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EDM Kicks V.1


 You might be asking why you would ever need to buy kick drum samples when there are a few kick drum synthesizers on the market. The answer is simple. No synthesizer can make a production ready kick that will stand out in a busy mix. That takes editing, proper processing and layering. 

We made over 250 kicks for this sample pack and cut it down to only 85. We wanted every kick in this pack to be production ready. There are no filler samples. 

We also made a simple Kontakt instrument (version 4.2 and higher required) and put all of the kicks on just the white keys. So auditioning and finding that perfect kick in your track couldn't be easier. Check out the demo video below to see how the Kontakt instrument can make adding kick drums to your EDM productions quick and easy. 

The pack included 50 Kicks and 35 Tuned Kicks. The samples in this pack will work with genres like progressive, electro, house, electro house and progressive house.

Check out the video demo on how to use this pack, as well as a walk through of the Kontakt instrument.


Premium File Contents
00_ESW Agreement .pdf.pdf
EDM Kicks Art.png.png
EDM Kicks V_1.nkm.nkm
BIg EDM Kicks.png.png
Kick 01.wav.wav
Kick 02.wav.wav
Kick 03.wav.wav
Kick 04.wav.wav
Kick 05.wav.wav
Kick 06.wav.wav
Kick 07.wav.wav
Kick 08.wav.wav
Kick 09.wav.wav
Kick 10.wav.wav
Kick 11.wav.wav
Kick 12.wav.wav
Kick 13.wav.wav
Kick 14.wav.wav
Kick 15.wav.wav
Kick 16.wav.wav
Kick 17.wav.wav
Kick 18.wav.wav
Kick 19.wav.wav
Kick 20.wav.wav
Kick 21.wav.wav
Kick 22.wav.wav
Kick 23.wav.wav
Kick 24.wav.wav
Kick 25 .wav.wav
Kick 26.wav.wav
Kick 27.wav.wav
Kick 28.wav.wav
Kick 29.wav.wav
Kick 30.wav.wav
Kick 31.wav.wav
Kick 32.wav.wav
Kick 33.wav.wav
Kick 34.wav.wav
Kick 35.wav.wav
Kick 36.wav.wav
Kick 37.wav.wav
Kick 38.wav.wav
Kick 39.wav.wav
Kick 40.wav.wav
Kick 41.wav.wav
Kick 42.wav.wav
Kick 43.wav.wav
Kick 44.wav.wav
Kick 45.wav.wav
Kick 46.wav.wav
Kick 47.wav.wav
Kick 48.wav.wav
Kick 49.wav.wav
Kick 50.wav.wav
Kick A 1.wav.wav
Kick A 2.wav.wav
Kick A 3.wav.wav
Kick A 4.wav.wav
Kick A 5.wav.wav
Kick A 6.wav.wav
Kick A# 1.wav.wav
Kick D# 1.wav.wav
Kick D# 2.wav.wav
Kick D# 3.wav.wav
Kick E 1.wav.wav
Kick E 2.wav.wav
Kick E 3.wav.wav
Kick E 4.wav.wav
Kick E 5.wav.wav
Kick E 6.wav.wav
Kick F 1.wav.wav
Kick F 2.wav.wav
Kick F 3.wav.wav
Kick F 4.wav.wav
Kick F 5.wav.wav
Kick F 6.wav.wav
Kick F# 1.wav.wav
Kick F# 2.wav.wav
Kick F# 3.wav.wav
Kick F# 4.wav.wav
Kick F# 5.wav.wav
Kick F# 6.wav.wav
Kick G 1.wav.wav
Kick G 2.wav.wav
Kick G 3.wav.wav
Kick G 4.wav.wav
Kick G 5.wav.wav
Kick G 6.wav.wav
Kick G# 1.wav.wav