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MR10 Grey matter

YAMAHA MR-10 | grey matter

The MR-10 is a compact analogue drum machine from the early 80's. It features 5 pads that you can hit to trigger the sounds and some cheesy tango & waltz presets.

This tiny grey box has a rather characteristic sound, with a deep kick (somewhat reminiscent of the infamous 909) and a quite unique snare. The tone knob lets you shape the sound of the kit, and it is very efficient on the toms and snare. It sounds 200% analogue, but not like the usual suspects, so this carefully recorded WaveShaper pack will fit in any of your music productions, from electro pop to doom exotica !

As always, great care has been taken to keep the original sound alive and kicking with a high headroom, but some subtle tube coloring and compression assures you to make this kit sound unique.

The pro kit gathers 5 tone variations from each of the 7 individual sounds, in stereo, 24bit, 48khz wav files + a Kontakt instrument. It costs only $2.90.
The free kit lets you play with one full sample kit (7 sounds, mono, 16bit/44.1khz wav files).


Premium File Contents
./MR10 Grey Matter Kit NKI:
./MR10 Grey Matter Kit NKI/Documentation:
MR10 Grey Matter Kit.pdf
MR10 Grey Matter.jpg
ReadMe - WaveShaper Licence agreement.txt
waveshaper drum sample packs.URL
./MR10 Grey Matter Kit NKI/Instruments:
MR10 GM Full High Kit.nki
MR10 GM Full Low Kit.nki
MR10 GM Half High Kit.nki
MR10 GM Half Low Kit.nki
MR10 GM Normal Kit.nki
./MR10 Grey Matter Kit NKI/Samples:
MR10 - Full High - Cl Hat.wav
MR10 - Full High - Cymb.wav
MR10 - Full High - HiTom.wav
MR10 - Full High - Kick.wav
MR10 - Full High - Low Tom.wav
MR10 - Full High - Op Hat.wav
MR10 - Full High - Snare.wav
MR10 - Full Low - Cl Hat.wav
MR10 - Full Low - Cymb.wav
MR10 - Full Low - Hi Tom.wav
MR10 - Full Low - Kick.wav
MR10 - Full Low - Low Tom.wav
MR10 - Full Low - Op Hat.wav
MR10 - Full Low - Snare.wav
MR10 - Half High - Cl Hat.wav
MR10 - Half High - Cymb.wav
MR10 - Half High - HiTom.wav
MR10 - Half High - Kick.wav
MR10 - Half High - Low Tom.wav
MR10 - Half High - Op Hat.wav
MR10 - Half High - Snare.wav
MR10 - Half Low - Cl Hat.wav
MR10 - Half Low - Cymb.wav
MR10 - Half Low - Hi Tom.wav
MR10 - Half Low - Kick.wav
MR10 - Half Low - Low Tom.wav
MR10 - Half Low - Op Hat.wav
MR10 - Half Low - Snare.wav
MR10 - Normal - Cl Hat.wav
MR10 - Normal - Cymb.wav
MR10 - Normal - Hi Tom.wav
MR10 - Normal - Kick.wav
MR10 - Normal - Low Tom.wav
MR10 - Normal - Op Hat.wav
MR10 - Normal - Snare.wav