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Techno Superpack

From the early days of Techno, to now, the EDM scene has grown into a worldwide-cultural phenomenon expanding far beyond the underground roots it once sprung from. Nowadays, with the mere click of a mouse, you can receive everything you could possibly require to start knocking out big time dance-floor tunes. Our Techno Superpack comes packed with 375 deep techno samples to integrate into your productions. Create masterful compositions laden with deep, pulsating bass and powerful, classic synth work. Present your craft to listeners and get ready to unleash them on the dance-floor with sounds direct from our Techno Superpack!

Each massive Techno Superpack consists of:


-40 Hats & Cymbals

-30 Drum Kicks

-30 Claps & Snares

-50 Drum Beats


-50 Bass Loops

-50 Bass One-shots


-20 Melodic Synth Loops

-20 Synth hits

-25 Synth Shots

FX: 60 Cutting-edge sound effects.

Total: 375 Samples

Please note that all Samples are in WAV format - 24bit - 44.100 khz

Premium File Contents
Techno Superpack - License Agreement.pdf.pdf
Techno Superpack - Specifications.pdf.pdf
Bass loop 114bpm 01.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 02.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 03.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 04.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 05.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 06.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 07.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 08.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 09.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 10.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 11.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 12.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 13.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 14.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 15.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 16.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 17.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 18.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 19.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 20.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 21.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 22.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 23.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 24.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 25.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 26.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 27.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 28.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 29.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 30.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 31.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 32.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 33.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 34.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 35.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 36.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 37.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 38.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 39.