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Melbourne Bounce - Huge One Shots

Melbourne Bounce – Huge One Shots is essential pack for Music Producer genre Melbourne Bounce. The file contains 130 WAV One-Shots. Great Vocal Shots and Synth Shots and give your productions a real bounce sound. Sounds inspired by Reece Low, Deorro, Will Sparks, D! RTY PALM, Workgloves, J-Trick, Jayy Fresh, Lefty and many others.

BangerSounds inspired by artists such as Thomas Newson, Afrojack, Blasterjaxx, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Showtek, Hardwell, Avicii, Deorro, Reece Low, Jayy Fresh, J-Trick, Lefty, Sean & Bobo, Tiesto, Quintino, FTampa, Ibranovski , Dropgun, Viveka, CubixRube, Sebastian Ivarsson,
Sodafreak, SCNDL, New World Sound, Lessware and many others.


All loops in this product are 100% Royalty Free. All the sounds contained in the package you can use in your productions without any hidden costs.

Product Features:

• 130 WAV files
• 30 Bass Shots
• 20 Claps
• 40 Bounce Kicks
• 20 Synth Shots
• 20 Vocal Bounce Shots
• 24-bit WAV files

Premium File Contents
Banger Music Records - Info.txt.txt
BASS 01.wav.wav
BASS 02.wav.wav
BASS 03.wav.wav
BASS 04.wav.wav
BASS 05.wav.wav
BASS 06.wav.wav
Loop 1.wav.wav
Loop 10.wav.wav
Loop 2.wav.wav
Loop 3.wav.wav
Loop 4.wav.wav
Loop 5.wav.wav
Loop 6.wav.wav
Loop 7.wav.wav
Loop 8.wav.wav
Loop 9.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 001.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 002.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 003.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 004.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 005.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 006.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 007.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 008.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 009.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 010.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 011.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 012.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 013.wav.wav
MBHOS - Bass Shot 014.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 01.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 02.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 03.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 04.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 05.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 06.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 07.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 08.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 09.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 10.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 11.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 12.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 13.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 14.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 15.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 16.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 17.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 18.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 19.wav.wav
MBHOS - Clap 20.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 001.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 002.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 003.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 004.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 005.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 006.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 007.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 008.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 009.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 010.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 011.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 012.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 013.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 014.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 015.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 016.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 017.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 018.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 019.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 020.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 021.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 022.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 023.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 024.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 025.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 026.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 027.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 028.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 029.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 030.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 031.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 032.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 033.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 034.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 035.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 036.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 037.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 038.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 039.wav.wav
MBHOS - Kick 040.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 001.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 002.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 003.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 004.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 005.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 006.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 007.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 008.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 009.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 010.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 011.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 012.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 013.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 014.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 015.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 016.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 017.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 018.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 019.wav.wav
MBHOS - Synth Shot 020.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 001.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 002.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 003.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 004.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 005.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 006.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 007.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 008.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 009.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 010.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 011.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 012.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 013.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 014.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 015.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 016.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 017.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 018.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 019.wav.wav
MBHOS - Vocal Shot 020.wav.wav