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Impulse Cabinetism 2

The NRS quest for the perfect guitar tone continues. This time we have covered the grounds that are wild and hard to reach, for most. Our unique team of sound designers have, spent the last 6 months developing a brand new set of cabinet and mic impulse responses for you. Thanks to our custom mathematical equations and processing algorithms that aid us in accurate hardware modeling, we have reached a much wider than usual variety of sound possible. The final result closes the gap between our previous release and adds an inspiring selection of new tones which will fit both acoustic guitarist and aggressive rock-roll head or pure bass guitar virtuoso. We can guarantee that you will be very positively surprised. Try our mic-coloring IRs for gentle character or creative use, or dive deeper into guitar and bass cabs, to enjoy an experience full of wonderful tones and possibilities. Buckle up, it will be a wild ride.Details:
  • 64 impulse response samples
  • 48khz / 24bit wav files
  • Compatible with any convolution-reverb software
  • WAV + ReFill version (for Propellerhead Reason 8.3+ with 64 Combinator & RV7000mk2 patches)
Premium File Contents
Bass Amp Cabinets
Guitar Amp Cabinets
Mic Coloration
./IR WAV/Bass Amp Cabinets:
Bass Cab IR CCNA.wav
Bass Cab IR CCNB.wav
Bass Cab IR CCNC.wav
Bass Cab IR CCND.wav
Bass Cab IR CCNE.wav
Bass Cab IR CMDE.wav
Bass Cab IR ICNA.wav
Bass Cab IR ICNB.wav
Bass Cab IR ICNC.wav
Bass Cab IR ICND.wav
Bass Cab IR ICNE.wav
Bass Cab IR ISBD.wav
Bass Cab IR ISDC.wav
Bass Cab IR TCNA.wav
Bass Cab IR TCNB.wav
Bass Cab IR TCNC.wav
Bass Cab IR TCND.wav
Bass Cab IR TCNE.wav
Bass Cab IR TSBB.wav
Bass Cab IR TSDA.wav
./IR WAV/Guitar Amp Cabinets:
Guitar Cab IR CCNA.wav
Guitar Cab IR CCNB.wav
Guitar Cab IR CCNC.wav
Guitar Cab IR CCND.wav
Guitar Cab IR CCNE.wav
Guitar Cab IR CNBA.wav
Guitar Cab IR CSHA.wav
Guitar Cab IR CSHC.wav
Guitar Cab IR ICNA.wav
Guitar Cab IR ICNB.wav
Guitar Cab IR ICNC.wav
Guitar Cab IR ICND.wav
Guitar Cab IR ICNE.wav
Guitar Cab IR ISHA.wav
Guitar Cab IR ISWB.wav
Guitar Cab IR TCNA.wav
Guitar Cab IR TCNB.wav
Guitar Cab IR TCNC.wav
Guitar Cab IR TCND.wav
Guitar Cab IR TCNE.wav
Guitar Cab IR TCWC.wav
Guitar Cab IR TSHA.wav
Guitar Cab IR TSHB.wav
Guitar Cab IR TSWA.wav
./IR WAV/Mic Coloration:
Condenser Mic IR CCNA.wav
Condenser Mic IR ICNA.wav
Condenser Mic IR ISBB.wav
Condenser Mic IR TCNA.wav
Condenser Mic IR TSHB.wav
Dynamic Mic IR CCNA.wav
Dynamic Mic IR CSDB.wav
Dynamic Mic IR ICNB.wav
Dynamic Mic IR TCNC.wav
Dynamic Mic IR TCWB.wav
Hybrid Mic IR CSNA.wav
Hybrid Mic IR CSNB.wav
Hybrid Mic IR ICNM.wav
Hybrid Mic IR TCBB.wav
Hybrid Mic IR TCWA.wav
Ribbon Mic IR CCNA.wav
Ribbon Mic IR CSHM.wav
Ribbon Mic IR ICBM.wav
Ribbon Mic IR ICNM.wav
Ribbon Mic IR TCNB.wav