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 40.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 41.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 42.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 43.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 44.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 45.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 46.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 47.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 48.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 49.wav.wav
Bass loop 125bpm 50.wav.wav
Bass Shot 01.wav.wav
Bass Shot 02.wav.wav
Bass Shot 03.wav.wav
Bass Shot 04.wav.wav
Bass Shot 05.wav.wav
Bass Shot 06.wav.wav
Bass Shot 07.wav.wav
Bass Shot 08.wav.wav
Bass Shot 09.wav.wav
Bass Shot 10.wav.wav
Bass Shot 11.wav.wav
Bass Shot 12.wav.wav
Bass Shot 13.wav.wav
Bass Shot 14.wav.wav
Bass Shot 15.wav.wav
Bass Shot 16.wav.wav
Bass Shot 17.wav.wav
Bass Shot 18.wav.wav
Bass Shot 19.wav.wav
Bass Shot 20.wav.wav
Bass Shot 21.wav.wav
Bass Shot 22.wav.wav
Bass Shot 23.wav.wav
Bass Shot 24.wav.wav
Bass Shot 25.wav.wav
Bass Shot 26.wav.wav
Bass Shot 27.wav.wav
Bass Shot 28.wav.wav
Bass Shot 29.wav.wav
Bass Shot 30.wav.wav
Bass Shot 31.wav.wav
Bass Shot 32.wav.wav
Bass Shot 33.wav.wav
Bass Shot 34.wav.wav
Bass Shot 35.wav.wav
Bass Shot 36.wav.wav
Bass Shot 37.wav.wav
Bass Shot 38.wav.wav
Bass Shot 39.wav.wav
Bass Shot 40.wav.wav
Bass Shot 41.wav.wav
Bass Shot 42.wav.wav
Bass Shot 43.wav.wav
Bass Shot 44.wav.wav
Bass Shot 45.wav.wav
Bass Shot 46.wav.wav
Bass Shot 47.wav.wav
Bass Shot 48.wav.wav
Bass Shot 49.wav.wav
Bass Shot 50.wav.wav
Clap 01.wav.wav
Clap 02.wav.wav
Clap 03.wav.wav
Clap 04.wav.wav
Clap 05.wav.wav
Clap 06.wav.wav
Clap 07.wav.wav
Clap 08.wav.wav
Clap 09.wav.wav
Clap 10.wav.wav
Clap 11.wav.wav
Clap 12.wav.wav
Clap 13.wav.wav
Clap 14.wav.wav
Clap 15.wav.wav
Snare 01.wav.wav
Snare 02.wav.wav
Snare 03.wav.wav
Snare 04.wav.wav
Snare 05.wav.wav
Snare 06.wav.wav
Snare 07.wav.wav
Snare 08.wav.wav
Snare 09.wav.wav
Snare 10.wav.wav
Snare 11.wav.wav
Snare 112.wav.wav
Snare 12.wav.wav
Snare 13.wav.wav
Snare 14.wav.wav
Snare 15.wav.wav
Cymbal 01.wav.wav
Cymbal 02.wav.wav
Cymbal 03.wav.wav
Cymbal 04.wav.wav
Cymbal 05.wav.wav
Cymbal 06.wav.wav
Cymbal 07.wav.wav
Cymbal 08.wav.wav
Cymbal 09.wav.wav
Cymbal 10.wav.wav
Cymbal 11.wav.wav
Cymbal 12.wav.wav
Cymbal 13.wav.wav
Cymbal 14.wav.wav
Cymbal 15.wav.wav
Drums Loop 01.wav.wav
Drums Loop 02.wav.wav
Drums Loop 03.wav.wav
Drums Loop 04.wav.wav
Drums Loop 05.wav.wav
Drums Loop 06.wav.wav
Drums Loop 07.wav.wav
Drums Loop 08.wav.wav
Drums Loop 09.wav.wav
Drums Loop 10.wav.wav
Drums Loop 11.wav.wav
Drums Loop 12.wav.wav
Drums Loop 13.wav.wav
Drums Loop 14.wav.wav
Drums Loop 15.wav.wav
Drums Loop 16.wav.wav
Drums Loop 17.wav.wav
Drums Loop 18.wav.wav
Drums Loop 19.wav.wav
Drums Loop 20.wav.wav
Drums Loop 21.wav.wav
Drums Loop 22.wav.wav
Drums Loop 23.wav.wav
Drums Loop 24.wav.wav
Drums Loop 25.wav.wav
Drums Loop 26.wav.wav
Drums Loop 27.wav.wav
Drums Loop 28.wav.wav
Drums Loop 29.wav.wav
Drums Loop 30.wav.wav
Drums Loop 31.wav.wav
Drums Loop 32.wav.wav
Drums Loop 33.wav.wav
Drums Loop 34.wav.wav
Drums Loop 35.wav.wav
Drums Loop 36.wav.wav
Drums Loop 37.wav.wav
Drums Loop 38.wav.wav
Drums Loop 39.wav.wav
Drums Loop 40.wav.wav
