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Impact is a 100 sound collection of light and heavy abstract hits sourced from lo-fi recordings of the destruction of laptops, mobile phones and a handheld games console. The sounds have been manipulated with extreme editing and digital processing - leaving little to no trace of the original recordings behind - to bring a series of production elements ready to drop into your latest trailer, environment or Industrial/EDM music production. Featuring huge sonic eruptions, metal on metal collisions, robotic movement, found sound snare drums, tech debris and more, this versatile array of sound effects may be just what you need to give your latest production that extra bit of Impact.


Premium File Contents
Impact - Abstract 01.wav
Impact - Abstract 02.wav
Impact - Abstract 03.wav
Impact - Abstract 04.wav
Impact - Abstract 05.wav
Impact - Abstract 06.wav
Impact - Abstract 07.wav
Impact - Abstract 08.wav
Impact - Abstract 09.wav
Impact - Abstract 10.wav
Impact - Abstract 11.wav
Impact - Abstract 12.wav
Impact - Bit Crush Degrade 01.wav
Impact - Bit Crush Degrade 02.wav
Impact - Dark Bass 01.wav
Impact - Dark Bass 02.wav
Impact - Dark Bass 03.wav
Impact - Dark Bass 04.wav
Impact - Dark Bass 05.wav
Impact - Dark Bass 06.wav
Impact - Dark Bass 07.wav
Impact - Delay Pass.wav
Impact - Distant.wav
Impact - Flanged Delayed.wav
Impact - Flanged.wav
Impact - Flutter 01.wav
Impact - Flutter 02.wav
Impact - Flutter 03.wav
Impact - Giant Metal Door Slam 01.wav
Impact - Giant Metal Door Slam 02.wav
Impact - Hi Hat.wav
Impact - Large Space 01.wav
Impact - Large Space 02.wav
Impact - Large Space 03.wav
Impact - Large Space 04.wav
Impact - Large Space 05.wav
Impact - Large Space Delay.wav
Impact - Light 01.wav
Impact - Light 02.wav
Impact - Light 03.wav
Impact - Light 04.wav
Impact - Light 05.wav
Impact - Light Delay 01.wav
Impact - Light Delay 02.wav
Impact - Light Delay 03.wav
Impact - Light Delay 04.wav
Impact - Light Delay 05.wav
Impact - Light Delay 06.wav
Impact - Light Dual Impact.wav
Impact - Lo-Fi.wav
Impact - Metallic Debris.wav
Impact - Notched.wav
Impact - Robot 01.wav
Impact - Robot 02.wav
Impact - Robot 03.wav
Impact - Rolling.wav
Impact - Servo 01.wav
Impact - Servo 02.wav
Impact - Servo 03.wav
Impact - Shimmer.wav
Impact - Snare 01.wav
Impact - Snare 02.wav
Impact - Snare 03.wav
Impact - Snare 04.wav
impact - Snare 05.wav
Impact - Snare 06.wav
Impact - Snare 07.wav
Impact - Snare 08.wav
Impact - Snare 09.wav
Impact - Snare 10.wav
Impact - Snare Roll.wav
Impact - Squelch.wav
Impact - Static.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 01.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 02.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 03.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 04.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 05.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 06.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 07.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 08.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 09.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 10.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 11.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 12.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 13.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 14.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 15.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 16.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 17.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 18.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 19.wav
Impact - Tech Debris 20.wav
Impact - Thud 01.wav
Impact - Thud 02.wav
Impact - Thud 03.wav
Impact - Weapon Gun Foley.wav
Impact - Whoosh 01.wav
Impact - Whoosh 02.wav
Impact - Whoosh 03.wav