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Trap Superpack

Are you a trap producer? When you play back your tunes, do you find that your studio doesnt shake in a manner resembling the catastrophic occurrences of massive earthquakes? If so, it sounds like you could use a little help in the area of finding quality samples and beat packs to apply to your productions. Well, we here at Premier Sound Bank have got you covered. With almost 400 samples in all, we extensively arm you with absolutely everything you could possibly need to get started producing the biggest trap bangers that your imagination can muster up.  Why not seize a valuable opportunity and take a chance at improving your productions in one of the fastest growing, and most popular EDM genres of today? Each Trap Superpack contains everything from the hardest hitting, and crispiest drums,  beautifully composed strings, miscellaneous percussion instruments, and everything in between!

Below you can find a full description of all that is included:



-29 Claps & Snares

-32 Drum Loops

-25 Hats & Cymbals

-20 Drum Kicks

-33 Percussion Samples 

Orchestral One Shots:

-29 Horns, Trumpets, & Trombones.

-13 Violin Samples 


-76 Synth Loops

-48 Synth Shots

Special Loops: 30 

Special One-shots: 17

FX: 28 Cutting-edge Sound Effects.


Total: 380 sounds

Please note that all Samples are in WAV format - 24bit - 44.100 khz

Premium File Contents
Trap Superpack - License Agreement.pdf.pdf
Trap Superpack - Specifications.pdf.pdf
Clap 1.wav.wav
Clap 2.wav.wav
Clap 3.wav.wav
Clap 4.wav.wav
Clap 5.wav.wav
Rimshot 1.wav.wav
Rimshot 2.wav.wav
Rimshot 3.wav.wav
Rimshot 4.wav.wav
Rimshot 5.wav.wav
Snare 1.wav.wav
Snare 10.wav.wav
Snare 11.wav.wav
Snare 12.wav.wav
Snare 13.wav.wav
Snare 14.wav.wav
Snare 15.wav.wav
Snare 16.wav.wav
Snare 2.wav.wav
Snare 3.wav.wav
Snare 4.wav.wav
Snare 5.wav.wav
Snare 6.wav.wav
Snare 7.wav.wav
Snare 8.wav.wav
Snare 9.wav.wav
Snare Clap 1.wav.wav
Snare Clap 2.wav.wav
Snare Clap 3.wav.wav
Beat 1.wav.wav
Beat 2.wav.wav
Beat 3.wav.wav
Beat 4.wav.wav
Hats Loop 1.wav.wav
Hats Loop 2.wav.wav
Hats Loop 3.wav.wav
Hats Loop 4.wav.wav
Hats Loop 5.wav.wav
Kick loop 1.wav.wav
Kick loop 2.wav.wav
Kick loop 3.wav.wav
Kick loop 4.wav.wav
Kick loop 5.wav.wav
Kick loop 6.wav.wav
Snare Loop 1.wav.wav
Snare Loop 10.wav.wav
Snare Loop 11.wav.wav
Snare Loop 12.wav.wav
Snare Loop 2.wav.wav
Snare Loop 3.wav.wav
Snare Loop 4.wav.wav
Snare Loop 5.wav.wav
Snare Loop 6.wav.wav
Snare Loop 7.wav.wav
Snare Loop 8.wav.wav
Snare Loop 9.wav.wav
Toms loop 1.wav.wav
Toms loop 2.wav.wav
Toms loop 3.wav.wav
Toms loop 4.wav.wav
Toms loop 5.wav.wav
Closed Hat 1.wav.wav
Closed Hat 10.wav.wav
Closed Hat 2.wav.wav
Closed Hat 3.wav.wav
Closed Hat 4.wav.wav
Closed Hat 5.wav.wav
Closed Hat 6.wav.wav
Closed Hat 7.wav.wav
Closed Hat 8.wav.wav
Closed Hat 9.wav.wav
Cymbal 1.wav.wav
Cymbal 2.wav.wav
Cymbal 3.wav.wav
Cymbal 4.wav.wav
Cymbal 5.wav.wav
Cymbal 6.wav.wav
Open Hat 1.wav.wav
Open Hat 2.wav.wav
Open Hat 3.wav.wav
Open Hat 4.wav.wav
Open Hat 5.wav.wav
Open Hat 6.wav.wav
Open Hat 7.wav.wav
Open Hat 8.wav.wav
Kick Long 1.wav.wav
Kick Long 10.wav.wav
Kick Long 11.wav.wav
Kick Long 12.wav.wav
Kick Long 13.wav.wav
Kick Long 14.wav.wav
Kick Long 15.wav.wav
Kick Long 16.wav.wav
Kick Long 2.wav.wav
Kick Long 3.wav.wav
Kick Long 4.wav.wav
Kick Long 5.wav.wav
Kick Long 6.wav.wav
Kick Long 7.wav.wav
Kick Long 8.wav.wav
Kick Long 9.wav.wav
Kick Short 1.wav.wav
Kick Short 2.wav.wav
Kick Short 3.wav.wav
Kick Short 4.wav.wav
Boom 1.wav.wav
Boom 2.wav.wav
Clave 1.wav.wav
Clave 2.wav.wav
Cowbell 1.wav.wav
Cowbell 2.wav.wav
Cowbell 3.wav.wav
Hi Conga 1.wav.wav
Hi Conga 2.wav.wav
Hi Tom 1.wav.wav
Hi Tom 2.wav.wav
Hi Tom 3.wav.wav
Lo Conga 1.wav.wav
Lo Conga 2.wav.wav
Lo Conga 3.wav.wav
Lo Tom 1.wav.wav
Lo Tom 2.wav.wav
Lo Tom 3.wav.wav
Lo Tom 4.wav.wav
Mid Conga 1.wav.wav
Mid Conga 2.wav.wav
Mid Tom 1.wav.wav
Mid Tom 2.wav.wav
Mid Tom 3.wav.wav
Mid Tom 4.wav.wav
Perc Metal 1.wav.wav
Perc Metal 2.wav.wav
Perc Metal 3.wav.wav
Perc Metal 4.wav.wav
Tamb 1.wav.wav
Tamb 2.wav.wav
FX 1.wav.wav
FX 10.wav.wav
FX 11.wav.wav
FX 12.wav.wav
FX 13.wav.wav
FX 14.wav.wav
FX 15.wav.wav
FX 16.wav.wav
FX 17.wav.wav
FX 18.wav.wav
FX 19.wav.wav
FX 2.wav.wav
FX 20.wav.wav
FX 21.wav.wav
FX 22.wav.wav
FX 23.wav.wav
FX 24.wav.wav
FX 25.wav.wav
FX 26.wav.wav
FX 27.wav.wav
FX 28.wav.wav
FX 3.wav.wav
FX 4.wav.wav
FX 5.wav.wav
FX 6.wav.wav
FX 7.wav.wav
FX 8.wav.wav
FX 9.wav.wav
Brass All Long (E1).wav.wav
Brass All Long (E1+2+3).wav.wav
Brass All Long (E2).wav.wav
Brass All Long (E3).wav.wav
Brass All Stac (E1).wav.wav
Brass All Stac (E2).wav.wav
Brass All Stac (E3).wav.wav
Horn Long (E1).wav.wav
Horn Long (E2).wav.wav
Horn Long (E3).wav.wav
Horn Stac (E1).wav.wav
Horn Stac (E2).wav.wav
Horn Stac (E3).wav.wav
Trombone Long (E1).wav.wav
Trombone Long (E2).wav.wav
Trombone Long (E3).wav.wav
Trombone Stac (E1).wav.wav
Trombone Stac (E2).wav.wav
Trombone Stac (E3).wav.wav
Trumpet Long (E2).wav.wav
Trumpet Long (E3).wav.wav
Trumpet Stac (E2).wav.wav
Trumpet Stac (E3).wav.wav
Tuba Long (E1).wav.wav
Tuba Long (E2).wav.wav
Tuba Stac (E1).wav.wav
Tuba Stac (E2).wav.wav
Basse (E0).wav.wav
Basse (E1).wav.wav
Cello (E1).wav.wav
Cello (E2).wav.wav
Viola (E2).wav.wav
Viola (E3).wav.wav
Viola (E4).wav.wav
Violin (E3).wav.wav
Violin (E4).wav.wav
Violin (E5).wav.wav
Violin 2 (E3).wav.wav
Violin 2 (E4).wav.wav
Violins All (E).wav.wav
(B) Special Loop 1.wav.wav
(B) Special Loop 2.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 10.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 11.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 12.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 13.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 14.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 15.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 16.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 17.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 18.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 19.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 20.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 21.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 22.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 23.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 24.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 25.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 26.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 3.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 4.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 5.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 6.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 7.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 8.wav.wav
(E) Special Loop 9.wav.wav
(F#) Synth Loop 27.wav.wav
(G) Special Loop 28.wav.wav
(G) Special Loop 29.wav.wav
(G) Special Loop 30.wav.wav
(A) Special Shot 1.wav.wav
(C) Special Shot 2.wav.wav
(D) Special Shot 3.wav.wav
(D) Special Shot 4.wav.wav
