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EDM Snares V.1


Other then the kick, the snare is arguably the most important percussive element in any EDM track. We set out to make a pack of nothing but song ready snares for genres like Electro, House, Progressive, Electro House and more.

We layered, processed and EQ'd every sample until they sounded mix ready. Instead of searching through hundreds of samples to layer together, you can use these snares in minutes and get the same, if not better results. 

The custom Kontakt instrument that is included makes it even quicker to audition and layer the samples. Plus you have the benefits of controlling your sounds via MIDI. You also have controls for very musical reverb and delay in the Kontakt interface. But don't worry, if you don't have or use Kontakt, we included all of the samples as well. Here's what is included:

  • 75 Snares in WAV format
  • 1 Kontakt Instrument 

Check out the demo below to hear almost all of the snares in this pack. Every 4 hits the sample changes to a new one. And if you want to see just how easy it is to use the Kontakt version, check out the YouTube video below.

Premium File Contents
00_ESW Agreement .pdf.pdf
EDM Snares Art.png.png
EDM Snares V_1.nkm.nkm
Big EDM Snares.png.png
Snare 01.wav.wav
Snare 02.wav.wav
Snare 03.wav.wav
Snare 04.wav.wav
Snare 05.wav.wav
Snare 06.wav.wav
Snare 07.wav.wav
Snare 08.wav.wav
Snare 09.wav.wav
Snare 10.wav.wav
Snare 11.wav.wav
Snare 12.wav.wav
Snare 13.wav.wav
Snare 14.wav.wav
Snare 15.wav.wav
Snare 16.wav.wav
Snare 17.wav.wav
Snare 18.wav.wav
Snare 19.wav.wav
Snare 20.wav.wav
Snare 21.wav.wav
Snare 22.wav.wav
Snare 23.wav.wav
Snare 24.wav.wav
Snare 25.wav.wav
Snare 26.wav.wav
Snare 27.wav.wav
Snare 28.wav.wav
Snare 29.wav.wav
Snare 30.wav.wav
Snare 31.wav.wav
Snare 32.wav.wav
Snare 33.wav.wav
Snare 34.wav.wav
Snare 35.wav.wav
Snare 36.wav.wav
Snare 37.wav.wav
Snare 38.wav.wav
Snare 39.wav.wav
Snare 40.wav.wav
Snare 41.wav.wav
Snare 42.wav.wav
Snare 43.wav.wav
Snare 44.wav.wav
Snare 45.wav.wav
Snare 46.wav.wav
Snare 47.wav.wav
Snare 48.wav.wav
Snare 49.wav.wav
Snare 50.wav.wav
Snare 51.wav.wav
Snare 52.wav.wav
Snare 53.wav.wav
Snare 54.wav.wav
Snare 55.wav.wav
Snare 56.wav.wav
Snare 57.wav.wav
Snare 58.wav.wav
Snare 59.wav.wav
Snare 60.wav.wav
Snare 61.wav.wav
Snare 62.wav.wav
Snare 63.wav.wav
Snare 64.wav.wav
Snare 65.wav.wav
Snare 66.wav.wav
Snare 67.wav.wav
Snare 68.wav.wav
Snare 69.wav.wav
Snare 70.wav.wav
Snare 71.wav.wav
Snare 72.wav.wav
Snare 73.wav.wav
Snare 74.wav.wav
Snare 75.wav.wav
Snare 76.wav.wav