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D.A.P. - 250+ Field Recordings

250+ Field Recordings for use in just about anything you want. Windy Day Sounds, Night Sounds, Rain, Thunder, Big Engine Sounds, Random Hits for Organic Percussive Sounds and much much more. All sounds are in 16bit wav to make this pack as universal as possible. Most sounds have little to no EQ. This way it will be much easier for you to EQ to your needs. The only EQ applied to various sounds are to just roll off really low frequencies 20hz and below. Others, to get rid or reduce ear piercing sounds that hang around 2khz-3.5khz. Some may need to be reduced a bit more. But, this is your choice. Enjoy!

Premium File Contents
./Big Bus Sounds:
54 Passenger Bus Engine Idle LP.wav
Bag On A Bus LP.wav
Bag On A Bus.wav
Bag On bus LP.wav
Bag On bus.wav
Bus Air Pressure Door LP.wav
Bus Air Pressure Door.wav
Bus Buzzer Pitched LP C6.wav
Bus Door Air Pressure Pitched Down LP.wav
Bus Door Air Pressure.wav
Bus Door CLHH 01.wav
Bus Door CLHH 02.wav
Bus Door Hit Kick.wav
Bus Door OPHH 01.wav
Bus Door OPHH 02.wav
Bus Door Opening With Squeak.wav
Bus Door Perc 01.wav
Bus Door Perc 02.wav
Bus Door Perc 03.wav
Bus Door Perc 04.wav
Bus Door Perc 05.wav
Bus Door Rev Perc 01.wav
Bus Door Rev Perc 02.wav
Bus Driver Seat Air Release 01.wav
Bus Driver Seat Air Release 02.wav
Bus Engine Idle Loop 01.wav
Bus Engine Idle Loop 02.wav
Bus Engine Idle Loop 03.wav
Bus Engine Idle Loop Outside.wav
Bus Hit 01.wav
Bus Inside Ambiance Loop.wav
Bus Perc.wav
Bus Restroom Door Close 01.wav
Bus Restroom Door Close 02.wav
Bus Restroom Door Handle.wav
Bus Snare.wav
Bus Sun Guard Scratch.wav
Bus Sun Guard With Reverb Reversed.wav
Bus Sun Guard With Reverb.wav
Deep Rumble LP.wav
Door Close 01.wav
Door Close Impact.wav
Door Close Kick 01.wav
Door Close Kick 02.wav
Fabric Scratch.wav
Inside Of Bus Ambiance LP.wav
Sun Guard Slide 01.wav
./Bus Garage Sounds:
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 01.wav
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 02.wav
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 03.wav
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 04.wav
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 05.wav
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 06.wav
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 07.wav
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 08.wav
50 Gallon Oil Drum Hit 09.wav
Air Jack 01.wav
Big Chain On Forklift 01.wav
Big Chain On Forklift 02.wav
Big Fan Noise.wav
Big Garage Door Open.wav
Big Hit 01.wav
Big Hit 010.wav
Big Hit 011.wav
Big Hit 012.wav
Big Hit 013.wav
Big Hit 014.wav
Big Hit 015.wav
Big Hit 016.wav
Big Hit 017.wav
Big Hit 018.wav
Big Hit 019.wav
Big Hit 02.wav
Big Hit 020.wav
Big Hit 021.wav
Big Hit 022.wav
Big Hit 023.wav
Big Hit 03.wav
Big Hit 04.wav
Big Hit 05.wav
Big Hit 06.wav
Big Hit 07.wav
Big Hit 08.wav
Big Hit 09.wav
Clap 01.wav
Deep Impact 2.wav
Deep Impact 3.wav
Deep Impact.wav
Deep Kick 01.wav
Deep Kick 02.wav
Deep Kick 03.wav
Deep Kick 04.wav
Foot Boot Steps LP.wav
Foot Boot Steps.wav
Garage Ambiance LP.wav
Garage Buzzing Light Ambiance 2.wav
Garage Buzzing Light Ambiance.wav
Garage Door Closing Pitched With Reverb LP.wav
Garage Door Closing Pitched With Reverb.wav
Generator Hit 01.wav
Generator Hit 02.wav
Impact 01.wav
Soap Water 01.wav
Water Driping.wav
./Inside Bus Company Building Offices:
3 Prong Hole Puncher 01.wav
3 Prong Hole Puncher 02.wav
5 Gallon Jug Hit 2.wav
5 Gallon Jug Hit 3.wav
5 Gallon Jug Hit 4.wav
