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Deep Kicks Maschine Expansion

Deep Kicks Maschine Expansion

New Loops presents Deep Kicks Maschine Expansion - a detailed collection of the finest quality deep kick drums. Deep Kicks contains 140 Kicks divided into two folders: 75 Long Kicks suitable for Urban styles like Hip Hop, Pop, R’n’B and Trap, and 65 Short Kicks which are suited to House, Techno, Trance and EDM styles.

Full Selection of Kick Drums

Deep Kicks include Long 808 Kicks, Punchy 909 Kicks, Distorted Trap Kicks and a load of new, unheard kick drums. All Kicks have the key in the file name to help select the right pitch and many of the kicks have multiple versions with different transients, attack and decay times.

Analogue Hardware Sound

Every sound has been made with hardware drum machines and synthesisers and recorded through an analogue single chain with hardware compression for a big and deep sound.

100% Royalty Free

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Deep Kicks Maschine Expansion is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. 



Trap Bundle Maschine Expansion

Main Features  
  • Native Instruments Maschine Expansion
  • 75 Long kick drums
  • 65 Short kick drums
  • 140 sampler patches (Instruments)
  • Tagged for Maschine
  • Key in file names
  • 808 kicks, 909 kicks, Trap kicks, Hip Hop kicks
  • Recorded with analogue hardware
  • 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio
  • 100% Royalty Free
Maschine Expansion

Requires Native Instruments Maschine 2.5 Software or higher and compatible Maschine hardware. Pack Size: 54 MB

