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Top Tech

This pack contains 64 ultra hot percussion and top loops which can be used in a wide range of house and techno styles of music.

We offer groovy, pulsating and crispy sounds that give deepness and sharpness to your tunes. Just add your favorite kick and the drum section is done!

Sample pack available in WAV and REX2 formats.

Premium File Contents
3Knd Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Arc Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Argo Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Basique Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Berlin Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Blink Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Blip Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Cavish Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
Chamber Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Circuit Nokick 122.rx2.rx2
Clicker Nokick 124.rx2.rx2
Cokoo Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Control Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
Cpucore Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Cracky Nokick 124.rx2.rx2
Crispy Nokick 127.rx2.rx2
Cside Nokick 127.rx2.rx2
Dervish Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Doubleclick Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
Echo6 Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Finam Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
IO Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Ionic Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
JP1 Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Klingy Nokick 122.rx2.rx2
Knob Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
Kspace Nokick 127.rx2.rx2
Lastpage Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Leak Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
LFAO Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Logus Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Lopus Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
LRock Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Metro Nokick 127.rx2.rx2
Nanobot Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Nox Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Operate Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
Oreol Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Patron Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Petrol Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
Pew Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Phloa Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Pill Nokick 127.rx2.rx2
Plotva Nokick 127.rx2.rx2
Polar Nokick 120.rx2.rx2
Quest Nokick 120.rx2.rx2
Respond Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Scheme Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
Semi Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Shake Nokick 127.rx2.rx2
Shuttle Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Sneak Nokick 120.rx2.rx2
Spacebird Nokick 126.rx2.rx2
Steam Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Strata Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
SWire Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Transist Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Triod Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Vin Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Vreal Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Walker Nokick 125.rx2.rx2
Web Nokick 123.rx2.rx2
Zelda Nokick 128.rx2.rx2
Zram Nokick 120.rx2.rx2
3Knd Nokick 128.wav.wav
Arc Nokick 125.wav.wav
Argo Nokick 125.wav.wav
Basique Nokick 125.wav.wav
Berlin Nokick 125.wav.wav
Blink Nokick 128.wav.wav
Blip Nokick 128.wav.wav
Cavish Nokick 123.wav.wav
Chamber Nokick 128.wav.wav
Circuit Nokick 122.wav.wav
Clicker Nokick 124.wav.wav
Cokoo Nokick 128.wav.wav
Control Nokick 123.wav.wav
Cpucore Nokick 128.wav.wav
Cracky Nokick 124.wav.wav
Crispy Nokick 127.wav.wav
Cside Nokick 127.wav.wav
Dervish Nokick 125.wav.wav
Doubleclick Nokick 123.wav.wav
Echo6 Nokick 128.wav.wav
Finam Nokick 128.wav.wav
IO Nokick 128.wav.wav
Ionic Nokick 125.wav.wav
JP1 Nokick 125.wav.wav
Klingy Nokick 122.wav.wav
Knob Nokick 123.wav.wav
Kspace Nokick 127.wav.wav
Lastpage Nokick 125.wav.wav
Leak Nokick 123.wav.wav
LFAO Nokick 128.wav.wav
Logus Nokick 125.wav.wav
Lopus Nokick 125.wav.wav
LRock Nokick 125.wav.wav
Metro Nokick 127.wav.wav
Nanobot Nokick 128.wav.wav
Nox Nokick 125.wav.wav
Operate Nokick 123.wav.wav
Oreol Nokick 128.wav.wav
Patron Nokick 128.wav.wav
Petrol Nokick 123.wav.wav
Pew Nokick 128.wav.wav
Phloa Nokick 128.wav.wav
Pill Nokick 127.wav.wav
Plotva Nokick 127.wav.wav
Polar Nokick 120.wav.wav
Quest Nokick 120.wav.wav
Respond Nokick 128.wav.wav
Scheme Nokick 123.wav.wav
Semi Nokick 125.wav.wav
Shake Nokick 127.wav.wav
Shuttle Nokick 125.wav.wav
Sneak Nokick 120.wav.wav
Spacebird Nokick 126.wav.wav
Steam Nokick 128.wav.wav
Strata Nokick 125.wav.wav
SWire Nokick 128.wav.wav
Transist Nokick 128.wav.wav
Triod Nokick 125.wav.wav
Vin Nokick 125.wav.wav
Vreal Nokick 125.wav.wav
Walker Nokick 125.wav.wav
Web Nokick 123.wav.wav
Zelda Nokick 128.wav.wav
Zram Nokick 120.wav.wav