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Hyped Up Beats - Volume 1

The search for the ultimate beat kits are over! With Hyped Up Beats - Volume 1, Production master brings you 11 heavy house beat kits. Suitable for bass house, future house, house, club, electro house and EDM. There are 11 different flavors with each a heavy variation so you can mix and match to make it fit your song perfectly.

Inspired by artists such as: Oliver Heldens, Jauz, Knife Party, Ephwurd, Hi-Lo, Habstrakt, Curbi, Aaron Jackson, Kill the Noise, Duko, Showtek, Don Diablo, Tchami, Chris Lake, Jvst Say Yes, Mercer, Dyro, Ghastly, Karetus, AC Slater, Prok & Fitch, Badjokes, Sikdope.

This pack is completely split up in stems. All stems are perfectly compressed, eq'ed and ready to be dragged and dropped into your productions. No tweaking needed and 100% royalty free!




All products are created by top producers with years of experience who release top hits in the EDM industry. Our product creators have released music on labels such as:





These samples/presets were created by professional engineers, using the newest of available technologies developed in the synth and processor industry. All samples are perfectly processed (EQ, Compression, Saturation, Limiting, Stereo imaging) and recorded in the highest quality to ensure that our products are top of the line.





Our packs are 100% royalty free, and you are free to use these samples/presets in your own productions. Just drag and drop these into your projects and watch your songs come alive!

Premium File Contents
Production Master Hyped Up Beats vol. 1 DEMO.mp3.mp3
Beat 1 Hyped Clap-Snare.wav.wav
Beat 1 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 1 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 1 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 1 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 1 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 1 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 1 Main Hats.wav.wav
Beat 1 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 1 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 10 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 10 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 10 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 10 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 10 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 10 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 10 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 10 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 10 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 10 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 11 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 11 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 11 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 11 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 11 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 11 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 11 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 11 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 11 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 11 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 2 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 2 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 2 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 2 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 2 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 2 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 2 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 2 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 2 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 2 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 3 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 3 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 3 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 3 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 3 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 3 Clap.wav.wav
Beat 3 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 3 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 3 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 3 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 4 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 4 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 4 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 4 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 4 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 4 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 4 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 4 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 4 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 4 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 5 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 5 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 5 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 5 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 5 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 5 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 5 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 5 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 5 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 5 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 6 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 6 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 6 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 6 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 6 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 6 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 6 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 6 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 6 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 6 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 7 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 7 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 7 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 7 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 7 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 7 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 7 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 7 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 7 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 7 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 8 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 8 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 8 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 8 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 8 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 8 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 8 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 8 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 8 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 8 Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 9 Hyped Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 9 Hyped Kick.wav.wav
Beat 9 Hyped Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 9 Hyped Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 9 Hyped Top Loop.wav.wav
Beat 9 Clap - Snare.wav.wav
Beat 9 Kick.wav.wav
Beat 9 Main Hat.wav.wav
Beat 9 Percussion.wav.wav
Beat 9 Top Loop.wav.wav

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