Drums Loop 41.wav.wav
Drums Loop 42.wav.wav
Drums Loop 43.wav.wav
Drums Loop 44.wav.wav
Drums Loop 45.wav.wav
Drums Loop 46.wav.wav
Drums Loop 47.wav.wav
Drums Loop 48.wav.wav
Drums Loop 49.wav.wav
Drums Loop 50.wav.wav
Hat 01.wav.wav
Hat 02.wav.wav
Hat 03.wav.wav
Hat 04.wav.wav
Hat 05.wav.wav
Hat 06.wav.wav
Hat 07.wav.wav
Hat 08.wav.wav
Hat 09.wav.wav
Hat 10.wav.wav
Hat 11.wav.wav
Hat 12.wav.wav
Hat 13.wav.wav
Hat 14.wav.wav
Hat 15.wav.wav
Hat 16.wav.wav
Hat 17.wav.wav
Hat 18.wav.wav
Hat 19.wav.wav
Hat 20.wav.wav
Hat 21.wav.wav
Hat 22.wav.wav
Hat 23.wav.wav
Hat 24.wav.wav
Hat 25.wav.wav
Kick 01.wav.wav
Kick 02.wav.wav
Kick 03.wav.wav
Kick 04.wav.wav
Kick 05.wav.wav
Kick 06.wav.wav
Kick 07.wav.wav
Kick 08.wav.wav
Kick 09.wav.wav
Kick 10.wav.wav
Kick 11.wav.wav
Kick 12.wav.wav
Kick 13.wav.wav
Kick 14.wav.wav
Kick 15.wav.wav
Kick 16.wav.wav
Kick 17.wav.wav
Kick 18.wav.wav
Kick 19.wav.wav
Kick 20.wav.wav
Kick 21.wav.wav
Kick 22.wav.wav
Kick 23.wav.wav
Kick 24.wav.wav
Kick 25.wav.wav
Kick 26.wav.wav
Kick 27.wav.wav
Kick 28.wav.wav
Kick 29.wav.wav
Kick 30.wav.wav
FX 01.wav.wav
FX 02.wav.wav
FX 03.wav.wav
FX 04.wav.wav
FX 05.wav.wav
FX 06.wav.wav
FX 07.wav.wav
FX 08.wav.wav
FX 09.wav.wav
FX 10.wav.wav
FX 11.wav.wav
FX 12.wav.wav
FX 13.wav.wav
FX 14.wav.wav
FX 15.wav.wav
FX 16.wav.wav
FX 17.wav.wav
FX 18.wav.wav
FX 19.wav.wav
FX 20.wav.wav
FX 21.wav.wav
FX 22.wav.wav
FX 23.wav.wav
FX 24.wav.wav
FX 25.wav.wav
FX 26.wav.wav
FX 27.wav.wav
FX 28.wav.wav
FX 29.wav.wav
FX 30.wav.wav
FX 31.wav.wav
FX 32.wav.wav
FX 33.wav.wav
FX 34.wav.wav
FX 35.wav.wav
FX 36.wav.wav
FX 37.wav.wav
FX 38.wav.wav
FX 39.wav.wav
FX 40.wav.wav
FX 41.wav.wav
FX 42.wav.wav
FX 43.wav.wav
FX 44.wav.wav
FX 45.wav.wav
FX 46.wav.wav
FX 47.wav.wav
FX 48.wav.wav
FX 49.wav.wav
FX 50.wav.wav
FX 51.wav.wav
FX 52.wav.wav
FX 53.wav.wav
FX 54.wav.wav
FX 55.wav.wav
FX 56.wav.wav
FX 57.wav.wav
FX 58.wav.wav
FX 59.wav.wav
FX 60.wav.wav
Synth Hit 01.wav.wav
Synth Hit 02.wav.wav
Synth Hit 03.wav.wav
Synth Hit 04.wav.wav
Synth Hit 05.wav.wav
Synth Hit 06.wav.wav
Synth Hit 07.wav.wav
Synth Hit 08.wav.wav
Synth Hit 09.wav.wav
Synth Hit 10.wav.wav
Synth Hit 11.wav.wav
Synth Hit 12.wav.wav
Synth Hit 13.wav.wav
Synth Hit 14.wav.wav
Synth Hit 15.wav.wav
Synth Hit 16.wav.wav
Synth Hit 17.wav.wav
Synth Hit 18.wav.wav
Synth Hit 19.wav.wav
Synth Hit 20.wav.wav
Synth Loop 01.wav.wav
Synth Loop 02.wav.wav
Synth Loop 03.wav.wav
Synth Loop 04.wav.wav
Synth Loop 05.wav.wav
Synth Loop 06.wav.wav
Synth Loop 07.wav.wav
Synth Loop 08.wav.wav
Synth Loop 09.wav.wav
Synth Loop 10.wav.wav
Synth Loop 11.wav.wav
Synth Loop 12.wav.wav
Synth Loop 13.wav.wav
Synth Loop 14.wav.wav
Synth Loop 15.wav.wav
Synth Loop 16.wav.wav
Synth Loop 17.wav.wav
Synth Loop 18.wav.wav
Synth Loop 19.wav.wav
Synth Loop 20.wav.wav
Synth Shot 01.wav.wav
Synth Shot 02.wav.wav
Synth Shot 03.wav.wav
Synth Shot 04.wav.wav
Synth Shot 05.wav.wav
Synth Shot 06.wav.wav
Synth Shot 07.wav.wav
Synth Shot 08.wav.wav
Synth Shot 09.wav.wav
Synth Shot 10.wav.wav
Synth Shot 11.wav.wav
Synth Shot 12.wav.wav
Synth Shot 13.wav.wav
Synth Shot 14.wav.wav
Synth Shot 15.wav.wav
Synth Shot 16.wav.wav
Synth Shot 17.wav.wav
Synth Shot 18.wav.wav
Synth Shot 19.wav.wav
Synth Shot 20.wav.wav
Synth Shot 21.wav.wav
Synth Shot 22.wav.wav
Synth Shot 23.wav.wav
Synth Shot 24.wav.wav
Synth Shot 25.wav.wav