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Dubstep Superpack

At last, in a market that is overwhelmingly saturated with repetitive and low-quality sounds, there is a beacon of hope. Here at Premier Sound Bank, our Dubstep Superpack provides you the opportunity to set yourself apart from the pack with some of the most creative and forward-thinking dubstep samples around. We add a massive 400 additional high-quality samples to your production library. Impress listeners by effectively applying the grimiest bass loops and powerful, dynamic drum patterns to complete talented compositions while remaining distinctive to your individual style. 

Whether you are an experienced artist, or fresh to the community, our Dubstep Superpack provides you with everything you could possibly need to get the ball rolling, and is an immensely useful tool to add to your repertoire. With sound design which rivals that of some of the biggest names in Dubstep, find comfort in knowing that you can hold the key to producing big-time floor smashers.

The Dubstep Superpack consists of the following:



-45 Bass Loops

-153 Bass Shots


-36 Hats & Cymbals

-20 Kicks

-21 Percussion Samples

-18 Snares


-30 Synth Shots

-30 Synth Loops

FX: 59 cutting edge sound effects.


Total: 412 sounds


Please note that all Samples are in WAV format - 24bit - 44.100 khz

Premium File Contents
Dubstep - Superpack - License Agreement.pdf.pdf
Dubstep Superpack Specifications.pdf.pdf
(E) Bass loop 1.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 10.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 11.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 12.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 13.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 14.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 15.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 16.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 17.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 18.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 19.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 2.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 20.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 21.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 22.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 23.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 24.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 25.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 26.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 27.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 28.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 29.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 3.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 30.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 31.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 32.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 4.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 5.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 6.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 7.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 8.wav.wav
(E) Bass loop 9.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 33.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 34.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 35.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 36.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 37.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 38.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 39.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 40.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 41.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 42.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 43.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 44.wav.wav
(G) Bass loop 45.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 1.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 10.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 11.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 12.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 13.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 14.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 2.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 3.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 4.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 5.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 6.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 7.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 8.wav.wav
(A) Bass Shots 9.wav.wav
(B) Bass Shots 15.wav.wav
(B) Bass Shots 16.wav.wav
(B) Bass Shots 17.wav.wav
(C) Bass Shots 18.wav.wav
(C) Bass Shots 19.wav.wav
(D#) Bass Shots 21.wav.wav
(D) Bass Shots 20.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 22.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 23.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 24.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 25.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 26.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 27.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 28.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 29.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 30.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 31.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 32.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 33.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 34.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 35.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 36.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 37.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 38.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 39.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 40.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 41.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 42.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 43.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 44.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 45.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 46.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 47.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 48.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 49.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 50.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 51.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 52.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 53.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 54.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 55.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 56.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 57.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 58.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 59.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 60.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 61.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 62.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 63.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 64.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 65.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 66.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 67.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 68.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 69.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 70.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 71.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 72.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 73.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 74.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 75.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 76.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 77.wav.wav
(E) Bass Shots 78.wav.wav
(F#) Bass Shots 128.wav.wav
(F#) Bass Shots 129.wav.wav
(F#) Bass Shots 130.wav.wav
