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“FUTURE HOUSE Bass Loops” contains 54 High Quality WAV Loops + 11 MIDI Files with an awesome Future House flavour!


Each Bass Loop has been meticulously crafted, carefully processed, BPM & Key Labelled Files... They will soar through your mix perfectly!

It’s that something you’ve been searching for inject a fresh and new style in your House fuelled tunes.


This really is a must have pack for all producers who love top artists as Oliver Helden, Tchami, Don Diablo, Jauz…
This compilation will provide you with the best sounds to take your productions and your live-set to the next level!

Every Loop is ready to drop straight into your productions and instantly lifting your tracks.


This WAV Loops are also perfect for Serato, Traktor, Ableton Live, Virtual DJ and all the other great DJ software.


Use it, Edit it, Play it, Record it or Release it as your Productions, DJ set or Live set!!!





•             54 WAV format Loops

•             44.1khz, 24Bit

•             BPM & Key Labelled Files

•             11 MIDI Files

•             100% Royalty Free



AUDIOZONE SAMPLES, the Future Sound of Tomorrow!

Premium File Contents
FUTURE HOUSE Bass Loops - artwork.png.png
FUTURE HOUSE Bass Loops - demo.mp3.mp3
FUTURE HOUSE Bass Loops - introduction.pdf.pdf
FHBL - A#m 125.mid.mid
FHBL - Am 127.mid.mid
FHBL - Cm 126.mid.mid
FHBL - Dm 126.mid.mid
FHBL - Em 125.mid.mid
FHBL - Em 126.mid.mid
FHBL - F#m 124.mid.mid
FHBL - Fm 124.mid.mid
FHBL - FMaj 124.mid.mid
FHBL - G#m 127.mid.mid
FHBL - Gm 125.mid.mid
FHBL - A#m 125_1.wav.wav
FHBL - A#m 125_2.wav.wav
FHBL - A#m 125_3.wav.wav
FHBL - Am 127_1.wav.wav
FHBL - Am 127_2.wav.wav
FHBL - Am 127_3.wav.wav
FHBL - Am 127_4.wav.wav
FHBL - Am 127_5.wav.wav
FHBL - Cm 126_1.wav.wav
FHBL - Cm 126_2.wav.wav
FHBL - Cm 126_3.wav.wav
FHBL - Cm 126_4.wav.wav
FHBL - Cm 126_5.wav.wav
FHBL - Cm 126_6.wav.wav
FHBL - Dm 126_1.wav.wav
FHBL - Dm 126_2.wav.wav
FHBL - Dm 126_3.wav.wav
FHBL - Dm 126_4.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 125_1.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 125_2.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 125_3.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 125_4.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 125_5.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 126_1.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 126_2.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 126_3.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 126_4.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 126_5.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 126_6.wav.wav
FHBL - Em 126_7.wav.wav
FHBL - F#m 124_1.wav.wav
FHBL - F#m 124_2.wav.wav
FHBL - F#m 124_3.wav.wav
FHBL - F#m 124_4.wav.wav
FHBL - F#m 124_5.wav.wav
FHBL - Fm 124_1.wav.wav
FHBL - Fm 124_2.wav.wav
FHBL - Fm 124_3.wav.wav
FHBL - Fm 124_4.wav.wav
FHBL - Fm 124_5.wav.wav
FHBL - FMaj 124_1.wav.wav
FHBL - FMaj 124_2.wav.wav
FHBL - FMaj 124_3.wav.wav
FHBL - FMaj 124_4.wav.wav
FHBL - FMaj 124_5.wav.wav
FHBL - FMaj 124_6.wav.wav
FHBL - G#m 127_1.wav.wav
FHBL - G#m 127_2.wav.wav
FHBL - G#m 127_3.wav.wav
FHBL - G#m 127_4.wav.wav
FHBL - Gm 125_1.wav.wav
FHBL - Gm 125_2.wav.wav
FHBL - Gm 125_3.wav.wav
FHBL - Gm 125_4.wav.wav
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