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Trap Superpack Volume 2

In what is currently the fastest rising genre in dance music right now it does seem that Trap is everywhere these days, from the clubs, to the festivals, and even on the radio. Following up on our first Trap Superpack, we've assembled Trap Superpack Volume 2 with everything from a ton of Synth shots and loops, including, but not limited to Horns, Sirens, 808's, and even a few vocal samples for you to integrate into your productions.

Trap Superpack Volume 2 includes:


-233 Synth Shots

-30 Synth Loops

- 6 Vocal Samples

-29 Sound FX

Total: 298 sounds 


Please note that all Samples are in WAV. format - 24 bit - 44.100 khz


Premium File Contents
Trap Superpack Vol. 2 - Specifications.pdf.pdf
Trap Superpack Volume 2 - License Agreement.pdf.pdf
8 bit Level Up.wav.wav
8 bit Warp.wav.wav
Breakdown Bomb.wav.wav
C Minor Choir .wav.wav
Dry Luger Riser .wav.wav
Get Money.wav.wav
Hypey Siren .wav.wav
Power Loop.wav.wav
Race Car Riser .wav.wav
Resy Swoop Riser .wav.wav
Reverse crash.wav.wav
Riser 2.wav.wav
Riser 3.wav.wav
Riser 4.wav.wav
Shaker 1.wav.wav
Shaker 2.wav.wav
Siren 1 .wav.wav
Sonar A.wav.wav
Synthy Riser.wav.wav
Transition 2.wav.wav
Vinyl Crackle.wav.wav
Whitey Riser .wav.wav
(A) Minor Brass Loop .wav.wav
(A) Minor Siren .wav.wav
(A) Minor Smooth Arp .wav.wav
(A) Minor We Get Wavey .wav.wav
(B) Blues Sinister .wav.wav
(B) Min EDMer .wav.wav
(B) Minor Jokeshop .wav.wav
(C#) Arabic .wav.wav
(C) Arp .wav.wav
(C) Das Glock.wav.wav
(C) Minor Arpy Chimer.wav.wav
(C) Minor Chime 2.wav.wav
(C) Minor Hype Beast .wav.wav
(C) Minor Plucked Loop.wav.wav
(C) Minor Ragga Bass .wav.wav
(C) Minor Romantic.wav.wav
(C) Minor Westside Piano Loop.wav.wav
(C) Zipper .wav.wav
(D) Asian Flute .wav.wav
(E) minor Chords .wav.wav
(E) Organ Hypes.wav.wav
(E) Phrygian Neptunes.wav.wav
(F) Minor 808 Loop .wav.wav
(F) Minor 808 Smooth .wav.wav
(F) Minor Anthemic .wav.wav
(F) Minor Bleepy .wav.wav
(F) Minor Lazer Whips .wav.wav
(F) Minor Orchestral .wav.wav
(F) Minor Tweety Pie .wav.wav
(G) Minor Squeaker .wav.wav
808 C3.wav.wav
808 C4.wav.wav
808 C5.wav.wav
808 F3.wav.wav
808 F4.wav.wav
808 F5.wav.wav
Bell C1.wav.wav
Bell C2.wav.wav
Bell C3.wav.wav
Bell C4.wav.wav
Bell C5.wav.wav
Bell F1.wav.wav
Bell F2.wav.wav
Bell F3.wav.wav
Bell F4.wav.wav
Bell F5.wav.wav
Big Horns C2.wav.wav
Big Horns C3.wav.wav
Big Horns C1.wav.wav
Big Horns C4.wav.wav
Big Horns C5.wav.wav
Big Horns F1.wav.wav
Big Horns F2.wav.wav
Big Horns F3.wav.wav
Big Horns F4.wav.wav
Big Horns F5.wav.wav
Bird machine C1.wav.wav
Bird machine C2.wav.wav
Bird machine C3.wav.wav
Bird machine C4.wav.wav
Bird machine C5.wav.wav
Bird machine F1.wav.wav
Bird machine F2.wav.wav
Bird machine F3.wav.wav
Bird machine F4.wav.wav
Bird machine F5.wav.wav
Birdy 2 C1.wav.wav
Birdy 2 C2.wav.wav
Birdy 2 C3.wav.wav
Birdy 2 C4.wav.wav
Birdy 2 C5.wav.wav
Birdy 2 F1.wav.wav
Birdy 2 F2.wav.wav
Birdy 2 F3.wav.wav
Birdy 2 F4.wav.wav
Birdy 2 F5.wav.wav
Brass section C2.wav.wav
Brass section C3.wav.wav
Brass section C4.wav.wav
Brass section C5.wav.wav
Brass section F1.wav.wav
Brass section F2.wav.wav
Brass section F3.wav.wav
Brass section F4.wav.wav
Brass section F5.wav.wav
Breach C1.wav.wav
Breach C2.wav.wav
Breach C3.wav.wav
Breach C4.wav.wav
Breach C5.wav.wav
Breach F1.wav.wav
Breach F2.wav.wav
Breach F3.wav.wav
Breach F4.wav.wav
Breach F5.wav.wav
Bubbler C2.wav.wav
Bubbler C3.wav.wav
Bubbler C4.wav.wav