Audio Demos

Premium File Contents
./Deep Kicks:
./Deep Kicks/Documentation:
Deep Kicks User Guide - Maschine.pdf
New Loops Licence Agreements 2016.pdf
./Deep Kicks/Instruments:
Long Kick 01.mxinst
Long Kick 02.mxinst
Long Kick 03.mxinst
Long Kick 04.mxinst
Long Kick 05.mxinst
Long Kick 06.mxinst
Long Kick 07.mxinst
Long Kick 08.mxinst
Long Kick 09.mxinst
Long Kick 10.mxinst
Long Kick 11.mxinst
Long Kick 12.mxinst
Long Kick 13.mxinst
Long Kick 14.mxinst
Long Kick 15.mxinst
Long Kick 16.mxinst
Long Kick 17.mxinst
Long Kick 18.mxinst
Long Kick 19.mxinst
Long Kick 20.mxinst
Long Kick 21.mxinst
Long Kick 22.mxinst
Long Kick 23.mxinst
Long Kick 24.mxinst
Long Kick 25.mxinst
Long Kick 26.mxinst
Long Kick 27.mxinst
Long Kick 28.mxinst
Long Kick 29.mxinst
Long Kick 30.mxinst
Long Kick 31.mxinst
Long Kick 32.mxinst
Long Kick 33.mxinst
Long Kick 34.mxinst
Long Kick 35.mxinst
Long Kick 36.mxinst
Long Kick 37.mxinst
Long Kick 38.mxinst
Long Kick 39.mxinst
Long Kick 40.mxinst
Long Kick 41.mxinst
Long Kick 42.mxinst
Long Kick 43.mxinst
Long Kick 44.mxinst
Long Kick 45.mxinst
Long Kick 46.mxinst
Long Kick 47.mxinst
Long Kick 48.mxinst
Long Kick 49.mxinst
Long Kick 50.mxinst
Long Kick 51.mxinst
Long Kick 52.mxinst
Long Kick 53.mxinst
Long Kick 54.mxinst
Long Kick 55.mxinst
Long Kick 56.mxinst
Long Kick 57.mxinst
Long Kick 58.mxinst
Long Kick 59.mxinst
Long Kick 60.mxinst
Long Kick 61.mxinst
Long Kick 62.mxinst
Long Kick 63.mxinst
Long Kick 64.mxinst
Long Kick 65.mxinst
Long Kick 66.mxinst
Long Kick 67.mxinst
Long Kick 68.mxinst
Long Kick 69.mxinst
Long Kick 70.mxinst
Long Kick 71.mxinst
Long Kick 72.mxinst
Long Kick 73.mxinst
Long Kick 74.mxinst
Long Kick 75.mxinst
Short Kick 01.mxinst
Short Kick 02.mxinst
Short Kick 03.mxinst
Short Kick 04.mxinst
Short Kick 05.mxinst
Short Kick 06.mxinst
Short Kick 07.mxinst
Short Kick 08.mxinst
Short Kick 09.mxinst
Short Kick 10.mxinst
Short Kick 11.mxinst
Short Kick 12.mxinst
Short Kick 13.mxinst
Short Kick 14.mxinst
Short Kick 15.mxinst
Short Kick 16.mxinst
Short Kick 17.mxinst
Short Kick 18.mxinst
Short Kick 19.mxinst
Short Kick 20.mxinst
Short Kick 21.mxinst
Short Kick 22.mxinst
Short Kick 23.mxinst
Short Kick 24.mxinst
Short Kick 25.mxinst
Short Kick 26.mxinst
Short Kick 27.mxinst
Short Kick 28.mxinst
Short Kick 29.mxinst
Short Kick 30.mxinst
Short Kick 31.mxinst
Short Kick 32.mxinst
Short Kick 33.mxinst
Short Kick 34.mxinst
Short Kick 35.mxinst
Short Kick 36.mxinst
Short Kick 37.mxinst
Short Kick 38.mxinst
Short Kick 39.mxinst
Short Kick 40.mxinst
Short Kick 41.mxinst
Short Kick 42.mxinst
Short Kick 43.mxinst
Short Kick 44.mxinst
Short Kick 45.mxinst
Short Kick 46.mxinst
Short Kick 47.mxinst
Short Kick 48.mxinst
Short Kick 49.mxinst
Short Kick 50.mxinst
Short Kick 51.mxinst
Short Kick 52.mxinst
Short Kick 53.mxinst
Short Kick 54.mxinst
Short Kick 55.mxinst
Short Kick 56.mxinst
Short Kick 57.mxinst
Short Kick 58.mxinst
Short Kick 59.mxinst
Short Kick 60.mxinst
Short Kick 61.mxinst
Short Kick 62.mxinst
Short Kick 63.mxinst
Short Kick 64.mxinst
Short Kick 65.mxinst
./Deep Kicks/Samples:
Long Kicks
Short Kicks
./Deep Kicks/Samples/Long Kicks:
Long Kick 01 F.wav
Long Kick 02 G.wav
Long Kick 03 G.wav
Long Kick 04 F#.wav
Long Kick 05 G.wav
Long Kick 06 G.wav
Long Kick 07 G.wav
Long Kick 08 G#.wav
Long Kick 09 F#.wav
Long Kick 10 F#.wav
Long Kick 11 F#.wav
Long Kick 12 F.wav
Long Kick 13 E.wav
Long Kick 14 G.wav
Long Kick 15 G.wav
Long Kick 16 G.wav
Long Kick 17 A.wav
Long Kick 18 A.wav
Long Kick 19 F# .wav
Long Kick 20 C.wav
Long Kick 21 F.wav
Long Kick 22 G.wav
Long Kick 23 F#.wav
Long Kick 24 F.wav
Long Kick 25 G.wav
Long Kick 26 G# .wav
Long Kick 27 G.wav
Long Kick 28 F.wav
Long Kick 29 G#.wav
Long Kick 30 F#.wav
Long Kick 31 E.wav
Long Kick 32 F.wav
Long Kick 33 G.wav
Long Kick 34 G.wav
Long Kick 35 G.wav
Long Kick 36 B.wav
Long Kick 37 B.wav
Long Kick 38 D#.wav
Long Kick 39 D.wav
Long Kick 40 D.wav
Long Kick 41 D.wav
Long Kick 42 D#.wav
Long Kick 43 E.wav
Long Kick 44 F.wav
Long Kick 45 F#.wav
Long Kick 46 F#.wav
Long Kick 47 F#.wav
Long Kick 48 F.wav
Long Kick 49 F.wav
Long Kick 50 F#.wav
Long Kick 51 F.wav
Long Kick 52 G#.wav
Long Kick 53 G.wav
Long Kick 54 G.wav
Long Kick 55 G.wav
Long Kick 56 G.wav
Long Kick 57 G.wav
Long Kick 58 G.wav
Long Kick 59 G.wav
Long Kick 60 G.wav
Long Kick 61 G.wav
Long Kick 62 G.wav
Long Kick 63 G.wav
Long Kick 64 G.wav
Long Kick 65 G.wav
Long Kick 66 G.wav
Long Kick 67 G.wav
Long Kick 68 E.wav
Long Kick 69 C.wav
Long Kick 70 B.wav
Long Kick 71 E.wav
Long Kick 72 F#.wav
Long Kick 73 F.wav
Long Kick 74 F.wav
Long Kick 75 A.wav
./Deep Kicks/Samples/Short Kicks:
Short Kick 01 F.wav
Short Kick 02 G.wav
Short Kick 03 G.wav
Short Kick 04 F#.wav
Short Kick 05 F#.wav
Short Kick 06 G.wav
Short Kick 07 G.wav
Short Kick 08 F#.wav
Short Kick 09 F#.wav
Short Kick 10 F#.wav
Short Kick 11 F#.wav
Short Kick 12 A.wav
Short Kick 13 A.wav
Short Kick 14 C.wav
Short Kick 15 E.wav
Short Kick 16 E.wav
Short Kick 17 F#.wav
Short Kick 18 F#.wav
Short Kick 19 F#.wav
Short Kick 20 F.wav
Short Kick 21 F.wav
Short Kick 22 F.wav
Short Kick 23 F.wav
Short Kick 24 F#.wav
Short Kick 25 G#.wav
Short Kick 26 G#.wav
Short Kick 27 G#.wav
Short Kick 28 G#.wav
Short Kick 29 G#.wav
Short Kick 30 G#.wav
Short Kick 31 G#.wav
Short Kick 32 G#.wav
Short Kick 33 G#.wav
Short Kick 34 G#.wav
Short Kick 35 G#.wav
Short Kick 36 G#.wav
Short Kick 37 G#.wav
Short Kick 38 G#.wav
Short Kick 39 G#.wav
Short Kick 40 G#.wav
Short Kick 41 G#.wav
Short Kick 42 G#.wav
Short Kick 43 G#.wav
Short Kick 44 G.wav
Short Kick 45 G.wav
Short Kick 46 G.wav
Short Kick 47 G.wav
Short Kick 48 G.wav
Short Kick 49 G.wav
Short Kick 50 G.wav
Short Kick 51 A.wav
Short Kick 52 F.wav
Short Kick 53 F#.wav
Short Kick 54 F.wav
Short Kick 55 F.wav
Short Kick 56 G.wav
Short Kick 57 F#.wav
Short Kick 58 G.wav
Short Kick 59 G.wav
Short Kick 60 G.wav
Short Kick 61 G.wav
Short Kick 62 G.wav
Short Kick 63 E.wav
Short Kick 64 A.wav
Short Kick 65 F.wav

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