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Drum & Bass Superpack Vol. 2

After the great response we received from our first Drum & Bass Superpack we could not stop ourselves from bringing out a new one for all the producers out there. Drum & Bass Superpack Volume 2 is an absolute monster to say the least, it includes over 500 high quality Drum, Bass, Synth, and FX samples, from dark reece basses to pounding drums these samples sure do shine among other DnB samples found across the web. Drum & Bass Superpack Volume 2 was solely created by French sound design extoardinaires Le Jad and Morganistic, as one can tell just from the preview, these guys definitely know how to bring the noise.




  •  55 Drum Hits 

  •  55 Drum Loops

  •  20 Drum Rolls

  •  30 Drum Kicks
  •  25 Snares
  •  50 Bass Loops 

  •  150 Bass Shots
  •  35 Reece Shots
  •  10 Subs



  • 42 Synth Loops
  • 31 Synth Shots




  • 80 Sound FX

Total: 583 Samples


Please note that all samples are in WAV format - 24bit 44.100 khz 

Premium File Contents
Drum & Bass Superpack Volume 2 - License Agreement.pdf.pdf
Drum & Bass Superpack Volume 2 - Specifications.pdf.pdf
Drum & Bass Superpack Volume 2 (Preview).mp3.mp3
Bass loop 01.wav.wav
Bass loop 02.wav.wav
Bass loop 03.wav.wav
Bass loop 04.wav.wav
Bass loop 05.wav.wav
Bass loop 06.wav.wav
Bass loop 07.wav.wav
Bass loop 08.wav.wav
Bass loop 09.wav.wav
Bass loop 10.wav.wav
Bass loop 11.wav.wav
Bass loop 12.wav.wav
Bass loop 13.wav.wav
Bass loop 14.wav.wav
Bass loop 15.wav.wav
Bass loop 16.wav.wav
Bass loop 17.wav.wav
Bass loop 18.wav.wav
Bass loop 19.wav.wav
Bass loop 20.wav.wav
Bass loop 21.wav.wav
Bass loop 22.wav.wav
Bass loop 23.wav.wav
Bass loop 24.wav.wav
Bass loop 25.wav.wav
Bass loop 26.wav.wav
Bass loop 27.wav.wav
Bass loop 28.wav.wav
Bass loop 29.wav.wav
Bass loop 30.wav.wav
Bass loop 31.wav.wav
Bass loop 32.wav.wav
Bass loop 33.wav.wav
Bass loop 34.wav.wav
Bass loop 35.wav.wav
Bass loop 36.wav.wav
Bass loop 37.wav.wav
Bass loop 38.wav.wav
Bass loop 39.wav.wav
Bass loop 40.wav.wav
Bass loop 41.wav.wav
Bass loop 42.wav.wav
Bass loop 43.wav.wav
Bass loop 44.wav.wav
Bass loop 45.wav.wav
Bass loop 46.wav.wav
Bass loop 47.wav.wav
Bass loop 48.wav.wav
Bass loop 49.wav.wav
Bass loop 50.wav.wav
Bass Shot 01.wav.wav
Bass Shot 02.wav.wav
Bass Shot 03.wav.wav
Bass Shot 04.wav.wav
Bass Shot 05.wav.wav
Bass Shot 06.wav.wav
Bass Shot 07.wav.wav
Bass Shot 08.wav.wav
Bass Shot 09.wav.wav
Bass Shot 10.wav.wav
