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Impulse Exploration 4

We are proud to present the next step in our impulse response research; Impulse Exploration 4. This time we have combined all the algorithms and processing techniques used in our previous IR-based products including FM, AM, time stretching, pitch-shifting, spectral-synthesis and multi-faceted manipulations, then added rhythmic elements, which result in tape echo-like sounds or metallic-comb textures. All of these new impulses were optimized with a slightly soft-warm feel which perfectly fits the mix. It’s an entire world of brand new processing effects and possibilities which can be easily unraveled within any convolution engine, ready to be explored. We hope you enjoy the trip.Details:
  • 64 impulse response samples
  • 48khz / 24bit wav files
  • Compatible with any convolution-reverb software
  • WAV + ReFill version (for Propellerhead Reason 8.3+ with 64 Combinator & RV7000mk2 patches)
Premium File Contents
Abnormal Date.wav
Alien Machine.wav
Anti Radiation.wav
Black Machine.wav
Blink Grind.wav
Blue Teleport.wav
Boom Bang.wav
Chord Cycle.wav
Cyber Lag.wav
Dark Data.wav
Dark Jumper.wav
Dirac Mist.wav
Dirac Texture.wav
Double Grain.wav
Down Burn.wav
Duck Chain.wav
Duo Sweeper.wav
Dynamic Suspenser.wav
FM Transformer.wav
Final Raster.wav
Ful Metal.wav
Gate Power.wav
High Techno.wav
Hyper Pure Noise.wav
Insane Trick.wav
Main Tone.wav
Marbled Perc.wav
Paper Dust.wav
Partial Jet.wav
Phased Brick.wav
Prince Tuk.wav
Radiation DC.wav
Restricted Grove.wav
Saw AI.wav
Sharp Edges.wav
Sine Grains.wav
Sliced Glitch.wav
Smoke Speed.wav
Sonic Robotnic.wav
Speed Bump.wav
Star Gaze.wav
Stretch Cloud.wav
Super Plastic.wav
Super Sweep.wav
Sweep Neutral.wav
Sweep Phaser.wav
Sweep Tight.wav
Swiper Mine.wav
Target Down.wav
Tight Thick.wav
Tonal Starter.wav
Trunk Track.wav
Ultra Durp.wav
Under Drop.wav
Up Zip.wav
Upper Sky.wav
Zip Gate.wav