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Nu Electronic Gaze

Nu Electronic Gaze from Papas St Germain features over 600Mb of sun kissed samples for the summer.

Shimmering guitars, bouncy dub basslines, chilled crunchy beats, saturated synths and tripped out FX feature heavily with this library.

Inspired by the Nu Electronic sounds of BoC, Tycho and Ulrich Schnauss, the shoegaze guitars of MBV and slowdive as well as the usual ambient, dub and psychedelic influences. These samples are designed to give a blissed out psychedelic flavour to any genre of production.


Sheraton guitar Music Man Amplifier Line 6 ML4 Alesis Midi verb Electro harmonix big muff Electroharmonix Pulsar MPC 1000 PSP Audioware plugs Kaoss Pad Waves Kramer Tape Dub station Akai S1000

Premium File Contents
1 shot crust snare.wav.wav
1 shot deep kick.wav.wav
1 shot distort pulse chord.wav.wav
1 shot distort pulse glitch.wav.wav
1 shot hard kick.wav.wav
1 shot hat.wav.wav
1 shot kick.wav.wav
1 shot pulse chord 100 bpm.wav.wav
1 shot rim hit.wav.wav
1 shot snare white noise wav.wav.wav
1 shot soft chord 100 bpm.wav.wav
1 shot sub kick note.wav.wav
dubby kick.wav.wav
dubby snare.wav.wav
one shot dirty kick.wav.wav
one shot high snare.wav.wav
one shot subby kick.wav.wav
acid verb bassline.wav.wav
akari sub bass100 bpm.wav.wav
analogue squelch bass 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
bassline 1.wav.wav
bassline 2 eq and saturation.wav.wav
bassline e flat.wav.wav
clean bass line 1.wav.wav
clean bass line 2 95 bpm.wav.wav
clean bassline1.wav.wav
clean bassline2 95 bpm.wav.wav
distort bassline.wav.wav
higher bass line distorted 80bpm.wav.wav
higher bassline 80 bpm.wav.wav
kraut bass 120 bpm.wav.wav
low bass dub 80bpm.wav.wav
squelch bassline.wav.wav
tal bassline appreg105bpm.wav.wav
techre 1 bar glitch bassline 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre apregg bass line.wav.wav
techre bass 1 deep 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre bass stacatto 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre dist short bass 115 bpm.wav.wav
tet ableton blue bass.wav.wav
verse bassline bywan 105bpm.wav.wav
2 bar deep beat 90 bpm.wav.wav
4 2 floor kick drums 80 bpm.wav.wav
akai deep accent dub hop95 bpm.wav.wav
akari hot step bywan 105bpm.wav.wav
aut akai beat 2 105bpm.wav.wav
bongo beat 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
bywan akari beat 2 105bpm.wav.wav
chord beat 90 bpm.wav.wav
combo 4 4 beat 95 bpm 2nd version.wav.wav
combo 4 4 beat 95 bpm.wav.wav
combo beat kit 1 snare repeat.wav.wav
combo tech bywan 105bpm.wav.wav
cool hop95 bpm.wav.wav
deep akai95 bpm.wav.wav
deep beat blue 90 bpm.wav.wav
deep heat 90 bpm.wav.wav
dub roll echoes beat 4 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
dubbed 2 step 140 bpm.wav.wav
dubstation 4 by 4 2 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
electro pulse beat 2 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
electro textural 140 bpm.wav.wav
funk beat 2 105bpm.wav.wav
funk kingdom bywan 105bpm.wav.wav
heavy hop 2 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
heavy hop beat 4 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
hip hop jam 100 bpm.wav.wav
kick n rim beat wav.wav.wav
kraut beat 1 120 bpm.wav.wav
kraut beat 2 120 bpm.wav.wav
kraut d nb 120 bpm.wav.wav
kraut drum bass combo 120 bpm.wav.wav
liquid funk 4 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
liquid funk2 bars 80 bpm.wav.wav
mad beat 4 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
night shine comp 90 bpm.wav.wav
nu beat 90 bpm.wav.wav
nu tet beat wi guitar 80 bpm.wav.wav
nu tet beat 80 bpm.wav.wav
pump akai 2 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
pump dub combo 2 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
rumbledrums ping pong 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
Slow pump dub 90 bpm.wav.wav
sr 16 congo bywan 105bpm.wav.wav
stone beat 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
stone drums 80 bpm.wav.wav
tech tribe 1 100 bpm.wav.wav
tech tribe 2 100 bpm.wav.wav
tech tribe 3 100 bpm.wav.wav
techre double res dull kick 4 4 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre 1 bar 2 step off grid 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre 1 bar 4x4 kick 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre 1 bar click beat 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre beat 1 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre beat 2 click 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre beat 3 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre beat click beat.wav.wav
techre beat lo end dub.wav.wav
techre beat lo star steps.wav.wav
techre res dull kick 4 4 115 bpm.wav.wav
tet ableton akari dub hop.wav.wav
tet ableton bass and method.wav.wav
tet ableton beat pump dub 100 bpms.wav.wav
tet ableton new tet beat.wav.wav
tet ableton tet bass beat.wav.wav
train 2 step 140 bpm.wav.wav
tribal chill beat 4 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
tribal snare beat 2 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
triple kick beat 70 bpm.wav.wav
tweet 2 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
twink 2 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
3 note guitar loop 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