(F#) Bass Shots 131.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 100.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 101.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 102.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 103.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 104.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 105.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 106.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 107.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 108.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 109.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 110.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 111.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 112.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 113.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 114.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 115.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 116.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 117.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 118.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 119.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 120.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 121.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 122.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 123.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 124.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 125.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 126.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 127.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 79.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 80.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 81.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 82.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 83.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 84.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 85.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 86.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 87.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 88.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 89.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 90.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 91.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 92.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 93.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 94.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 95.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 96.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 97.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 98.wav.wav
(F) Bass Shots 99.wav.wav
(G#) Bass Shots 150.wav.wav
(G#) Bass Shots 151.wav.wav
(G#) Bass Shots 152.wav.wav
(G#) Bass Shots 153.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 132.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 133.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 134.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 135.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 136.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 137.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 138.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 139.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 140.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 141.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 142.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 143.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 144.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 145.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 146.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 147.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 148.wav.wav
(G) Bass Shots 149.wav.wav
Closed Hat 1.wav.wav
Closed Hat 10.wav.wav
Closed Hat 11.wav.wav
Closed Hat 12.wav.wav
Closed Hat 13.wav.wav
Closed Hat 14.wav.wav
Closed Hat 2.wav.wav
Closed Hat 3.wav.wav
Closed Hat 4.wav.wav
Closed Hat 5.wav.wav
Closed Hat 6.wav.wav
Closed Hat 7.wav.wav
Closed Hat 8.wav.wav
Closed Hat 9.wav.wav
Cymbal 1.wav.wav
Cymbal 2.wav.wav
Cymbal 3.wav.wav
Cymbal 4.wav.wav
Cymbal 5.wav.wav
Cymbal 6.wav.wav
Open Hat 1.wav.wav
Open Hat 10.wav.wav
Open Hat 11.wav.wav
Open Hat 2.wav.wav
Open Hat 3.wav.wav
Open Hat 4.wav.wav
Open Hat 5.wav.wav
Open Hat 6.wav.wav
Open Hat 7.wav.wav
Open Hat 8.wav.wav
Open Hat 9.wav.wav
Ride 1.wav.wav
Ride 2.wav.wav
Ride 3.wav.wav
Ride 4.wav.wav
Ride 5.wav.wav
Kick 1.wav.wav
Kick 10.wav.wav
Kick 11.wav.wav
Kick 12.wav.wav
Kick 13.wav.wav
Kick 14.wav.wav
Kick 15.wav.wav
Kick 16.wav.wav
Kick 17.wav.wav
Kick 18.wav.wav
Kick 19.wav.wav
Kick 2.wav.wav
Kick 20.wav.wav
Kick 3.wav.wav
Kick 4.wav.wav
Kick 5.wav.wav
Kick 6.wav.wav
Kick 7.wav.wav
Kick 8.wav.wav
Kick 9.wav.wav
Hi Tom 1.wav.wav
Hi Tom 2.wav.wav
Hi Tom 3.wav.wav
Lo Tom 1.wav.wav
Lo Tom 2.wav.wav
Lo Tom 3.wav.wav
Mid Tom 1.wav.wav
Mid Tom 2.wav.wav
Mid Tom 3.wav.wav
Shaker 1.wav.wav
Shaker 2.wav.wav
Shaker 3.wav.wav
Shaker 4.wav.wav
Shaker 5.wav.wav
Shaker 6.wav.wav
Shaker 7.wav.wav
Tamb 1.wav.wav
Tamb 2.wav.wav
Tamb 3.wav.wav
Tamb 4.wav.wav
Tamb 5.wav.wav
Snare 1.wav.wav
Snare 10.wav.wav
Snare 11.wav.wav
Snare 12.wav.wav
Snare 13.wav.wav
Snare 14.wav.wav
Snare 15.wav.wav
Snare 16.wav.wav
Snare 17.wav.wav
Snare 18.wav.wav
Snare 2.wav.wav
Snare 3.wav.wav
Snare 4.wav.wav
Snare 5.wav.wav
Snare 6.wav.wav
Snare 7.wav.wav
Snare 8.wav.wav
Snare 9.wav.wav
FX 1.wav.wav
FX 10.wav.wav
FX 11.wav.wav
FX 12.wav.wav
FX 13.wav.wav
FX 14.wav.wav
FX 15.wav.wav
FX 16.wav.wav
FX 17.wav.wav
FX 18.wav.wav
FX 19.wav.wav
FX 2.wav.wav
FX 20.wav.wav
FX 21.wav.wav
FX 3.wav.wav
FX 4.wav.wav
FX 5.wav.wav
FX 6.wav.wav
FX 7.wav.wav
FX 8.wav.wav
FX 9.wav.wav
Robot Fx 1.wav.wav
Robot Fx 10.wav.wav
Robot Fx 11.wav.wav
Robot Fx 12.wav.wav
Robot Fx 13.wav.wav
Robot Fx 14.wav.wav
Robot Fx 15.wav.wav
Robot Fx 16.wav.wav
Robot Fx 17.wav.wav
Robot Fx 18.wav.wav
Robot Fx 19.wav.wav
Robot Fx 2.wav.wav
Robot Fx 20.wav.wav
Robot Fx 21.wav.wav
Robot Fx 22.wav.wav
Robot Fx 23.wav.wav
Robot Fx 24.wav.wav
Robot Fx 25.wav.wav
Robot Fx 26.wav.wav
Robot Fx 27.wav.wav
Robot Fx 28.wav.wav
Robot Fx 29.wav.wav
Robot Fx 3.wav.wav
Robot Fx 30.wav.wav
Robot Fx 31.wav.wav
Robot Fx 32.wav.wav
Robot Fx 33.wav.wav
Robot Fx 34.wav.wav
Robot Fx 35.wav.wav
Robot Fx 36.wav.wav
Robot Fx 37.wav.wav
Robot Fx 38.wav.wav
Robot Fx 4.wav.wav
Robot Fx 5.wav.wav
Robot Fx 6.wav.wav
Robot Fx 7.wav.wav
Robot Fx 8.wav.wav
Robot Fx 9.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 1.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 10.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 11.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 12.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 13.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 14.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 15.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 16.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 17.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 18.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 19.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 2.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 20.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 21.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 22.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 3.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 4.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 5.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 6.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 7.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 8.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 9.wav.wav
(F) Synth Loop 23.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 24.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 25.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 26.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 27.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 28.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 29.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 30.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 1.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 10.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 11.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 12.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 13.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 14.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 15.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 16.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 17.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 18.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 19.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 2.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 20.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 21.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 22.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 23.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 24.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 25.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 26.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 27.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 28.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 29.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 3.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 30.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 4.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 5.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 6.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 7.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 8.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 9.wav.wav