Bass Shot 101.wav.wav
Bass Shot 102.wav.wav
Bass Shot 103.wav.wav
Bass Shot 104.wav.wav
Bass Shot 105.wav.wav
Bass Shot 106.wav.wav
Bass Shot 107.wav.wav
Bass Shot 108.wav.wav
Bass Shot 109.wav.wav
Bass Shot 11.wav.wav
Bass Shot 110.wav.wav
Bass Shot 111.wav.wav
Bass Shot 112.wav.wav
Bass Shot 113.wav.wav
Bass Shot 114.wav.wav
Bass Shot 115.wav.wav
Bass Shot 116.wav.wav
Bass Shot 117.wav.wav
Bass Shot 118.wav.wav
Bass Shot 119.wav.wav
Bass Shot 12.wav.wav
Bass Shot 120.wav.wav
Bass Shot 121.wav.wav
Bass Shot 122.wav.wav
Bass Shot 123.wav.wav
Bass Shot 124.wav.wav
Bass Shot 125.wav.wav
Bass Shot 127.wav.wav
Bass Shot 128.wav.wav
Bass Shot 129.wav.wav
Bass Shot 13.wav.wav
Bass Shot 130.wav.wav
Bass Shot 131.wav.wav
Bass Shot 132.wav.wav
Bass Shot 133.wav.wav
Bass Shot 134.wav.wav
Bass Shot 135.wav.wav
Bass Shot 136.wav.wav
Bass Shot 137.wav.wav
Bass Shot 138.wav.wav
Bass Shot 139.wav.wav
Bass Shot 14.wav.wav
Bass Shot 140.wav.wav
Bass Shot 141.wav.wav
Bass Shot 142.wav.wav
Bass Shot 143.wav.wav
Bass Shot 144.wav.wav
Bass Shot 145.wav.wav
Bass Shot 146.wav.wav
Bass Shot 147.wav.wav
Bass Shot 148.wav.wav
Bass Shot 149.wav.wav
Bass Shot 15.wav.wav
Bass Shot 150.wav.wav
Bass Shot 16.wav.wav
Bass Shot 17.wav.wav
Bass Shot 18.wav.wav
Bass Shot 19.wav.wav
Bass Shot 20.wav.wav
Bass Shot 21.wav.wav
Bass Shot 22.wav.wav
Bass Shot 23.wav.wav
Bass Shot 24.wav.wav
Bass Shot 25.wav.wav
Bass Shot 26.wav.wav
Bass Shot 27.wav.wav
Bass Shot 28.wav.wav
Bass Shot 29.wav.wav
Bass Shot 30.wav.wav
Bass Shot 31.wav.wav
Bass Shot 34.wav.wav
Bass Shot 35.wav.wav
Bass Shot 36.wav.wav
Bass Shot 37.wav.wav
Bass Shot 38.wav.wav
Bass Shot 39.wav.wav
Bass Shot 40.wav.wav
Bass Shot 41.wav.wav
Bass Shot 42.wav.wav
Bass Shot 43.wav.wav
Bass Shot 44.wav.wav
Bass Shot 45.wav.wav
Bass Shot 46.wav.wav
Bass Shot 47.wav.wav
Bass Shot 48.wav.wav
Bass Shot 49.wav.wav
Bass Shot 50.wav.wav
Bass Shot 51.wav.wav
Bass Shot 52.wav.wav
Bass Shot 53.wav.wav
Bass Shot 54.wav.wav
Bass Shot 55.wav.wav
Bass Shot 56.wav.wav
Bass Shot 57.wav.wav
Bass Shot 58.wav.wav
Bass Shot 59.wav.wav
Bass Shot 60.wav.wav
Bass Shot 61.wav.wav
Bass Shot 62.wav.wav
Bass Shot 63.wav.wav
Bass Shot 64.wav.wav
Bass Shot 65.wav.wav
Bass Shot 66.wav.wav
Bass Shot 67.wav.wav
Bass Shot 68.wav.wav
Bass Shot 69.wav.wav
Bass Shot 70.wav.wav
Bass Shot 71.wav.wav
Bass Shot 72.wav.wav
Bass Shot 73.wav.wav
Bass Shot 74.wav.wav
Bass Shot 75.wav.wav
Bass Shot 76.wav.wav
Bass Shot 77.wav.wav
Bass Shot 78.wav.wav
Bass Shot 79.wav.wav