3 note reverse guitar loop 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
3rd melody Guitar 3 80bpm.wav.wav
abtract melody.wav.wav
balearic guitar 80 bpm.wav.wav
bywan e bow high notes 105bpm.wav.wav
bywan random e bow 105bpm.wav.wav
bywan slide notes 105bpm.wav.wav
chord shift melody.wav.wav
chords Guitar 4 80bpm.wav.wav
clean melody Guitar 2 80bpm.wav.wav
corsair chord bywan 105bpm.wav.wav
counter guit.wav.wav
dawn chorus melody guitar 2 bars 80 bpm.wav.wav
delay reverse guitar 8 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
e bow sunrise psych dream 4 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
glide guit.wav.wav
guitar glide pulsed 100 bpm.wav.wav
guitar soft chords 100 bpm.wav.wav
guitar chrds pckd 100 bpm.wav.wav
guitar counter chords 4 bars 80 bpm.wav.wav
guitar harmonics 2 bars 80 bpm.wav.wav
guitar harmonics melody.wav.wav
guitar main 4 bars 80 bpm.wav.wav
guitar melody bars 80 bpm.wav.wav
guitar octave chords.wav.wav
guitar pulsar melody.wav.wav
guitar pulsed 100 bpm.wav.wav
guitar reverse soft chords 100 bpm.wav.wav
guitar saturate chord 2 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
guitar siren 2 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
guitar4 espana melody.wav.wav
high pitch riff guitar 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
intricate loop 4 bars 80 bpm.wav.wav
kraut e bow melody 1 120 bpm kit 15.wav.wav
kraut e bow space sound 120 bpm kit 15.wav.wav
kraut guitar beach house120 bpm kit 15.wav.wav
Kraut guitar rotary guitar 120 bpm.wav.wav
little noodle 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
lullby 2 chord 4 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
main guitar melody95 bpm.wav.wav
melanchords 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
melted guitar saturate chord 2 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
nu gaze guitar ambient pad 8 bar 60 bpm.wav.wav
nu gaze guitar ambient pad muted 8 bar 60 bpm.wav.wav
nu gaze guitar glide 8 bar 60 bpm.wav.wav
nu gaze guitar glide reverse 8 bar 60 bpm.wav.wav
nu gaze guitar melody loop 8 bar 60 bpm.wav.wav
phx space guit 105 bpm.wav.wav
prog melody 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
reverse beauty 8 bars 100 bpm.wav.wav
reverse chords 80 bpm.wav.wav
rich chord95 bpm.wav.wav
saturn saturate guitar 95 bpm.wav.wav
short guit loop 1 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
slow melodyt.wav.wav
space phase 8 bars 100 bpm.wav.wav
sparkle melodyt.wav.wav
tet ableton guitar delay chime.wav.wav
tet ableton guitar sunshine reverse.wav.wav
tet ableton guitar sunshine.wav.wav
tet ableton main guitar part.wav.wav
vox 4 chord stinger guitar 95 bpm.wav.wav
b minor glitch laser 100 bpm.wav.wav
bass cool corder 100 bpm.wav.wav
beep 90 bpm.wav.wav
beep90 bpm.wav.wav
bleep sfx 2 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
dialogue dub echo.wav.wav
echo note sfx retuned.wav.wav
glass chime 2 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
kraut e bow sfx howls 120 bpm.wav.wav
life forms cave sfx 8 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
lmetallic space siren 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
morse code 4bars 100 bpm.wav.wav
nu gaze discordant plink loop 4 bar 60 bpm.wav.wav
sub vox reverse 2 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
submarine vox 4 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
SWELL SFX.wav.wav
tape rewind retune 95 bpm.wav.wav
tape rewind95 bpm.wav.wav
techre pulse fall sfx.wav.wav
techre reson fall sfx.wav.wav
vox aahhs 4 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
vox g minor echo 95 bpm.wav.wav
amb dub symp 8 bars 80 bpm.wav.wav
ambient ascent chord 2 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
ambient soul chords 3 and a half bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
back kaino 4bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
bywan space chords 105bpm.wav.wav
cave drips 70 bpm.wav.wav
chord drip95 bpm.wav.wav
clean sppoky ambient organ95 bpm.wav.wav
clean sppoky detroit strings 95 bpm.wav.wav
cors chords 100 bpm.wav.wav
corsair bywan chords 105bpm.wav.wav
dark twin 2 2 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
echo vox fsus4 4 bar 95 bpm.wav.wav
fantasy phase loop 70 bpm.wav.wav
flute pitch glitch1 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
g note pad 70 bpm.wav.wav
glass chime 16 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
high string tension 8 bar 80 bpm.wav.wav
kraut drone stereo spread120 bpm.wav.wav
kraut e bow synth 1 120 bpm.wav.wav
lpulse chord 80 bpm.wav.wav
lullby reverse 2 chord 4 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav
melotron violin.wav.wav
nu gaze meltron flute loop 4 bar.wav.wav
nu gaze kit 6 synth loop 2 bar 60 bpm.wav.wav
orchestral pad change 70 bpm.wav.wav
pad change e g f e 70 bpm.wav.wav
reverse melody95 bpm.wav.wav
reverse reverb95 bpm.wav.wav
short pulse glitch 80 bpm.wav.wav
space signal low end delayed.wav.wav
space signal pad 70 bpm.wav.wav
space signal pad e note 70 bpm.wav.wav
symphony 4 bar re eq 95 bpm.wav.wav
symphony 4 bar95 bpm.wav.wav
techre 1 bar synth pulse 115 bpm.wav.wav
techre discord strings flute.wav.wav
techre main chord synth tape.wav.wav
tet ableton dark reverse.wav.wav
vox aawooa 1 bar 90 bpm.wav.wav