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THE ONE: Producer's Choice

THE ONE proudly presents to you THE ONE: Producer's Choice, coming with 6 FL Studio templates + additional files.

This pack of DAW templates features templates that have been slowly crafted over a long period of time by the founder Steve Hilo, who made his own templates to enhance the workflow and musical quality of his work.
These templates are now available for you to buy!
You do now have the chance to not only sound like a real professional, but to also enhance your workflow and make wonderful music faster.

In THE ONE: Producer's Choice you get two creation templates, two mixing templates, and two mastering templates. All templates involve color grouping for easy usage, and a very strong routing system in the mixer.
Along with these templates you get further mixerpresets for FL Studio, as well as a manual for the creation, mixing, and mastering templates - so you can get as much out of these templates as possible.
In these manuals we help you set up the templates, and we also outline the different options and features that you have at your disposal.

Why should you buy these templates?
 - They are crafted by a well experienced producer who knows what a good workflow is
 - They feature innovative techniques that the professional producers won't talk about in the first place
 - They are really good looking, which enhances your joy in making music
 - They are made in such a way that it's easy to maintain good gainstaging

Have a look at the MP3 demo tracks, that have been made using these templates. Who knows - these templates might become the one thing that took your music to the next level!

Full specifications:
 - A total of 6 templates for FL Studio 12.0.2
 - 12 mixerpresets
 - 1 extra wav-file (a handcrafted ghostkick)
 - 3 manuals
 - 6 instances of Sytrus, featuring 3 different presets
 - Full list of free thirdparty plugins being used in the templates

Premium File Contents
READ ME.pdf.pdf
Introduction + Pluginlist.pdf.pdf
Ghost Kick (Sidechain triggerer).wav.wav
Setup 01.jpg.jpg
Setup 02A.jpg.jpg
Setup 02B.jpg.jpg
Setup 02C.jpg.jpg
Setup 01.jpg.jpg
Setup 02A.jpg.jpg
Setup 02B.jpg.jpg
Setup 01A.jpg.jpg
Setup 01B.jpg.jpg
Setup 02A.jpg.jpg
Setup 02B.jpg.jpg
Setup 02C.jpg.jpg
Ambience Send Mixer State - stock plugins only.fst.fst
Ambience Send Mixer State - with free thirdparty plugins.fst.fst
Background Noise Mixer State.fst.fst
Kick Submix Mixer State.fst.fst
Kick Transient Mixer State.fst.fst
Master Mixer State - with free thirdparty plugins.fst.fst
Pre-Master Mixer State - with free thirdparty plugins.fst.fst
Standard Mixer State.fst.fst
Subkick Mixer State.fst.fst
Topkick Mixer State.fst.fst
FX chain example - stock plugins only.fst.fst
FX chain example - with free thirdparty plugins.fst.fst
Creation - stock plugins only.flp.flp
Creation - with thirdparty free plugins.flp.flp
Mastering - stock plugins only.flp.flp
Mastering - with thirdparty free plugins.flp.flp
Mixing - stock plugins only.flp.flp
Mixing - with thirdparty free plugins.flp.flp

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