Bubbler C5.wav.wav
Bubbler F2.wav.wav
Bubbler F3.wav.wav
Bubbler F4.wav.wav
Bubbler F5.wav.wav
Cleaner C1.wav.wav
Cleaner C2.wav.wav
Cleaner C3.wav.wav
Cleaner C4.wav.wav
Cleaner C5.wav.wav
Cleaner F1.wav.wav
Cleaner F2.wav.wav
Cleaner F3.wav.wav
Cleaner F4.wav.wav
Cleaner F5.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 C1.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 C2.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 C3.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 C4.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 C5.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 F1.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 F2.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 F3.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 F4.wav.wav
Cleaner 2 F5.wav.wav
Drips C1.wav.wav
Drips C2.wav.wav
Drips C3.wav.wav
Drips C4.wav.wav
Drips C5.wav.wav
Drips F1.wav.wav
Drips F2.wav.wav
Drips F3.wav.wav
Drips F4.wav.wav
Drips F5.wav.wav
Fizzy Lead C1.wav.wav
Fizzy Lead C2.wav.wav
Fizzy Lead C3.wav.wav
Fizzy Lead C4.wav.wav
Fizzy Lead C5.wav.wav
Fizzy Lead F1.wav.wav
Fizzy Lead F2.wav.wav
Fizzy lead F3.wav.wav
Fizzy lead F4.wav.wav
Fizzy lead F5.wav.wav
Flossy C1.wav.wav
Flossy C2.wav.wav
Flossy C3.wav.wav
Flossy C4.wav.wav
Flossy C5.wav.wav
Flossy F1.wav.wav
Flossy F2.wav.wav
Flossy F3.wav.wav
Flossy F4.wav.wav
Flossy F5.wav.wav
Freezy C1.wav.wav
Freezy C2.wav.wav
Freezy C3.wav.wav
Freezy C4.wav.wav
Freezy C5.wav.wav
Freezy F1.wav.wav
Freezy F2.wav.wav
Freezy F3.wav.wav
Freezy F4.wav.wav
Freezy F5.wav.wav
Harlem 2 C1.wav.wav
Harlem 2 C2.wav.wav
Harlem 2 C3.wav.wav
Harlem 2 C4.wav.wav
Harlem 2 C5.wav.wav
Harlem 2 F1.wav.wav
Harlem 2 F2.wav.wav
Harlem 2 F3.wav.wav
Harlem 2 F4.wav.wav
Harlem 2 F5.wav.wav
Hoover C1.wav.wav
Hoover C2.wav.wav
Hoover C3.wav.wav
Hoover C4.wav.wav
Hoover C5.wav.wav
Hoover F1.wav.wav
Hoover F2.wav.wav
Hoover F3.wav.wav
Hoover F4.wav.wav
Hoover F5.wav.wav
Horn C1.wav.wav
Horn C2.wav.wav
Horn C5.wav.wav
Horn F1.wav.wav
Horn F3.wav.wav
Horn F5.wav.wav
Horn C3.wav.wav
Horn C4.wav.wav
Horn F2.wav.wav
Horn F4.wav.wav
Long 808 C1.wav.wav
Long 808 C2.wav.wav
Long 808 F1.wav.wav
Long 808 F2.wav.wav
Organ C1.wav.wav
Organ C2.wav.wav
Organ C3.wav.wav
Organ C4.wav.wav
Organ C5.wav.wav
Organ F1.wav.wav
Organ F2.wav.wav
Organ F3.wav.wav
Organ F4.wav.wav
Organ F5.wav.wav
Rattly C1.wav.wav
Rattly C2.wav.wav
Rattly C3.wav.wav
Rattly C4.wav.wav
Rattly C5.wav.wav
Rattly F1.wav.wav
Rattly F2.wav.wav
Rattly F3.wav.wav
Rattly F4.wav.wav
Rattly F5.wav.wav
Siren C1.wav.wav
Siren C2.wav.wav
Siren C3.wav.wav
Siren C4.wav.wav
Siren C5.wav.wav
Siren F1.wav.wav
Siren F2.wav.wav
Siren F3.wav.wav
Siren F4.wav.wav
Siren F5.wav.wav
So Harlem C1.wav.wav
So Harlem C2.wav.wav
So Harlem C3.wav.wav
So Harlem C4.wav.wav
So Harlem C5.wav.wav
So Harlem F1.wav.wav
So Harlem F2.wav.wav
So Harlem F3.wav.wav
So Harlem F4.wav.wav
So Harlem F5.wav.wav
Sub C3.wav.wav
Sub C4.wav.wav
Sub C5.wav.wav
Sub F3.wav.wav
Sub F4.wav.wav
Sub F5.wav.wav
Tonka C1.wav.wav
Tonka C2.wav.wav
Tonka C3.wav.wav
Tonka C4.wav.wav
Tonka C5.wav.wav
Tonka F1.wav.wav
Tonka F2.wav.wav
Tonka F3.wav.wav
Tonka F4.wav.wav
Tonka F5.wav.wav
Zipper C1.wav.wav
Zipper C2.wav.wav
Zipper C3.wav.wav
Zipper C4.wav.wav
Zipper C5.wav.wav
Zipper F1.wav.wav
Zipper F2.wav.wav
Zipper F3.wav.wav
Zipper F4.wav.wav
Zipper F5.wav.wav
vocal 1.wav.wav
vocal 2.wav.wav
vocal 3.wav.wav
vocal 4.wav.wav
vocal 5.wav.wav
vocal 6.wav.wav