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Domestic Elements Volume 1

Domestic Elements Volume 1 is the latest release from Papas St Germain with over  250Mb of samples. 

All of the sample sounds are sourced from household objects with the intention of creating completely unique and one off sounds. 

Techniques used included stereo microphone placement techniques, spot micing, ambient recording, extensive editing, re-sampling and re-recording of sounds with the aim of creating ambient pads, one shot hits, chords, atmospheres, breaks and old school programmed beats. 

Influences include recent Burial productions, BOC, Public Enemy, Eno, Global Communications. All sounds are royalty free and would be useful for ambient styles of music production as well as downtempo productions, soundtrack music.

Premium File Contents
chord changes ascent.wav.wav
filtered ascent philta 100 bpm.wav.wav
filtered ascent.wav.wav
global maj7.wav.wav
melan chord philta 100 bpm.wav.wav
melan chord.wav.wav
phase change.wav.wav
reverse progression.wav.wav
trem melan chord.wav.wav
trem progression.wav.wav
works 2.wav.wav
works 3.wav.wav
alien interference.wav.wav
bass swell reverb.wav.wav
bubble loop.wav.wav
crystal morse.wav.wav
d maj 7 bleeps chord.wav.wav
discord bell.wav.wav
far away lanes.wav.wav
fuzzy a maj 7.wav.wav
gated hiss.wav.wav
gated pulse.wav.wav
ghost machine.wav.wav
long ahh.wav.wav
machine groan.wav.wav
organ trim.wav.wav
organ wok.wav.wav
pan madness.wav.wav
ping pong pad.wav.wav
reverb lighter reversed 001.wav.wav
reverb lighter reversed 002.wav.wav
reverse chord loop.wav.wav
reverse clear chord.wav.wav
rythmn water.wav.wav
scary movie.wav.wav
ship rumble.wav.wav
shoegaze pad.wav.wav
shoegaze radio reverb.wav.wav
slow clear chord.wav.wav
smooth fizz.wav.wav
steam loop.wav.wav
tall build bubble.wav.wav
tape rip reversed 001.wav.wav
tremelo board.wav.wav
tronic squeal.wav.wav
val st fect.wav.wav
valhalla drone.wav.wav
water fill.wav.wav
wobble board.wav.wav
wok stretch reversed 002.wav.wav
zip dub.wav.wav
c maj organ.wav.wav
c min organ.wav.wav
c min7 organ.wav.wav
c maj 7 amb hiss.wav.wav
c maj 7 buried 2.wav.wav
c maj 7 dark pad 2.wav.wav
c maj 7 eno pad.wav.wav
c maj 7 keys 2.wav.wav
c maj 7 organ 2.wav.wav
c maj full.wav.wav
c maj7 eno pad 2.wav.wav
c major burial chord.wav.wav
c major harmony chord.wav.wav
c major sunrise.wav.wav
c major the rain chord.wav.wav
c major vox chord.wav.wav
c min 7 burial chord.wav.wav
c min 7 vox chord.wav.wav
c sus4 organ.wav.wav
C the sunrise reverb.wav.wav
evil eno c maj 7.wav.wav
optimistic c minor.wav.wav