(D) Special Shot 5.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 10.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 11.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 12.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 13.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 14.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 6.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 7.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 8.wav.wav
(E) Special Shot 9.wav.wav
(F) Special Shot 15.wav.wav
(G) Special Shot 16.wav.wav
(G) Special Shot 17.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 1.wav.wav
(A) Synth Loop 2.wav.wav
(B) Synth Loop 3.wav.wav
(B) Synth Loop 4.wav.wav
(B) Synth Loop 5.wav.wav
(C#) Synth Loop 8.wav.wav
(C#) Synth Loop 9.wav.wav
(C) Synth Loop 6.wav.wav
(C) Synth Loop 7.wav.wav
(D) Synth Loop 10.wav.wav
(D) Synth Loop 11.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 12.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 13.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 14.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 15.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 16.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 17.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 18.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 19.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 20.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 21.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 22.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 23.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 24.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 25.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 26.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 27.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 28.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 29.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 30.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 31.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 32.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 33.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 34.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 35.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 36.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 37.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 38.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 39.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 40.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 41.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 42.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 43.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 44.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 45.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 46.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 47.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 48.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 49.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 50.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 51.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 52.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 53.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 54.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 55.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 56.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 57.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 58.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 59.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 60.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 61.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 62.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 63.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 64.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 65.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 66.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 67.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 68.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 69.wav.wav
(E) Synth Loop 70.wav.wav
(F#) Synth Loop 71.wav.wav
(F#) Synth Loop 72.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 73.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 74.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 75.wav.wav
(G) Synth Loop 76.wav.wav
(A) Synth Shot 1.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 2.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 3.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 4.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 5.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 6.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 7.wav.wav
(C) Synth Shot 8.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 10.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 11.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 12.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 13.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 14.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 15.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 16.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 17.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 18.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 19.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 20.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 21.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 22.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 23.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 24.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 25.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 26.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 27.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 28.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 29.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 30.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 31.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 32.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 33.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 34.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 35.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 36.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 37.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 38.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 39.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 40.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 41.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 42.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 43.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 44.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 45.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 46.wav.wav
(E) Synth Shot 9.wav.wav
(F) Synth Shot 47.wav.wav
(G) Synth Shot 48.wav.wav