Bass Shot 80.wav.wav
Bass Shot 81.wav.wav
Bass Shot 82.wav.wav
Bass Shot 83.wav.wav
Bass Shot 84.wav.wav
Bass Shot 85.wav.wav
Bass Shot 86.wav.wav
Bass Shot 87.wav.wav
Bass Shot 88.wav.wav
Bass Shot 89.wav.wav
Bass Shot 90.wav.wav
Bass Shot 91.wav.wav
Bass Shot 92.wav.wav
Bass Shot 93.wav.wav
Bass Shot 94.wav.wav
Bass Shot 95.wav.wav
Bass Shot 96.wav.wav
Bass Shot 97.wav.wav
Bass Shot 98.wav.wav
Bass Shot 99.wav.wav
Sub 01.wav.wav
Sub 02.wav.wav
Sub 03.wav.wav
Sub 04.wav.wav
Sub 05.wav.wav
Sub 06.wav.wav
Sub 07.wav.wav
Sub 08.wav.wav
Sub 09.wav.wav
Sub 10.wav.wav
Ghost snare 01.wav.wav
Ghost snare 02.wav.wav
Ghost snare 03.wav.wav
Ghost snare 04.wav.wav
Ghost snare 05.wav.wav
Ghost snare 06.wav.wav
Ghost snare 07.wav.wav
Ghost snare 08.wav.wav
Ghost snare 09.wav.wav
Hat 01.wav.wav
Hat 02.wav.wav
Hat 03.wav.wav
Hat 04.wav.wav
Hat 07.wav.wav
Hat 08.wav.wav
Hat 09.wav.wav
Hat 10.wav.wav
Hat 11.wav.wav
Hat 12.wav.wav
Hat 13.wav.wav
Hat 14.wav.wav
Hat 15.wav.wav
Hat 16.wav.wav
Hat 17.wav.wav
Hat 18.wav.wav
Hat 19.wav.wav
Hat 20.wav.wav
Hat 21.wav.wav
Hat 22.wav.wav
Hat 23.wav.wav
Hat 24.wav.wav
Percussion 01.wav.wav
Percussion 02.wav.wav
Percussion 03.wav.wav
Percussion 04.wav.wav
Percussion 05.wav.wav
Percussion 06.wav.wav
Percussion 07.wav.wav
Percussion 08.wav.wav
Percussion 09.wav.wav
Percussion 10.wav.wav
Ride 01.wav.wav
Ride 02.wav.wav
Ride 03.wav.wav
Ride 04.wav.wav
Ride 05.wav.wav
Ride 06.wav.wav
Ride 07.wav.wav
Ride 08.wav.wav
Ride 09.wav.wav
Tom 01.wav.wav
Tom 02.wav.wav
Tom 03.wav.wav
Tom 04.wav.wav
Tom 05.wav.wav
Drum loop 01.wav.wav
Drum loop 02.wav.wav
Drum loop 03.wav.wav
Drum loop 04.wav.wav
Drum loop 05.wav.wav
Drum loop 06.wav.wav
Drum loop 07.wav.wav
Drum loop 08.wav.wav
Drum loop 09.wav.wav
Drum loop 10.wav.wav
Drum loop 11.wav.wav
Drum loop 12.wav.wav
Drum loop 13.wav.wav
Drum loop 14.wav.wav
Drum loop 15.wav.wav
Drum loop 16.wav.wav
Drum loop 17.wav.wav
Drum loop 18.wav.wav
Drum loop 19.wav.wav
Drum loop 20.wav.wav
Drum loop 21.wav.wav
Drum loop 22.wav.wav
Drum loop 23.wav.wav
Drum loop 24.wav.wav
Drum loop 25.wav.wav
Drum loop 26.wav.wav
Drum loop 27.wav.wav
Drum loop 28.wav.wav
Drum loop 29.wav.wav
Drum loop 30.wav.wav
Drum loop 31.wav.wav
Drum loop 32.wav.wav
Drum loop 33.wav.wav
Drum loop 34.wav.wav
Drum loop 35.wav.wav
Drum loop 36.wav.wav
Drum loop 37.wav.wav
Drum loop 38.wav.wav
Drum loop 39.wav.wav
Drum loop 40.wav.wav
Drum loop 41.wav.wav
Drum loop 42.wav.wav
Drum loop 43.wav.wav
Drum loop 44.wav.wav
