 28.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 29.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 3.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 30.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 4.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 5.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 6.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 7.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 8.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 9.wav.wav