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Premium EDM Kicks (Kick Drums, Sound Effects, Drum Loops)

Premium EDM Kicks - (Kick Drum Library)

Premium EDM Kicks - 50 of the punchiest EDM Bass Drums sourced from analogue hardware drum machines, layered, processed and mastered for maximum loudness.

Includes Attack Transients

40 Kick Transients will give your loops a new smack while the 25 Sound Effects will add impact to your breaks, and if you need to go harder, we’ve got you covered with 15 Distortion Kicks.

Bonus EDM Drum Loops

As if all that’s not enough, we’ve included 35 Pounding EDM Drum Loops as a Bonus. Loops are broken down into various parts including Percussion, Claps, Rides, and of course… the Kick!

Multi-Genre Kicks

These Premium EDM Kicks are perfect for any style of Electronic Dance Music including Deep House and Bass House, Techno, Trance, Electro & Progressive House, and more.

100% Royalty Free

As with all New Loops sample packs, once purchased Premium EDM Kicks is 100% royalty free to use in your songs and audio productions. 

Audio Wav Pack

Compatible with any DAW

Premium EDM Kicks audio wav pack is the universal format and works with all software compatible with .wav files including: FL Studio, Cubase, Pro Tools, Studio One, Logic Pro, Sonar, Reaper, and many other DAWS.

Wav Pack Features
  • 165 Total Audio Files
  • 50 Solid Kicks for the dance floor
  • 40 Kick Transients
  • 25 Kick FX (Impacts and SFX)
  • 15 Huge Distortion Kicks
  • 35 Bonus Drum Loop
  • Bonus Loops at 128 bpm
  • 24-bit/44.1 kHz audio
Wav Pack Requirements

Premium EDM Kicks wav pack works with any software compatible with the standard WAV (.wav) format. Pack Size: 103 MB


Premium File Contents
./Bonus Drum Loops:
Bonus Drum Loops 01.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 02.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 03.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 04.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 05.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 06.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 07.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 08.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 09.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 10.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 11.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 12.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 13.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 14.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 15.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 16.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 17.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 18.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 19.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 20.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 21.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 22.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 23.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 24.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 25.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 26.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 27.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 28.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 29.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 30.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 31.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 32.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 33.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 34.wav
Bonus Drum Loops 35.wav
Licence Agreement.pdf
Premium EDM Kicks - User Guide.pdf
Distortion Kicks
Kick FX
Kick Transients
Solid Kicks
./Kicks/Distortion Kicks:
Distortion Kicks 01.wav
Distortion Kicks 02.wav
Distortion Kicks 03.wav
Distortion Kicks 04.wav
Distortion Kicks 05.wav
Distortion Kicks 06.wav
Distortion Kicks 07.wav
Distortion Kicks 08.wav
Distortion Kicks 09.wav
Distortion Kicks 10.wav
Distortion Kicks 11.wav
Distortion Kicks 12.wav
Distortion Kicks 13.wav
Distortion Kicks 14.wav
Distortion Kicks 15.wav
./Kicks/Kick FX:
Kick FX 01.wav
Kick FX 02.wav
Kick FX 03.wav
Kick FX 04.wav
Kick FX 05.wav
Kick FX 06.wav
Kick FX 07.wav
Kick FX 08.wav
Kick FX 09.wav
Kick FX 10.wav
Kick FX 11.wav
Kick FX 12.wav
Kick FX 13.wav
Kick FX 14.wav
Kick FX 15.wav
Kick FX 16.wav
Kick FX 17.wav
Kick FX 18.wav
Kick FX 19.wav
Kick FX 20.wav
Kick FX 21.wav
Kick FX 22.wav
Kick FX 23.wav
Kick FX 24.wav
Kick FX 25.wav
./Kicks/Kick Transients:
Kick Transients 01.wav
Kick Transients 02.wav
Kick Transients 03.wav
Kick Transients 04.wav
Kick Transients 05.wav
Kick Transients 06.wav
Kick Transients 07.wav
Kick Transients 08.wav
Kick Transients 09.wav
Kick Transients 10.wav
Kick Transients 11.wav
Kick Transients 12.wav
Kick Transients 13.wav
Kick Transients 14.wav
Kick Transients 15.wav
Kick Transients 16.wav
Kick Transients 17.wav
Kick Transients 18.wav
Kick Transients 19.wav
Kick Transients 20.wav
Kick Transients 21.wav
Kick Transients 22.wav
Kick Transients 23.wav
Kick Transients 24.wav
Kick Transients 25.wav
Kick Transients 26.wav
Kick Transients 27.wav
Kick Transients 28.wav
Kick Transients 29.wav
Kick Transients 30.wav
Kick Transients 31.wav
Kick Transients 32.wav
Kick Transients 33.wav
Kick Transients 34.wav
Kick Transients 35.wav
Kick Transients 36.wav
Kick Transients 37.wav
Kick Transients 38.wav
Kick Transients 39.wav
Kick Transients 40.wav
./Kicks/Solid Kicks:
Solid Kick 01.wav
Solid Kick 02.wav
Solid Kick 03.wav
Solid Kick 04.wav
Solid Kick 05.wav
Solid Kick 06.wav
Solid Kick 07.wav
Solid Kick 08.wav
Solid Kick 09.wav
Solid Kick 10.wav
Solid Kick 11.wav
Solid Kick 12.wav
Solid Kick 13.wav
Solid Kick 14.wav
Solid Kick 15.wav
Solid Kick 16.wav
Solid Kick 17.wav
Solid Kick 18.wav
Solid Kick 19.wav
Solid Kick 20.wav
Solid Kick 21.wav
Solid Kick 22.wav
Solid Kick 23.wav
Solid Kick 24.wav
Solid Kick 25.wav
Solid Kick 26.wav
Solid Kick 27.wav
Solid Kick 28.wav
Solid Kick 29.wav
Solid Kick 30.wav
Solid Kick 31.wav
Solid Kick 32.wav
Solid Kick 33.wav
Solid Kick 34.wav
Solid Kick 35.wav
Solid Kick 36.wav
Solid Kick 37.wav
Solid Kick 38.wav
Solid Kick 39.wav
Solid Kick 40.wav
Solid Kick 41.wav
Solid Kick 42.wav
Solid Kick 43.wav
Solid Kick 44.wav
Solid Kick 45.wav
Solid Kick 46.wav
Solid Kick 47.wav
Solid Kick 48.wav
Solid Kick 49.wav
Solid Kick 50.wav

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