Drum loop 45.wav.wav
Drum loop 46.wav.wav
Drum loop 47.wav.wav
Drum loop 48.wav.wav
Drum loop 49.wav.wav
Drum loop 50.wav.wav
Drum loop 51.wav.wav
Drum loop 52.wav.wav
Drum loop 53.wav.wav
Drum loop 54.wav.wav
Drum loop 55.wav.wav
Drum roll 01.wav.wav
Drum roll 02.wav.wav
Drum roll 03.wav.wav
Drum roll 04.wav.wav
Drum roll 05.wav.wav
Drum roll 06.wav.wav
Drum roll 07.wav.wav
Drum roll 08.wav.wav
Drum roll 09.wav.wav
Drum roll 10.wav.wav
Drum roll 11.wav.wav
Drum roll 12.wav.wav
Drum roll 13.wav.wav
Drum roll 14.wav.wav
Drum roll 15.wav.wav
Drum roll 16.wav.wav
Drum roll 17.wav.wav
Drum roll 18.wav.wav
Drum roll 19.wav.wav
Drum roll 20.wav.wav
Kick 01.wav.wav
Kick 02.wav.wav
Kick 03.wav.wav
Kick 04.wav.wav
Kick 05.wav.wav
Kick 06.wav.wav
Kick 07.wav.wav
Kick 08.wav.wav
Kick 09.wav.wav
Kick 10.wav.wav
Kick 11.wav.wav
Kick 12.wav.wav
Kick 13.wav.wav
Kick 14.wav.wav
Kick 15.wav.wav
Kick 16.wav.wav
Kick 17.wav.wav
Kick 18.wav.wav
Kick 19.wav.wav
Kick 20.wav.wav
Kick 21.wav.wav
Kick 22.wav.wav
Kick 23.wav.wav
Kick 24.wav.wav
Kick 25.wav.wav
Kick low pass 1.wav.wav
Kick low pass 2.wav.wav
Kick low pass 3.wav.wav
Kick low pass 4.wav.wav
Kick low pass 5.wav.wav
Snare 01.wav.wav
Snare 02.wav.wav
Snare 03.wav.wav
Snare 04.wav.wav
Snare 05.wav.wav
Snare 06.wav.wav
Snare 07.wav.wav
Snare 08.wav.wav
Snare 09.wav.wav
Snare 10.wav.wav
Snare 11.wav.wav
Snare 12.wav.wav
Snare 13.wav.wav
Snare 14.wav.wav
Snare 15.wav.wav
Snare 16.wav.wav
Snare 17.wav.wav
Snare 18.wav.wav
Snare 19.wav.wav
Snare 20.wav.wav
Snare noize 1.wav.wav
Snare noize 2.wav.wav
Snare noize 3.wav.wav
Snare noize 4.wav.wav
Snare noize 5.wav.wav
FX 01.wav.wav
FX 02.wav.wav
FX 03.wav.wav
FX 04.wav.wav
FX 05.wav.wav
FX 06.wav.wav
FX 07.wav.wav
FX 08.wav.wav
FX 09.wav.wav
FX 10.wav.wav
FX 11.wav.wav
FX 12.wav.wav
FX 13.wav.wav
FX 14.wav.wav
FX 15.wav.wav
FX 16.wav.wav
FX 17.wav.wav
FX 18.wav.wav
FX 19.wav.wav
FX 20.wav.wav
FX 21.wav.wav
FX 22.wav.wav
FX 23.wav.wav
FX 24.wav.wav
FX 25.wav.wav
FX 26.wav.wav
FX 27.wav.wav
FX 28.wav.wav
FX 29.wav.wav
FX 30.wav.wav
FX 31.wav.wav
FX 32.wav.wav
FX 33.wav.wav
FX 34.wav.wav
FX 35.wav.wav
FX 36.wav.wav
FX 37.wav.wav
FX 38.wav.wav
FX 39.wav.wav
FX 40.wav.wav
FX 41.wav.wav
FX 42.wav.wav
FX 43.wav.wav
FX 44.wav.wav
FX 45.wav.wav
FX 46.wav.wav
FX 47.wav.wav
FX 48.wav.wav
FX 49.wav.wav
FX 50.wav.wav
FX 51.wav.wav
FX 52.wav.wav
FX 53.wav.wav
FX 54.wav.wav
FX 55.wav.wav
FX 56.wav.wav
FX 57.wav.wav
FX 58.wav.wav
FX 59.wav.wav
FX 60.wav.wav