5 Gallon Jug Hit 5.wav
5 Gallon Jug Hit.wav
Big Map Shake.wav
Big Water Bottle Shake.wav
Big Water Jug Bubbles 01.wav
Big Water Jug Bubbles 02.wav
Big Water Jug Bubbles 03.wav
Copier Perc.wav
Deep Water Bubbles LP.wav
Metal Bang 2.wav
Metal Bang 3.wav
Metal Bang 4.wav
Metal Bang.wav
Metal Bangs.wav
Metal Coffee Cup Hit.wav
Soda Machine Hum.wav
./Nature Field Recordings:
5am Birds Crickets and Frogs With Planes.wav
6 AM Morning Ambiance.wav
Crickets and Bull Frogs Night LP.wav
Crickets-Engines-Plane LP.wav
Evening Birds LP.wav
Evening Birds With FX And Pitched LP.wav
Just Walking 01.wav
Just Walking 02.wav
Mowing Lawn LP.wav
Night Mist Drops LP.wav
Park And Mowing.wav
Rain Drops in Puddle.wav
Rain and Light Rumble 2 LP.wav
Rain and Light Rumble 3 LP.wav
Rain and Light Rumble 4 LP.wav
Rain and Light Rumble LP.wav
Rain and Thunder 01.wav
Rain and Thunder 02.wav
Rain and Thunder 03.wav
Rain and Thunder 04.wav
Rain and Thunder 05.wav
Rain and Thunder 2 LP.wav
Rain and Thunder 3.wav
Rain and Thunder 4 LP.wav
Rain and Thunder 5 LP.wav
Rain and Thunder LP.wav
Rain and Thunder One Shot.wav
Sitting At Park With Mowers.wav
Sunny Day Ambiance 01.wav
Windy 01.wav
./Outside of Bus Garage Sounds:
Big Dumpster Slide.wav
Dry Flies and Ambiance 2.wav
Dry Flies and Ambiance 3.wav
Dry Flies and Ambiance 4.wav
Dry Flies and Ambiance.wav
Dumpster Door Slide LP.wav
Dumpster Door Slide.wav
Huge Verb Gate Close FX.wav
Leaf Crumple.wav
./Random Recordings Around Home:
BBQ Case Hit Perc 01.wav
BBQ Case Hit Perc 02.wav
BBQ Case Hit Perc 03.wav
Box Fan LP.wav
Box Fan Noise LP.wav
Cardboard Box Kick 01.wav
Cardboard Box Kick 02.wav
Cardboard Box Kick 03.wav
Cardboard Box Kick 04.wav
Cardboard Box Kick 05.wav
Cardboard Box Native Drum 01.wav
Cardboard Box Native Drum 02.wav
Chair Squeak LP.wav
Chair Squeeking A Lot.wav
Coco My Dog 2.wav
Coco My Dog 4.wav
Coco My Dog 5.wav
Coco My Dog 6.wav
Coco My Dog 7.wav
Coco My Dog 8.wav
Coco My Dog 9.wav
Coco My Dog.wav
Coco My dog 3.wav
Coffee Lid Open and Close 2.wav
Coffee Lid Open and Close 3.wav
Coffee Lid Open and Close.wav
Coffee Lid Tap.wav
Coin Drop.wav
Comb Pricking Perc 01.wav
Comb Pricking Perc 02.wav
Fence 01.wav
Foil 01.wav
Iron Table Drum.wav
Knife Clicking Perc 01.wav
Knife Slide 01.wav
Knife Slide 02.wav
Knife Slide 03.wav
Little Dog Pitched Down Reverb.wav
Metal Plant Holder Scrape.wav
Metal Rod Hit 01.wav
Metal Slide Hit.wav
Metal TV Pole Pitched LP.wav
Mortor and Pestel.wav
Old Coffee Down The Drain.wav
Old Heater Idle.wav
Perc Clap 01.wav
Pine Cone Crunch 01.wav
Plane Fly By.wav
Rock Perc 01.wav
Running Water Down The Drain.wav
Small Chimes.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Lid Pop 01.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Lid Pop 02.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Lid Pop 03.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Rice Shake 01.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Rice Shake 02.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Rice Shake 03.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Rice Shake 04.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Rice Shake 05.wav
Tootsie Roll Can Rice Shake 06.wav
Water Faucet 01.wav
Water Rock Perc 01.wav
./Synth Sounds and Loops:
Angry Universe LP.wav
Angry Universe.wav
Electronic VOX.wav
FM Blue 2 01 C5.wav
FM Dream Pad.wav
Glassy Pad.wav
Out Of Phaze TriSaws.wav
Saw Phase Pad.wav
Square VOX 01 C5.wav
Sub PWM Pad Drone LP.wav
Sub Square PWM.wav
The FM Is Turning Blue.wav
Tines of Dreams.wav