FX 61.wav.wav
FX 62.wav.wav
FX 63.wav.wav
FX 64.wav.wav
FX 65.wav.wav
FX 66.wav.wav
FX 67.wav.wav
FX 68.wav.wav
FX 69.wav.wav
FX 70.wav.wav
FX 71.wav.wav
FX 72.wav.wav
FX 73.wav.wav
FX 74.wav.wav
FX 75.wav.wav
FX 76.wav.wav
FX 77.wav.wav
FX 78.wav.wav
FX 79.wav.wav
FX 80.wav.wav
Reece 01.wav.wav
Reece 02.wav.wav
Reece 03.wav.wav
Reece 04.wav.wav
Reece 05.wav.wav
Reece 06.wav.wav
Reece 07.wav.wav
Reece 08.wav.wav
Reece 09.wav.wav
Reece 10.wav.wav
Reece 11.wav.wav
Reece 12.wav.wav
Reece 13.wav.wav
Reece 14.wav.wav
Reece 15.wav.wav
Reece 16.wav.wav
Reece 17.wav.wav
Reece 18.wav.wav
Reece 19.wav.wav
Reece 20.wav.wav
Reece 21.wav.wav
Reece 22.wav.wav
Reece 23.wav.wav
Reece 24.wav.wav
Reece 25.wav.wav
Reece 26.wav.wav
Reece 27.wav.wav
Reece 28.wav.wav
Reece 29.wav.wav
Reece 30.wav.wav
Reece 31.wav.wav
Reece 32.wav.wav
Reece 33.wav.wav
Reece 34.wav.wav
Reece 35.wav.wav
Synth loop 01.wav.wav
Synth loop 02.wav.wav
Synth loop 03.wav.wav
Synth loop 04.wav.wav
Synth loop 05.wav.wav
Synth loop 06.wav.wav
Synth loop 07.wav.wav
Synth loop 08.wav.wav
Synth loop 09.wav.wav
Synth loop 10.wav.wav
Synth loop 11.wav.wav
Synth loop 12.wav.wav
Synth loop 13.wav.wav
Synth loop 14.wav.wav
Synth loop 15.wav.wav
Synth loop 16.wav.wav
Synth loop 17.wav.wav
Synth loop 18.wav.wav
Synth loop 19.wav.wav
Synth loop 20.wav.wav
Synth loop 21.wav.wav
Synth loop 22.wav.wav
Synth loop 23.wav.wav
Synth loop 24.wav.wav
Synth loop 25.wav.wav
Synth loop 26.wav.wav
Synth loop 27.wav.wav
Synth loop 28.wav.wav
Synth loop 29.wav.wav
Synth loop 30.wav.wav
Synth loop 31.wav.wav
Synth loop 32.wav.wav
Synth loop 33.wav.wav
Synth loop 34.wav.wav
Synth loop 35.wav.wav
Synth loop 36.wav.wav
Synth loop 37.wav.wav
Synth loop 38.wav.wav
Synth loop 39.wav.wav
Synth loop 40.wav.wav
synth loop 41.wav.wav
Synth loop 42.wav.wav
Synth shot 01.wav.wav
Synth shot 02.wav.wav
Synth shot 03.wav.wav
Synth shot 04.wav.wav
Synth shot 05.wav.wav
Synth shot 06.wav.wav
Synth shot 07.wav.wav
Synth shot 08.wav.wav
Synth shot 09.wav.wav
Synth shot 10.wav.wav
Synth shot 11.wav.wav
Synth shot 12.wav.wav
Synth shot 13.wav.wav
Synth shot 14.wav.wav
Synth shot 15.wav.wav
Synth shot 16.wav.wav
Synth shot 17.wav.wav
Synth shot 18.wav.wav
Synth shot 19.wav.wav
Synth shot 20.wav.wav
Synth shot 21.wav.wav
Synth shot 22.wav.wav
Synth shot 23.wav.wav
Synth shot 24.wav.wav
Synth shot 25.wav.wav
Synth shot 26.wav.wav
Synth shot 27.wav.wav
Synth shot 28.wav.wav
Synth shot 29.wav.wav
Synth shot 30.wav.wav
Synth shot 31.wav.wav